Donar watched the group of newly freed slaves walk about the city. He was tasked to keep an eye out for the troublemakers and the gods were merciful, they all seemed to be fairly yielding. He saw one male look at others with a hard, mistrusting look, but that would pass with time.

The German grunted as he stood up from his seat on a stair and hunted for more wine. Night was quickly approaching and Spartacus wanted all to have enough food and wine. Donar whole-heartedly agreed; they deserved it after taking a whole fucking city.

He walked toward the winery and was surprised to see someone already there. He stopped in the doorway and couldn't help but stare. He looked to be barely old enough to be a man with his unbound brown hair and too-lean build.

The boy was small, so much smaller than Donar. The German knew he was big, but even Nasir was more muscular than this too-pretty boy. He hadn't noticed him and Donar liked that. It slightly annoyed him that his back was to him, couldn't see his face, but the German liked the view of his ass.

Body slave for fucking certain, Donar mused bitterly. He ignored the stirring in his subligaria as he continued staring at the boy who was carefully putting wine in clay barrels. Donar also noticed how he wasn't drinking any as he worked. That showed character and Donar was intrigued.

The boy was wearing nothing, just a strip of cloth around his slender waist, and for some reason that irritated the German. Didn't the half-wit know how alluring he was? Donar made a stomping noise with his foot and barely hid his smirk when that startled the boy so bad, he gasped and turned around, some wine dripping on his fingers.

Donar's gaze went to those fingers, such small lean hands, and met wide, fearful eyes the color of cinnamon. The German thought they were fascinating, such a pretty light brown color. But he hated how there was fear in them.

As he walked in he held up a pacifying hand, making soothing sounds. The boy's face was delicate with high cheekbones and a full mouth that was begging to be taken. Yes, Donar was fascinated by this one; for more than a quick fuck in the stables. The German wanted all of him.

"Sorry to frighten," he murmured in his best Latin. He hated how he was still not fluent in this tongue, but it was hard for him. At least he knew more than Saxa.

He was pleased that the boy's fear slowly left him and a shy, hesitant grin went on his face. "Apologies not needed. I could not hear footsteps is all."

Donar hardened even more at the sound of the boy's voice. A boy still, not quite a man, with his husky, quiet voice. The German liked it. As he looked at the boy's face more, he wasn't as young as he first thought which pleased him. He didn't want his lovers children.

Donar gestured at the wine. "You help with wine?"

He nodded, eyes now bright with pride, making Donar's stomach flutter. He was getting more entranced with this newly freed slave by the minute. "Yes. Though I have my freedom, I do not want to presume laziness."

Donar nodded. "Ah. Come to do same. Spartacus wants wine and food when sun goes down."

The German walked closer and gently took the wine from the boy's trembling arms. "I help you, little one."

He chuckled as the boy flushed and looked down in shyness. "I am Donar," he said as he poured the wine in the half full barrel. The boy would bring over empty ones over.

"Jai," he whispered, red still staining his cheeks.

The German suddenly had the urge to caress the boy's face. He wondered if his softly tanned skin was as soft as it looked. But he wouldn't. He wanted Jai's trust first before voicing his attentions. He thought his name was nothing like he heard before.


The smaller male hummed. "I came from Briton."

Donar nodded. That made sense. "I hail east of the Rhine."

He heard Jai gasp. "You are German?"

Donar grunted in affirmation, suddenly wary. "I have always wanted to go there."

The bigger male glanced over to find curious, light brown eyes staring at him. He smiled at the boy's excitement. Usually others would ignore or give him looks. Donar was pleased that another so very different from himself didn't think Germans were barbarians.

"You…curious? No think brute?"

Jai shook his head. "No! Why would you think that?"

"Others think Germans…barbarians."

"Then they are not in right mind. You are…big in body, but I sense you are a good man."

At that, it took all of Donar's self-control to not pull this boy in his arms and take his mouth. "You are kind," he muttered gruffly.

Donar stood up then. All the empty barrels were filled. He glanced down when he felt a small hand on his forearm. Wide, cinnamon-colored eyes stared up at him. "I meant what I said, Donar."

The German's control left him when the boy voiced his name so prettily. He was so relieved when there was no resistance as he scooped Jai up and held him to his chest. He breathed in the boy's scent, groaning when Jai buried his face in his neck.

"Want you, little one. More than fuck. Want all of you…" he growled into Jai's sweet-smelling hair. "Please...tell me there no other."

"No other, Donar," the boy whispered against his skin, his hot breath making the German shudder.

"You were body slave to fucking Roman?"

"Y-Yes," he choked.

Donar made crooning sounds, pulling Jai even closer to him. No one else would touch this boy from this moment on. He was his now. "It over. No longer slave, little one. Mine now."

"Yours," Jai breathed, relaxing. "Will not leave me?"

"Protect with life, Jai," Donar rumbled. "Feel…for you already."

He felt the boy lift his head. Wet, brown eyes met his. "In heart?" he asked.

"Yes," the German murmured. One of his hands was travelling down the lean back that was too skinny for Donar's taste. He would have to make his boy eat more often to regain strength. "How many years, you?"

"Ten and six."

The German sighed inwardly in relief. Almost a man. "Good. Me and my brother, Agron, teach you sword and make strong."

His boy nodded and buried his face once more in his neck. Donar liked it when Jai did that. It made him feel extremely protective of this boy that had already wedged his way into his heart. The German held him for a moment longer before relunctly setting him down.

He saw that Jai didn't protest, but there was confusion and discontent in his eyes. Donar cupped his face, his thumb caressing his cheek. "Calm, little one. Have work still."

Jai nodded his understanding, but his eyes voiced his unhappiness. Donar leaned down and kissed his boy's forehead. He wanted to kiss that mouth…and other things…but now wasn't the right time, much to his aggravation.

Giving the young Briton's face one last caress, he murmured, "Notice small Syrian with German called Agron?"

His boy nodded, both hands coming up to hold his wrist in place. "He lover of Agron. Called Nasir. He good little man. Say you mine and he take care of you. Night comes and I find you."

Jai nodded one more time before he moved closer the German and rested his head against the hard stomach. Donar didn't have the heart to move him so he wound his arms around the trembling body. "Shh, little one. Go to Nasir and all is well. Never out of sight as night comes."

By now, Donar knew he was taking longer than he should and gently pushed his boy away. It was the hardest thing he'd done. He forced himself to not look into his eyes. "I go now. Agron look for me. Take too long."

His boy had his arms wrapped around himself as he stared up at him with those pleading, cinnamon colored eyes that Donar knew would be his downfall. He swiftly turned around and walked away, not looking back.