2Daughter of Music

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Giselle danced around her room, excited from the reaction of the crowd from her first performance. They actually loved her! She giggled like a young school girl. She had never been happier in her life. As she danced around, she knocked her arm against her mirror. But instead of breaking as she expected, it slid to the side. She gave it a curious look and experimentally gave it a little push. It moved again. Push. Move.

She beheld the sight before her in shock. A passageway behind her mirror. Giselle was torn. Should she be brave and explore? Or place the mirror back and forget seeing it? Before she consciously made her decision, she felt her body move forward into the damp, cold passageway. She shivered as her bare feet touched the wet floor.

She walked down until she saw nothing but water. Giselle was about to turn around when she saw a boat. Curiosity bested her once more as she carefully got in and rowed, knowing not where she would end up. At the end of the water, and this surprised her even more, was a type of set up home. She walked around in awe of the place.

Giselle knelt on the ground, fingers tracing over a white mask on the ground. She picked it up. Shock coursed through her veins when a hand clasped around her wrist when she picked it up.

"Who are you?! What right have you to trespass upon my home?!"an angry male voice tore through the silence,"Do not turn your head. Give me that."she followed the strangers orders. The man turned her when he had placed the mask on himself. He was tall. His hair was dark. His eyes, which at one moment had been aflame with emotion, softened."No...it cannot be..."he said in a soft voice. "Can...cannot be what?"Giselle asked. "Christine...you...have returned to me..."he said with a longing in his voice that made her shiver.

"Christine is my mother...I am Giselle."she said, half curious on how this man knew her mother.

"Mother..."he sat,"Has it really been so long?"he said to himself. She thought hard. Who had her mother known? A gasp filled the now silent underground room."You...you're the Angel of Music..."she said, her big brown eyes suddenly alight with wonder. The man, no the Angel, looked at the innocence before him. How could such a pure innocence exist in sure a shamelessly accusing world?

"Will...you teach me as you did her?"she asked. Such an opportunity...she could not waste it. Her eyes fluttered closed as his warm hand caressed her face."I shall..."he whispered softly, still in wonder at the girl before him. She was petite, delicate looking...and she wanted such a monster as him for company? Surely Christine told her of the horrors he had caused. Hadn't she? "My mother said...said that the world shunned you...that is why you live here...and why you have this..."her fingers traced over the mask.

He longed to pull this girl into his arms, to protect her like he failed to do with Christine. But she'd see the true monster eventually and leave him. He'd teach her, care for her, until that time. She gazed up at him in innocent wonder. He did not see the hand reaching for his mask as she captivated him. She caressed his face, his mask.

He gripped her wrist.

"Do not touch this..." his voice was soft, yet stern. He would never let her gaze upon the horror beneath that curtain of his. Never.

She gave a nod, wishing she had been swifter. But she trusted him to on day reveal himself fully to her.

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