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"CLARY! GET YOUR SORRY ASS DOWN HERE BEFORE WE ARE LATE FOR YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!" I bolt out of bed so quickly I trip and run into the dresser. Great, just another bruise I'll have to cover up. I grab some jeans and a band tee while rushing into the bathroom. If I don't get downstairs on time Jonathan will be pissed. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror while I'm slipping on my jeans. "God," I whisper. "I'll never be able to cover up these!" My pale skin is dotted with bruises from last night. I remember it with sharp detail.

Jonathan came into my room with a beer bottle in hand. What happened next… it wasn't the first time. Ever since mom fell into a coma he's been taking out his frustration on me. I try to stay away. It was actually my first night home in a month. Over the summer I stayed with my best friend, Simon, but I had to return to the apartment for the first day of school. I refuse to call this place home, not when Jonathan is here.

I shake my head to try and forget about last night's beating. Quickly applying enough makeup so that the bruises are barely visible, I dash downstairs tying my wild red curls back into a ponytail. The less attention I draw to myself the better.

"Okay Jonathan, I'm ready to leave. You don't have to worry about driving me to school; Simon's going to walk with me." I say softly. In the past year I learned not to speak loudly to him while he has a hangover. I glance at him to see he's already fallen asleep on the floor. Figures. With one last look at my hung-over brother, I silently slip out of the door to meet Simon.


"You can't be serious! Star Wars is sooooo much better than Star Trek!" Simon always knows how to make me smile and get my mind off of everything else.

"Whatever you say Simon, Whatever you say. I was just implying that having Luke and Leia kiss is strange. Come on! They're siblings! And I didn't even mention Star Trek." I laugh at his face, all scrunched up with his disheveled hair. He's definitely a nerd, but he's my nerd.

"So are you excited for your first day at school?" He asks while adjusting his glasses.

"Oh of course Simon! How could I not be excited to go to a place where no one notices me and I'm considered an outcast?" I get a dirty look from the sarcasm. Our school is filled with skanks and jocks that poke fun at those who don't fit their mold of "perfection". With me being five foot two with flaming red hair and an underdeveloped chest, well let's just say I don't fit their description.

We walk the rest of the way to school in silence. By the time we arrive we have 4 minutes to get to class. "Alright Simon. This is where we have to part ways." With a quick good luck from him and an awkward hug I trudge to my locker trying to go unnoticed. I open my new locker and put my books in. "Shit!" I whisper as the bell rings. I rush to find my first class and accidently run into someone. "oh my goodness I am so sorry," I mumble trying to get out of their way. I lift my eyes only to come face to face with a golden god. Seriously this guy was pure gold. He had golden hair that curled at the ends with golden eyes that were oddly beautiful. But then there was a golden smirk that made his perfect features seem mischievous.

"I know I'm sexy red, but you didn't have to throw yourself at me," the golden boy whispered in my ear as he leaned in very close to my face. We were practically breathing the same air, or would be if I could breathe. Then faster than my brain could process, he was sauntering off and laughing with his friends. I was left in the hallway, late to my first class on my first day of school gaping at a golden boy who took my breath away. All I could think was," What the hell just happened? Who the hell just happened?"

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