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Feliciano gazes up from his spot on the cold floor. His head is throbbing. His throat is clenched from the pain pulsating from his body. The ceiling of the bathroom is supposed to be white but the stains created from moisture darken patches to give it a dying look. Feliciano begins to count the tiles as his sight begins to fade to an inky darkness. One… two… three… four…

He closes his eyes, letting the cool tiles of the floor seep into his skin. It dulls the pain on his arms and legs. Despite having a throbbing temple and pained body, Feliciano has no trouble letting the darkness whisk him to a place where nothing exists but soft sunlight and rolling fields covered in pale blue flowers. Nothing can be heard but the breeze ruffling the grass. It sways gracefully, bending to the wind as if dancing to the whispered song.

As Ethereal Feliciano begins to walk down the dirt path in the field, his true body can hear the clicking of shoes on the bathroom floor. He knows he should be concerned. He needs to bolt awake and run from whoever is approaching him. But the comforting allure belonging to the darkness of his mind keeps Ethereal Feliciano where he is.

He can vaguely tell that the person approaches his body and lifts him onto his shoulders. Now he absolutely knows that he needs to wake up. Still, the stars are finally coming up in the powder blue sky. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to wait a little longer and watch the sun set. The pricks of light stare down onto him with eyes the color of freshly washed sheets. They cast watery beams of light onto the flowers, making them burst into life. Why would he ever want to leave this sanctuary for the real world that seems to beat down upon him whenever the chance arises?

"Damn it… Feliciano." The one carrying the bloodied Feliciano holds back searing tears. "This is the second time this week and it's only Wednesday. Idiot. You need to learn to defend yourself better. I can't be there to help or save you all the time." He places Feliciano on the nurse's cot. He can't help but to let a few tears escape as he takes in the sight of his bloodied brother. "Damn it, Feliciano. Why don't you ever tell me what's going on with you?"

"Lovino?" The nurse walks into the room with arms carrying a box of supplies. With a sigh, she sets it down on a table, walking up to the brothers. Both are strikingly similar, as they well should be. The two were only a year apart. Lovino, the elder one, has dark brown hair with a faint reddish tint. He's built smaller than average but he has an attitude and a love for his brother that reaches higher than the sky. Lovino's brown eyes are never unfocused. Very few people have seen him vulnerable. Elizaveta is proud to say that she is one of those few people. She brushes her long brown hair behind her ear and approaches the emotionally unstable Lovino.

"Feliciano was in the bathroom again."

Elizaveta stares at the figure breathing shallowly in the bed. He's almost identical to Lovino but for a few details. Feliciano's hair is distinctly auburn and his eyes shine a rich golden color. When he's not in his current condition he is never seen without a smile. He is the epitome of carefree. He's even smaller than Lovino and much more feminine. Still, for anyone who has known Feliciano, they know that he is a joy to have around… if a bit annoying at times.

Without another word, Elizaveta strips Feliciano of his shirt and begins to clean the open, bleeding wounds. They appear to have been made by dull scissors. The cuts aren't clean. It looks jagged as if it had to pull at the skin before it could break it. Once again, this was not an uncommon occurrence for the light-hearted Feli.

Lovino stares at the bruised torso of his brother. It sends anger running down his spine. It makes his fingers itch to wrap around someone's neck. Whoever keeps doing this to Feliciano needs to stop… and now. Lovino wasn't always this protective over his brother, not that there was a need to in the first place. Feliciano was loved by friends and strangers alike. It wasn't until two months ago that these regular beatings began. Lovino can't stand how his little brother won't tell him who is doing this to him. Is there more than one person? Is it a group of people? Feliciano won't even give him a hint as to who is doing this to him. That only adds more fuel to Lovino's anger.

Ethereal Feliciano stares at the omniscient rays of moonlight filtering down the sky and onto the field below. Vaguely, he can feel people touching his real body in the real world but he tries to ignore it. This peaceful scene around him is too nice to let go of. He closes his eyes and suddenly his brother's voice fills his head.

"Feliciano, you need to tell me who is doing this to you. I will make them stop and make them apologize for what they've done to you. At least wake up for me, you bastard…" Very faintly, another voice tries to make it's way to Ethereal Feliciano's ears. The words do not make any sense but it still fills his being with sadness. Are people actually there to make sure he's okay?

