1Daughter of Music

A/N: The opera fire never happened! And now our tale begins...

Chapter one: L'Opera Populairé

Young Giselle De Chagney looked up at her mother as she readied her daughter for bed."One more story maman?"she pleaded. "It's time for bed, you silly little girl."her mother, Christine Daaé said, tickling her stomach.

Giselle giggled

"Oh please maman! Just one more!"she batted her big brown eyes up at her mother, who sighed in defeat,"Alright...don't you dare tell your father I'm telling you this story." She nodded eagerly. "I'm going to tell you about the Angel of Music...he tutored me when I sang at L'Opera Populairé."she began. And so that night, Christine wove stories of her Angel, leaving out all the horrors she and Raoul had experienced. Giselle listened, wide eyed at the fantastical story her mother told her of the man beneath L'Opera Populairé. The masked Angel of Music. Soon her young daughter fell asleep and she blew out the candle on her nightstand, letting Giselle get her rest.

Raoul was standing outside.

"You heard..." He smiled gently, pulling his wife into his arms."It matters not the stories you tell...she will never fall victim to that devil's charm."he nuzzled himself against her neck. She giggled quietly. They would do their very best to keep their daughter safe.


"Oh...it's so beautiful!"Giselle was mesmerised by the grand building outside, the marble, the statues. She just couldn't wait to get inside. Christine and Raoul had been very wary of letting their daughter accept the invitation to sing in place of the late diva, La Carlotta, who had died recently. After two long years, they had finally caught wind of Giselle in Renne. As soon as the carriage stopped, the young, excited girl practically flew to the stairs of the opera house. Inside, she froze.

It was all just so beautiful. Art everywhere, gold and lovely pale pastel colours covered the walls and the ceiling. She was captivated. Armand Moncharmin and Firmin Richard, the co-managers, caught sight of the young woman and came to greet her."Welcome to L'Opera Populairé!"Firmin exclaimed as he kissed her hand.

Armand did and said the same. She blushed."Thank you for giving me such an opportunity..."she said."Ah, yes! We are so glad you could come!"Armand said. They showed her to her dressing room."This was your mothers, when she was a soprano here."they told her. She breathed it in, happy, feeling like she belonged. She squealed when they managers left, dancing around her new dressing room. She sang, she laughed.


"I still do not think it was a good idea to let her go..."Raoul said. Christine kissed his cheek."She will be fine. They said he fled that night."she assured him, knowing exactly why he was being so protective.


"Hush and rest..."she said. He nodded and drifted off to sleep, dreams filled with the face of the monster that almost stole his Christine from him.

A/N: I'm sorry it's so short...the next chapter will be so much better! I loves me some Phantom of the Opera...