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"All She Wants to Do"

He enters the club

And she attempts to control her breathing.

It's bad that he makes her feel like this.

Or at least that's what they tell her.

Or what they would tell her,

If they knew.

She shouldn't care.

She especially shouldn't like it

That his eyes are sweeping.

She knows he's looking for her

And she likes it.

But her friends…

They're oblivious.

Don't see her turmoil

Can't feel her unease.

What could be wrong?

They're all here, all happy.

So they think. But she

Won't tell them.

Her favorite song is playing

He's walking, no, swaggering.

And he stops by her table

And he asks her

To dance.

Her friends laugh, wait

For her to recoil, to scream, to rant.

But she, she is torn


While he expects rejection,

And her friends await a refusal,

All she wants to do

Is say yes.

A/N: Season six-ish? (Joss, I hated that season.) Maybe season 5. Sort of AR.