He stares back up at the dark sky, filled with the glimmer of stars. No one else can see this immense beauty with him. That's ok though. At least in this world of whispering winds and raven skies, no one can harm him. He is completely at peace. The songs of crickets and owls try to lull him into a comfortable slumber. Those are interrupted however when that voice forces it's way to his ears once again.

Feliciano pushes through the watery image of peace. He may like this alternate universe but sometimes, going to the real world is necessary. The moonlit scene vanishes in a puff of smoke as he draws his conscious away. When he opens his eyes, the image of Ms. Héderváry and his brother Lovino fills his vision. As always, Ms. Héderváry has her long brown hair pinned up with a flower clip and her brown eyes are glistening with concern. Lovino's face is scrunched up in anger but silvery tears are falling from his eyes.

"Bastard… stop scaring me like that…." Lovino suddenly lunges forward and wraps his arms around Feliciano's beaten and bruised body. Feliciano manages a small smile at the gesture. Lovino's tears begin to soak in his brother's hair. "I am going to murder whoever did this to you."

"Lovino. I think it's best if you get back to class. I will watch after Feliciano." Elizaveta pulls Lovino away from his brother and ushers him to the door. "You can stop by between classes. I'll keep him safe here. Okay?"

The brunette waits at the doorway, looking past Elizaveta at Feliciano. "By the time the day is over I want you to tell me who did this. Feliciano, I'm serious." Ms. Héderváry pushes Lovino completely out of the room before he could go any further and shuts the door. She leans her back against and sighs, looking at the bruised teen lying on the cot.

"Feliciano Vargas… I don't know what I'm going to do with you. I can't even count how many times you've been locked here to heal."

Said student stares up at the ceiling to avoid eye contact. He'd rather not talk about his experiences. They are scarring enough as it is without having to relive them. Even now flashes of the brutal attacks cross his field of vision. A guy with silver white hair and violent red eyes is always at the lead of the attacks. He lashes out with a tightly clenched fist. His face is set in a wicked scowl. It is as if he is angry about who Feliciano is. A blond with ocean blue eyes is always the one to finish what the albino started. Except, he is always more hesitant about hitting Feliciano. It is as if he is questioning what he and the others are doing. Is it right? What point will this make? The questions that Feliciano figures are on the blonds mind are actually voiced by the third person, a guy with tan skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. He always stays back and watches the event taking place. He shows concern for Feliciano and voices his opinions to his friends. Still, he does nothing to stop them and he doesn't help Feliciano afterwards. He's just as guilty as the other two.

Feliciano shudders as ghosts of fists land harshly on his chest and face. His head throbs as he remembers having his head beat against the brick wall of the school. His legs burn from trying to run away from his assailants. What kind of a life is he trying to live now? If one simple confession led to so much pain, what is there to live for?

Lovino takes up Elizaveta's offer and visits his brother between each class until the school day finally draws to end. He then helps Feliciano home. As they join the herd of students buzzing to get free, Lovino watches Feliciano's face carefully, trying to see if anyone makes an impression on him. Still, they make it home without any disturbances.

The Vargas household is nothing special. It is nothing more than a small apartment in a small complex. It has the bare minimum to survive: a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and den that doubles as a dining room. The two moved away from home as soon as Feliciano entered high school. It wasn't that their home life was bad but Lovino really wanted independence from their parents and Feliciano didn't want to be without his quick-to-anger brother.

Lovino sits Feliciano down of the couch and stares at him, crossing his arms. "Feliciano, I cannot be there all the time for you. I realize why this is happening and there is no need to feel guilty about it. If people cannot accept who you are then there is something wrong with them."

Bright caramel eyes stare at Lovino's determined face. They begin to fill with tears. "It's not them, Lovi. It's me. It's all my fault. It is because I like guys. There is something wrong with me." Feliciano begins to viciously wipe his eyes. "Ever since I came out this has been happening! What's wrong with me?"

Lovino surges forward and wraps his arms around Feliciano. "There is nothing wrong with you," he whispers softly into his brother's ear. "Don't you ever think that again. You are perfect just the way you are."

The two remain in their embrace until Feliciano finally cries himself into oblivion. He is once again sent to that beautiful field, surrounded by fragrant flowers. The moon welcomes him back with a soft silver glow. A smile crosses Ethereal Feliciano's face. This is the only place where he can feel free and secure.

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