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"JACE!" I squealed as he lifted me up and spun me around. He set me down and leaned in close to my ear, rubbing against my cheek. This night was perfect, and it was just going to get better.

"Sorry Mrs. Herondale. I guess I got carried away." He whispered huskily into my ear, making me shiver. "I was just thinking of the first time we danced together and prom, and now we are dancing here, at our wedding."

I sighed. Our wedding. I was now Mrs. Herondale. After prom Jace decided to legally change his last name to Herondale since he had discovered it was his parent's real last name. They had been undercover, trying to spy on Valentine. Turns out it was no accident he was robbing their house. Valentine was into a lot of underground business that wasn't completely legal. Wayland was a fake name they used to protect Jace, even though it didn't go as planned.

I looked around in wonder at the decorations. When you pair up Izzy and Magnus they are a force to be reckoned with. We were outside on the dance floor and white fairy lights covered every inch of nature you could see. There were white banners hanging above the dance floor from the trees, somehow woven into an intricate pattern. They had to have used magic to put it up.

"Well Mr. Herondale," I replied, going along with his game." I might just have to forgive you. If you make it up to me." I put extra emphasis on the IF. I turned my head away and saw Simon and Izzy dancing off to the side. They had just gotten engaged and Izzy was pregnant with a baby girl. That girl was going to be so spoiled.

I wasn't paying attention to Jace so I didn't notice what he was doing until my feet were no longer touching the ground. He picked me up bridal style and started to carry me out.

"PUT ME DOWN JACE! I HAVEN'T EVEN SAID GOODBYE TO EVERYONE YET." I screamed at him. We were going to Venice for our honeymoon and I wouldn't see my family for the next month.

"GOODBYE EVERYONE!" Jace yelled, then turned to me and said, "There. You've said goodbye. Let's go." And with that he smirked his panty-dropping smirk, and for the first time it didn't melt my heart.

"JACE HERONDALE!" I screamed, somewhat amused but mad I couldn't say goodbye to everyone. By this point we reached the car and Jace set me down on the hood, capturing my lips and running his hands along my back. I calmed down and kissed him back until he pulled away.

"Save it for later Clary, because you will definitely be shouting my name then." He whispered, making me blush. I got off the hood and hopped into the car, and we drove off without another word.

**********1 year later **********

A small cry woke me up. With a groan I turned to look over at the clock. 2 AM. Great. I looked over at Jace to see him already getting up.

"Thanks sweetheart." I whispered to him as he left the room. He returned a few moments later with a bundle in his arms.

"Yeah yeah whatever. You owe me though." He whispered soothingly towards the baby, though I know it was directed at me.

"Just shush and rock Stephen. I let you name the baby, isn't that enough?" My tone was serious but I was grinning. Jace decided to name our son after his father. The moment he suggested it I immediately agreed. It was my way of apologizing for what my father had done to his.

Every time Jace held Stephen he got this look in his eyes. It was indescribable. It was also one of my new favorite things to draw. I got up from the comfortable spot on my bed and picked up my sketch book. Every time I smell the fresh parchment I think back to that day in central park, where Jace and I had our first kiss. After everything we have been through we are still together.

Everything has led us to this moment, me drawing my husband rocking our baby in our new house.

Everything is perfect.

And that's how it's supposed to be.

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