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Tori Vega never thought she'd be starting her junior year at a prestigious performing arts school. Nor did it ever occur to her that she would make friends so quickly. There was Andre, the reason she was even in this position, and one of her best guy friends, and Beck who was also a good best friend.

And then... There was the girls. Jade, Cat, and Trina. Being a only child, Tori was never really around other girls a lot. She was surprised, at how enthusiastic they had all been to become friends with her on her first week. Friends being the operative word.

See, Tori didn't know something. Something very important. All of those girls had a very evident crush on her. A crush that would change her life forever.

It all started when she first arrived. It was Tuesday, her first day. Tori walked into Hollywood Arts feeling as happy as she's ever been. After her parents' divorce when she was five, she never really had any girl friends. Friends that were girls. Not actual girlfriends.

Not that Tori had never looked at a girl in a sexual way. But she wanted to just have friends to take to and have a normal relationship with. Whatever that would be.

Tori sighed as he made her way to her locker. Her father had kept her up all night. He drilled everything he could think of into her. How to relate to other kids, when to talk in class. He had made it seem like she was starting kindergarten again. And in a way? She kinda was. She didn't know anyone, she had never been in the school before, to put it simply, she was a little intimidated. And lost.

Tori looked up from her schedule in enough time to see she had bumped into another girl. "Oops, I'm so sorry I-" She stopped when she looked up to look the girl in the face. She had the most beautiful pale skin and the most luscious hair with bright vibrant colors Tori had ever seen. She blushed. She realized she had been staring at the girl for a full minute now.

Not that she minded. The mystery girl had a smug smirk graced upon her features that clearly showed she was more amused, than offended. "I-I-I'm Tori." Tori stuttered, prying a hand off her schedule so that she could extend it towards the girl.

The girl's smirk seemed to broaden. "Jade. You new?" She added, nodding towards the crinkly piece of paper still in Tori's hand. Tori nodded in return, pocketing the sheet. Now that she had met someone seemingly nice who knew the place, she really didn't need to have it. "Sweet. You're gonna love it here." Jade responded, grabbing her hand. "C'mon, I'll show you around."

Tori blushed again at the feeling of Jade's hand on hers. It felt warm. She took the time she had now to take in the school. The vibrant lockers, the buzzing hallways. She smiled. This school was bursting with creativity. She was so enveloped in looking around that she barely heard Jade's question. "Huh?"

"I said what are you majoring in?" Jade repeated, looking at her annoyed.

Not to deter herself from a potential friend, Tori answered quickly, "Art, Singing, Acting. Chiz like that."

Jade nodded. Then, "Hey, wait, you're names Tori Vega, right?"

Tori smiled. "Yeah."

"As in, Tori Vega?"

"That's me."

"You're that hot chick from that Slap video!" Jade exclaimed, realization washing over her. She wondered how she hadn't noticed before.

"Excuse me?" Tori was confused, but flattered that someone so... her eyes flickered to Jade's hips and chest; filled out thought she was on her level.

"Andre posted this video of you from Karaoke Dokey." Jade told her, absentmindedly digging into her low cut shirt for her phone. When she found it, she showed Tori a video of her on stage at the place singing her heart out to Bones, a song by MSMR that she adored after she heard it in one of her favorite shows.

She blushed. She couldn't believe someone recorded her. She was mad, but she was a little excited too. The video prodded a very hot girl to just talk to her out of nowhere. Who knows what other good fortune this might bring?

Just then, Tori felt a giant gust of air and before she knew what was happening, she was tackled to the ground by a short, curly haired girl. "Hi! Are you Tori?!" Tori nodded, but was blushing furiously. The cute redhead that had jumped onto her was straddling her, putting pressure on a place it didn't need to be at the moment.

"Get off her, Cat!" Jade snarled. Cat giggled as Jade forcefully pulled her off of the latina. "Jesus! You can't just go around knocking over people!"

Cat pouted. "But I wanted to be the first one to do it!"

What did that even mean? Tori was starting to think she was a lot more popular than she thought. Jade bent down to help her up. Which gave her a nice view of her sizable breasts. "Stop drooling, you idiot." Jade quipped, snapping Tori out of her trance.

"O-Oh. Sorry." She apologized, accepting the other girls outstretched hand. As she stood up, Jade roughly pushed her against some lockers.

"Don't think I didn't catch you staring." She purred into Tori's ear. "Maybe if we keep getting to know each other better you'll be able to feel them."

Tori audibly gulped, her knees weakening. Jade released her grip on her and smirked. "C'mon, Vega. We've got Sikowitz." And with that, she turned on her heel and left. Cat followed behind her, but not before blowing a kiss in Tori's direction and winking at her suggestively.

This was only her first day and she already felt like she was well liked. Well being the operative word. She knew she was going to love it here, but not this much. Now she couldn't wait to see what the rest of the day held for her. Picking up her book bag, Tori followed after her two chosen friends running to catch up with them.

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