Donar was happy on how the meeting with his kin and his little one went. He thanked the gods that his German brothers and sisters had good sense to not crowd Jai. But that didn't mean they weren't excited and talked over each other.

He was surprisingly pleased that his tiny Briton didn't shy away from them. He would smile at them and wave, although hesitantly, but it was something. Donar made sure that Jai didn't get unwanted touches, but other than that, let his kin do whatever they wanted to his boy.

Currently, he was settled on a pallet of fur he ferociously guarded since the day he found it with Jai resting on his chest, lightly dozing. The German's arms went around the brown-eyed's body, nearly engulfing the smaller male entirely.

He lazily drew random circles across Jai's lean, warm back with his fingers as he relaxed his body fully. His eyes, though, were alert as ever; looking to see if any unwanted intentions brewed near him. He wanted to keep his little one as safe as possible.

Donar glanced down and couldn't help the small grin that grew on his face. His Briton's delicate face was buried in his chest; the blue-eyed could feel his soft, even breathing against his nipple. He forced down fiery slithers of arousal; the timing wasn't right yet for such feelings.

Protectiveness so deep that surprised him surged through Donar as he thought about the trust Jai put in him already. He trusted him enough to sleep on him; he was so vulnerable like this. The German's arms tightened subconsciously at that notion.

No other would touch the one who took his heart so suddenly, it almost scared him. But Donar knew this little ex-body slave was his and his alone and vice versa. He would have to tell his little one soon that he has his heart.


The warrior was jerked out of his thoughts by the sound of his name. He tensed instinctively as he pulled Jai fully against him, head resting heavily on his shoulder. He slightly calmed when he felt the brown-eyed's breaths against his neck.

He was relieved to see that it was only Agron, who had green eyes piercing his in a way that they hadn't before. "The boy…Nasir tells me he is yours," he murmured in their home tongue.

Donar nodded once as he responded in kind, "He is mine as I am his."

Agron raised an eyebrow. "Does the boy know of this confession?"

"There hadn't been time. Once he awakens from much needed rest, I will go to my bed and we will have words."

His leader nodded, green eyes lessened their intensity as a small smirk graced the other German. "Good. His name?"

"Jai. He hails from Briton."

"He looks…young."

"That is because he is; ten and six."

He grinned when Agron sighed in relief. "I feared he was but a child."

"He is nigh a man. I will watch his growth…in all ways."

Agron crouched down to squeeze Donar's muscular shoulder. "I wish happiness on you both, brother."

"Gratitude," Donar murmured, throat suddenly tight, as he watched Agron stand back up and leave him with a nod.

Donar relaxed again, burying his nose in the sweet-smelling hair. The German wasn't a patient man, but he learned how to in need. His little one needed time before they had any coupling and the blue-eyed will give it to him.

After all, only a fool would hurt his own heart.


Jai woke slowly, taking his time for his senses to awaken. He knew immediately where he was; in the embrace of his German. The Briton knew this giant of a man had his heart, no matter how fragile and broken it was and the brown-eyed would never get it back.

He also knew that Donar would never hurt him; their first meeting could attest to that. His German could've taken him the second he walked in the wine cellar and he didn't. But, Jai didn't know what Donar's…feelings were. He hoped they were of affectionate nature.

Not in a protective sense, his German already has that down, but in a loving way. The ex- body slave desperately needed companionship and safety. All his life, he had been treated horribly and he just wanted someone that treated him like a human being.

Jai knew Donar would be that person; he just wanted his German to speak out loud. The smaller male mused on how Germans liked to speak without words; their actions would speak for them. But, the brown-eyed needed words along with actions so his mind could settle.

Sighing, he lifted his head from its extremely comfortable resting place and met warm, blue eyes looking at him. Jai raised a hand and let his fingers trail down his face. He smiled when his German leaned into his soft touch before gently catching his wrist and giving the palm a kiss.

The Briton shuddered at the affectionate gesture as he murmured, "How long did I doze?"

"Only ten minutes. Good you wake, little one. Need words with you."

Jai nodded, gratitude swelling inside him. So his German was thinking the same thoughts he was. He let out a soft sound of protest when Donar stood to his feet and gently set him down. Amused, blue eyes stared down at him.

"No walk?"

Jai nodded, wanting the comforting warmth and strength of his German's arms again. It didn't surprise him on how attached, how dependent he was getting to the bigger man. He couldn't help it; he was the only person who treated him kindly from first meeting.

He felt a strong hand cup his face and two fingers soothingly caressed his cheekbone. "Not far to my bed, Jai. Promise. Need carry furs."

The little Briton sighed, but didn't argue. He watched Donar roll the furs they were laying on into loose balls and tuck them under his arm. Although, he did plaster himself to Donar, watching the raucous crowd around him warily as his German led out of the courtyard.

They walked through two corridors before Donar turned and walked in a small, but comfortable room. The doorway had a thick, blue curtain hanging from it, which Jai was grateful for. His German pushed it out of his way so he could walk in fully.

Jai glanced around the dwelling, the feeling of security enveloped his mind and heart like a balm. The room was simple; a low table with a lighted lamp, a wine pitcher and two clay cups on it along with a pallet and a bowl of water and a rag on the ground next to the pallet.

He watched as Donar laid the furs down on the pallet, carefully arranging the soft bedding. Jai noticed, in the far corner, there were armor, a sword, and two daggers carefully set on top of the chest plate.

Jai didn't resist when Donar pulled him onto the bed and moved slightly away to undress. The Briton could feel the warmness coming from his cheeks as he watched his German undo his subligaria and put it on the table before bending down and pulling off his sandals.

The blue-eyed turned back around, only wearing tan underthings that hid nothing from Jai's eyes. His German's cock was so big. By the way the length bobbed at every movement, Jai surmised Donar was already half hardened.

He didn't feel any fear as his German slowly crawled into the furs, blue eyes watching his every facial expression. "This good?" he rumbled.

Jai nodded and let his German take off the cloth around his waist. He didn't have any underthings, so he was fully naked. He resisted the urge to cover his privates as Donar's blue eyes darkened.

Jai was surprised that his German didn't make any move to take him. He gasped in surprised when he only pulled him into his arms again. Jai willed his cock to not be filled with blood at the feel of Donar's hard, warm body being pressed against his so intimately.

It wasn't that he didn't want to make love; he just wasn't ready yet. He wanted to get to know the keeper of his heart better. Jai snuggled closer as Donar pulled the furs over their lower bodies to ward off cold night air.


"Yes, Donar."

"No taking ass. Promise. Only touch some."

Jai nodded and whispered, "gratitude," into his German's warm skin. He fully relaxed when he felt Donar's hand traveling in a soothing manner down his back and stopping at the swell of his ass. By now he fully trusted the bigger man at his word.

"Have words now, little one," he heard Donar murmur in his hair.