Thinking of You

Summary: Everytime she stepped into that house she felt at home, and, of course always asked for her. Her own home just wan't the same. So, here goes another nightly run.

Just a quick Wakaba and Momo story.

Her foot hesitated, hanging the door way for a second before she set it down. Wakaba frowned. It just wasn't the same coming back to the house she shared with her parents. The magic to it was gone, transferred over to the smaller place of the Dr. Isshika and his family.

She smiled as her thoughts moved there, eyes closing with content. She really wished she could see Akane's little sister Momo at her own house each day, dressed up in an apron when she cooked. It was really adorable. The sight of her that day had sent tingles down along her spine straight to her toes.

The sensation ran through her again at the idea of seeing her. What was it? She wondered to herself briefly.

Her eyes snapped open to look at the living room desolate of any pink hair bouncing around on those tiny cute feet. Wakaba's smile cracked.

Even if she had just been there... She turned back around and ran out of the house practically flying up and down the streets to get to the small household of the Isshika's. Her hand rested on the door and she pulled it open peering her head inside.

"Oh! Wakaba-san! What are you doing back here?" Momo yelped in surprise then hurriedly went on to be polite.

"I forgot something." Wakaba replied as she hurried forward to grab at a sheet of paper on the desk the friends had been studying at in the afternoon. "Got it." She said turning back to Momo with a smile glad she had come back in her sudden hurry just to see her for another moment.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" Momo asked glancing at her from the kitchen.

"No thanks," Wakaba regretted the words as she said them but, "I have to practice tonight for a match tomorrow."

"Oh." The pink haired girl's single word sounded hurt. "Well, atleast take some with you then. I made too much for me and sis." She immedietly started dividing a portion of food and putting it into a container without waiting for her to say okay or no. Barely a minute later she turned back around. "Here you go." She smiled at Wakaba and it made her heart melt at the sight of that beaming smile aimed at her.

"Thanks Momo-chan!" Wakaba smiled back at her and for a moment she thought she saw a blush rise to her cheeks but then it was gone. "I'll see you tomorrow then." She went back out of the house this time walking back to her own. Her mind spun from what little interaction they had but was ultimately great.

"She's so cute." She murmured as if in a trance while sniffing the box of food, the smeel making her mouth water. Momo was the best cook she knew, and she would throughly enjoy this. Right after her kendo practice of course.

I said it was going to be short. Hope you liked it anyway!