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Jade West didn't have time for Cat. She had better things to focus on. Like finding Tori. Granted, hitting Cat was a little out of line, but the redhead had made her so mad she wanted to do worse. She forced herself to walk away before she could do any real damage.

Right into Beck and Andre.

"Oh look it's you two dolts." She muttered as both boys blocked her path, arms crossed.

"We know what you and Cat are up to with Tori." Beck said, staring right at Jade. He'd known her for five years. And dated her for two. He knew what he was dealing with.

"Really now?" Jade asked. She was interested in knowing just exactly what they knew. It wasn't like they could poke and prod at Tori. She didn't even know what was going on. And even if she did, did they really think she'd complain about it? Having dated Beck and grown up with Andre she knew that they were both stupid. And combined they were incredibly stupid. At least by her standards.

"You and Cat are starting up those little competitions again. I thought you had stopped after the principal called your parents in." Andre backed Beck up. Okay maybe they weren't so stupid. But that didn't mean she would let them win.

"Like my parents can keep me from doing what I want." She responded, crossing her arms. She sent them both a glare before stepping around them. She huffed in impatience when they stepped in front of her again. "What?!"

"You better be careful with Tori. She's not like the other girls at this school." Beck warned. He didn't have any control over Jade, but if she was going to do this, he was going to at least tell her to be safe about it.

"We'll see." She responded, before gruffly pushing past the boys and into the break room where the non existent ping pong team of hers hung out. She opened the door expecting no one to be there, but soon realizes she's not alone when she hears piano riffs being played. She looks up to see it's Tori, playing a familiar song note by note.

She stood by the door for a while, afraid to disturb the girl and not get the chance to hear her sing. Tori began to do just that, at first timidly, and then strong and surely. Jade was amazed at her talent. She'd seen that video Andre posted a thousand times, but to see Tori in action just left her in awe. Her foot slipped and Jade banged her head on the door. "Shit!"

The playing immediately stopped, and so did the singing. "Hello? Is anyone there?"

Jade begrudgingly stepped out from the shadows her hand pressed firmly on the bump forming on her forehead. She guessed that's what she gets for trying to be sneaky and eavesdrop. "I-It's just me, Tori." She sighed, her hand out stretched in surrender.

Tori blushed. "Oh so you've must've heard me." The tanner girl looked down into her lap and began to play with her fingers. Jade didn't understand why a girl with so much talent would be this shy. This was the same girl who at Karaoke Dokie rocked the stage without any fear. She was an extremely good singer, and played the piano. Who knows what else she could do? But why was she so damn shy?

After a moment Tori looked back up at her and Jade nodded. "You sounded great." She assured her as she sat down next to her on the bench. She really did. Better than the other girls she's heard at this school. But not to completely boost her ego she added, "But not as great as me."

Tori laughed. "Did you just make me feel better by complimenting yourself?"

Jade couldn't help but laugh herself. "Maybe. So what was it that you were playing just now?"

Tori cracked her fingers and played five more notes. "Oh just something I heard on the radio this morning." Jade's eyebrows raised. She can play music by ear? With no notes? It takes pure and natural talent to do that. Not to mention an excruciating amount of concentration. Jade hated to admit it, but Tori was definitely something else.

"Interesting. Who taught you to play?" Jade asked, running her hands along the keys in a melodic note.

"My mom," Tori paused. "Before she left."


"It's okay. At least she taught me something useful, right?" Tori confirmed. A sad smile crossed her face. Jade nodded a little before cracking her own knuckles.

"If it makes you feel any better my dad left my mom when I was seven." Jade said. She'd never told anyone that. Not even Cat. She had always kept it to herself. She didn't want anyone to know because she didn't trust anyone. And yet, here she was, telling a girl she barely knew her most guarded secret. But somehow, she felt she could trust Tori. She hoped she was right.

Tori nodded, biting her lip. "Parents suck." The two girls laughed a little and let a silence set in. The bell rung before neither one could say anything else, and both wordlessly got up from the piano bench.

What happened next surprised Jade. As they made their way through the crowded hallway towards Sikowitz's class, Tori interlocked her arm with Jade's and leaned her head on her shoulder. Before Jade could speak Tori had beat her to it. "Don't worry Jade. Your secret's safe with me." She looked up at her in sincerity. "It took a lot of courage to tell me, didn't it?" By now they had stopped, partly because Jade was frozen in place and partly because Tori was waiting for an answer.

Jade smiled wryly. "Yeah." It was bad enough she was beating herself up about it. She didn't need Tori reminding her every five seconds. Tori smiled back, before letting Jade go.

"I'm gonna go head to class. I'll tell Sikowitz you're coming, 'kay?" Jade nodded and then sighed as she watched Tori's retreating back. When she turned around she was greeted by Cat.

"What do you want, red?" Jade asked, starting to walk towards her locker.

"An apology, asshole." Cat responded following after he. Her face was bruised, and because of her fair skin, it showed predominantly. Jade sighed after she finally got her locker open. Okay, so maybe she had gone a little bit too far. She had hit Cat pretty hard, and it was her fault her face looked like that now.

"Fine. I'm sorry I punched you in front of everyone. Happy?"


And? What and? There was no and. And even if there was Jade sure as hell wasn't gonna say it. "What do you want, Valentine?" Jade seethed.

"Oh nothing. Just for you stay out of my way or else I'll let Helen see my face." Cat responded smugly. Jade growled. She couldn't afford to get in trouble again and Cat knew it. While Jade could do whatever she wanted, when she got in trouble for it her step dad always had something to say about it. And when he had something to say about it Jade would wind up missing one of her privileges. One of them being going places. She narrowed her eyes. She had to admit, for Cat, that was nicely played.

"Alright, Valentine. I'll back off for awhile." Jade decided. Cat smirked. "But," Jade added while she developed a smirk of her own, getting into Cat's face. "You're window of opportunity is closing. And once it does, Tori will be mine. Just like all the other girls and guys you've tried to win." Cat's face turned red with anger. "Oh but don't worry, I'm sure she'll still want to be friends afterwards." Jade laughed as she closed her locker and made her way to Sikowitz's class just as the bell rang.

Cat's fists clenched. Jade wasn't going to win this time. She was going to make sure of it.

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