A very different encounter

Naruto/Touhou Crossover

By Kortir

It was right before the Chuunin exams when one Uzumaki Naruto crossed paths accidentally with Nii Yugito. In a normal world, they would never have noticed one another, or may not have ever encountered one another, if the latter had even been anywhere near Konoha at the time to begin with. This was anything but normal, though. The jinchuuriki of the two-tailed cat had taken a genin team and was ready to see them be promoted, even if the exams were being held in Konoha instead of her home of Kirigakure. They were both walking along the same deserted avenue because something was telling them that this was exactly where they needed to be that instant. And the nature of the tailed beasts was something very different than either had ever imagined.

Naruto was happily walking along the street, vaguely considering the idea of getting some takeout ramen when his eyes wandered to the other person walking along the street, a blonde woman who he'd never seen before. His walk had changed directions before he even knew it, a sudden roiling in his gut telling him something was very wrong.

It was this same moment that the blonde's head shot up, locking eyes with him and marching straight for him, and seeming to be trying to hide a plethora of emotions in the process. Her forehead protector showed that she was a foreign shinobi, which meant she didn't know about the nine-tails within him. So why did she seem... angry? The emotion wasn't really anything new to the boy, except that there was also... confusion? Worry? Relief?

She stopped not more than a foot from him, looking down at him with an obvious struggle of emotions as she finally spoke.

"Who the hell are you, kid? There's got to be a reason for this!"

This, of course, had only the effect of confusing the boy completely. "Hey, what do you mean, old woman? You're the one who's coming up to me and yelling at me, and you're not even from here!"

"Watch your mouth! I'm not even 30 yet! And what I want to know is... what the HELL is going on here? I can... feel your power. You're a jinchuuriki too, seriously?"

She knew about the Kyuubi! "What of it, anyways? Wait... too? You have one too?"

"Not so loud, brat! And yes..." she grit her teeth. This kid could really get on her nerves, but every instinct was telling her to mother the brat! "...you can answer one particular question. For years, the two-tailed nekomata has been silent about her name and solemn as the grave. So... Why the hell is it... that suddenly the only thing I've heard from her since catching your eye has been her shouting like a twelve year old that 'Chen has finally found Ran-sama'?"