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Gibbs and DiNozzo communicated through an odd series of grunts, glares, and slaps to the back of Tony's head. Kate spent more time than she was comfortable with trying to figure out what they were talking about.


"On it, Boss!"

Kate glanced up in carefully masked confusion as Tony swung out from behind his desk and scurried away. She turned her gaze to her left, where Gibbs was sitting comfortably behind his desk with a slight smile on his face.

No order had been given. No request had been made. All that had been said was Tony's name, and yet the man jumped into action as if he'd been given a how-to manual. She didn't understand it.

Kate had been careful not to let on how confused she was around the two men. Tony teased her enough as it was, and Gibbs seemed to be watching her like a lion waiting to pounce on any weakness. But it was really hard not to act as puzzled as she was.

Tony came back with a file in his hand, crossing the bullpen to Gibbs' desk and handing it to him with a "Here, Boss." Gibbs grunted and Tony turned back to his desk. Kate eyed them both.

Why couldn't they just talk like normal people?

They were doing it again.

Kate gave both Gibbs and Tony a cross look as she walked past Gibbs' desk to her own. Tony was at attention –or as close to attention as Tony ever came– next to the plasma, and he and the boss were communicating with their eyebrows. Again.

Gibbs raised one eyebrow, Tony shrugged. Gibbs rotated his head a little and Tony's face screwed up comically before he turned away and went back to his own desk. Gibbs allowed himself a small smile and then glanced sharply at Kate.

"Agent Todd, is there something you'd like to ask me?" he asked. She started, then shook her head.

"Uh, no, I-I-nothing."

"Then get to work," he said, still with that inexplicable grin. Fuming, she obeyed.


Tony's yelp came out as a garbled, "Yes, Boss!" and his hand came up to rub the back of his head.

The first time Kate had witnessed Gibbs slapping the back of DiNozzo's head, she'd honestly been a little shocked. Boss or not, goofing off or not, that was sort of degrading, and she hadn't pegged Gibbs as the type to physically assault his agents. She'd eyed Tony warily, wondering how he'd take it.

To her surprise, he recovered easily, and stayed on task for the most part for the rest of the day. Gibbs' little wake-up call appeared to be effective.

Still, it was an unorthodox means of communication, and not one that Kate was entirely sure how to interpret. On the one hand, Gibbs used the head slapping as a means to get Tony to stay focused. On the other, he often smiled as he did it, leading Kate to believe there was something more to the contact.

Tony ducked the next blow and jumped to his position at his boss' side, grinning irrepressibly at Gibbs' glare.

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