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Their first non-spell induced kiss was a very short, soft brush of her lips against his, and it was a thank you. A way to let him know how much his sacrifice meant to her. How thankful she was to have him there to watch both her and Dawn's backs.A way to tell him that she wouldn't forget.A way to give him hope.

Their second non-spell induced kiss perhaps didn't count, as they were coming out of a severe bout of magically conjured song and dance routines. This kiss was much less chaste than the first, but they didn't touch each other apart from their lips. This kiss was a whim, a desire to see if he tasted the way he had during the very spell-induced kisses of two years ago. He tasted better.

Their third non-spell induced kiss was the last time either of them was counting. She'd run after him, intercepting his beeline for the door and pulling him into the convenient nook underneath the stairs, where she proceeded to attempt to make a lasting impression of him on her lips. This time, there was touching. His hands on her arms and waist, her hands on his shoulders, and one captivating, inescapable (not that he'd want to) hand curled around the back of his neck, holding him to her, and twisting in his hair. This was desire, a need for comfort, a desperation for love that she knew he wouldn't withhold.

The non-spell induced kiss that no one knew about was the one she caressed his forehead with when she left him sleeping and went to get her scythe. That was because he was adorable, and not kissing him was just not acceptable when he looked like that.

Their non-spell induced kiss that made Dawn squeal was one that she'd only fantasied about, as he wasn't here to share it with her and she certainly wasn't going to kiss anybody else. It was a perfect kiss, all of their best all rolled into one. Dawn had squealed, and then held her as she cried.

The kiss that made Xander and Giles smile (though it might have been at Angel's expense), was the very-spell-induced one they described in great detail, having had the 'terrible image imprinted in their brains eternally.' Angel made faces throughout the entire telling.

The non-spell induced kiss that made Angel nearly faint was completely justified in that regard. Completely ignoring the people around her was the one thing that had been getting her through the days ever since that awful morning when she lost the man she loved. So it was actually second nature to totally disregard the people who were watching her, open mouthed, as she threw herself into his arms and crushed her lips to his. He held her to him, almost as if afraid she would disappear. She couldn't (and didn't want) to stop touching him.

Judging by the disgusted looks on everyone's faces, nobody shared her sentiments.

Yeah, like she cared.

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