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Dean found the taller man inside of one of the park's black trucks, stony faced and stiff in the driver's seat. Raising an eyebrow at the already crazy amount of mud outside. He had been smart and had worn tougher shoes than his flimsy leather dress shoes, but they were pretty weak compared to, say, a pair of sneakers.

Opening the door of the truck, he hopped in, throwing his clipboard on the dashboard as he buckled. The guide didn't touch his belt, turning the key in the ignition without a glance.

"You're not going to buckle?" Dean asked in surprise, feeling a small burst of anxiety as the other man's face didn't change.

"We're going to get you where you need to go." The guide said robotically. "It doesn't matter."

Dean raised both eyebrows at that. "Yeah, it does!" He said, concerned that the kid was probably really pissed off.

He grabbed Sam's arm, trying to get the man's attention. The other man threw him off whim my, eyes still on the road.

"Look," Sam said coldly, fiercely avoiding eye contact. "Let me get your job done so you can get yours wrapped up. That's what you wanted, right?" He asked crudely at the end, but Dean didn't give him the satisfaction of a reaction.

"Fine." He said to the suicidal kid. Jesus, the roads looked bad, but if the kid wanted to be all rebellious he could go right ahead.

The ride passed in silence for awhile, the wiping of the windshield blades and their breaths the only noise. Dean gazed out of the window in boredom, intent on quickly surveying the land and getting out. The news had reported large rain systems coming their way soon, and Dean wanted to be back at the office by then.

"So, what are you even going to be building out there?" Sam asked, surprising Dean. He would've bet money the ride would've continued in silence.

"I'm overseeing the whole mall project." Dean stated professionally. "We needed a loading and distributing area for the freight helicopters, so they sent me out here to survey the land."

Sam's brow wrinkled, and he took a hand off the wheel to brush the hair out of his eyes. The really nervous driver part of Dean wanted to grab the hand and shove it back on the wheel, but Sam handled the curves deftly one-handed.

"Since when do architects survey land alone?" He asked, glancing briefly at Dean's clipboard.

"That's just how I work." He told the other man, and the guide fell silent again.

Dean felt awkward, having never been in a situation like this before. Usually, he was welcomed with open arms and compliments. He was good at his job, he knew that, but it didn't seem to matter one inch to the man next to him.

"It's not all bad," He said. "It'll help a lot of people, not just-"
He was cut off. "Save it." The other man growled.

Dean widened his eyes at the order, opening his mouth furiously to respond, but the road suddenly shuddered against his feet and he grabbed the handle above his seat to steady himself

"What the hell?" He shouted at the strange, almost rocking sensation. Dean closed his eyes, afraid that when he opened them, he'd see the mudslide or earthquake of whatever it was.

A strange gushing noise echoed through the car, joined by Sam's chuckles, surprisingly.

"River!" The guide shouted over the noise. "That's the bridge you just felt!"

Dean had no doubt the kid was enjoying himself immensely, seeing Dean crouched in his seat like he was five.

He didn't like heights, obviously.

Opening his eyes slowly, he found the other man glancing at him with bitter amusement, navigating the bridge calmly. Dean risked a glance over the side and nearly threw up. The drop wasn't too far, but the water was swirling quickly, churning dark mud up from the riverbed and rushing it downriver quickly.

"Damn." Dean breathed, transfixed. Sam laughed again, but the chuckles weren't really as light-hearted as Dean imagined they could be.

"I guess this is why they wanted a helipad instead of trucks." Dean said more to himself than Sam. He noticed the other man's fist clench a little around the wheel at the comment, and remembered that the guide was probably still pissed.

They hit he other side of the river quickly, and made their way up through the real beginning of the forest. Tall, dark trees shielded them from the rain, so Sam turned the wipers off.

After about another half an hour of silence, Sam turned off-road and climbed up the side of a hill so quickly Dean barely saw the turn before the other man took it.

Shaking as they bounced on the grass, they thankfully came to a stop on the opening of a small clearing, barely visible with all the trees surrounding it.

Dean knew from the land's biography that it had used to be a logging center hundreds of years ago, but the clearing was nearly overrun with all the wild trees that had sprouted after the company had replanted.

Well, clearing it would be a bitch, but it was better than clearing a whole patch of trees. Unclicking, he grabbed his clipboard and got out, not noticing Sam still sat motionless.

After jumping out as gracefully as possible, he met Sam's eyes through the windshield, one hand over his face to shield from the rain and wind.

"You coming or what?" He yelled, and Sam rolled down the window to answer.

"Get what you need done." He said dully. "I'll drive you back when you're done."

"C'mon man!" Dean yelled, three parts uncertainty and one inexperience. "I'll get lost."

He felt like a wimp for begging, but he could barely tell where his apartment was sometimes. Terrible sense of direction to to along with that fear of heights.

Sam just shrugged, rolling the window up with a quick (and slightly pouty) "Whatever".

Fine then. He'd do it himself.