A/N Again the disclaimer. I do not know personally anyone mentioned. This is purely a fiction exercise. Also because English is not my native language you may have to excuse some mistakes I may write. That being said I hope you enjoy it. :)

A/N A short, probably no more than ten chapters, story about my favourite characters 'you' and Grant. ;)

"Oh come on!" You shout to your great friend and roommate Alexa.

You are going on a road trip upstate to the Big Sur and then staying at Alexa's wealthy family property there, overlooking the sea.

You're going with Alexa and a couple who are good friends with you two, Travis and Erin.

You already have everything ready and you wait for Alexa to come downstairs. "They're gonna be here anytime now!" You shout again trying to rush her. At that time you hear the horn of a car. "They're here! Told you so!"

You pick your bag and you go outside. There you find Travis' large SUV and Erin's head outside the window with a big smile. "Hey! Ready to go?"

You walk towards the car and you roll your eyes. "Almost. Alexa is still doing I don't know what."

Erin laughs. "Typical."

"Hi Travis!" You greet as you reach the car. At that moment you realize there's someone else in the car. In the backseat you see a guy about your age. You immediately recognize him. It's Grant Gustin. He and Travis have known each other since Grant first started on Glee because Travis is also a part of the Warblers but you have never met Grant.

In a second it seems like you've seen a ghost. No one of your friends knows because you never told them, but you have a slight crush on him. Of course you wouldn't tell them, they would obviously tease you and since Travis knew him personally you just wanted to be spared of the embarrassment.

You and Grant stare at each other for a brief moment. His smiling face quickly turns into an intrigued expression because of your stunned face.

Erin immediately introduces you two. "Grant, one of the crazy ones we told you about." Erin jokes.

You blush. "Oh, shut up!"

Grant chuckles at your reaction and speaks to you, leaning over the front seats. "Hi, I'm Grant. Sorry I crashed your road trip like this..."

Travis slaps his head friendly. "Nonsense, you're most welcome, right?"

You feel completely confused. Grant is coming with you? You babble. "Oh... Right. You are welcome..." You look confused at Erin.

"Oh, didn't Alexa tell you?" Erin asks confused.

You shake your head shyly.

Erin rolls her eyes amused. "Crazy girl, indeed. We called her early this morning to ask if it was ok to bring a friend with us. You know, the more the merrier."

You feel like you could kill Alexa. Sure, she didn't know about your special and silly infatuation with Grant but she could have least told you there was someone else coming with you.

"Ok, no problem." You try to smile in a friendly way. Honestly you don't know for sure. How are you supposed to behave normally around the guy you have a crush on?

You go around the SUV to put your bag in the trunk and you try not to look inside at Grant.

At that moment Alexa finally leaves the house closing the door.

"Hey you all!" She says enthusiastically.

"Finally!" Erin laughs. "What were you doing? Packing your whole wardrobe?"

Alexa grins. "Maybe... Anyway I'm here. Let's go!" She drops her bag in the trunk too and you two get inside the car. You enter after Alexa so she gets to sit in the middle of the backseat between you and Grant.

"Hi, I'm Alexa, you must be Grant." She greets him happily.

"That's right. Nice to meet you and thanks for having me at your house." He smiles.

"Oh, you're welcome."

"Lex, you moron, you forget to tell your roommate Grant was coming with us." Travis says in a teasing way.

Alexa turns to you. "Oh but I did. You were showering. I shouted that Grant was coming too."

You shrug. "Guess I didn't hear." You think it was probably for the best, otherwise you could have fainted in the shower.

"Fool." Alexa slaps your arm softly.

Travis starts driving and Erin speaks. "Grant had nothing to do these days, no shootings or anything, and was getting bored so we invited him to come with us."

Grant nods. "True, and I hate having nothing to do. Besides, I love road trips."

"Remember when we went to San Francisco last year?" Travis says excited.

"Epic." Grant comments with a big smile.

You look outside the window, trying to process the fact that you are in the same car as Grant Gustin and you are going to spend the next days with him in the same house. You haven't even had a good look at him as you felt too shy to do it but the little you had was enough to make your heart jump. 'Control it, you stupid self, or you'll look like one of those annoying teen fangirls. He's just a guy. A gorgeous one, but just a guy. Once you get to really know him you'll probably realize he's just a normal boy.'

You're still immersed in your silly thoughts looking at the views when you hear Erin's voice louder calling your name. "So quiet, who are you and what have you done to my friend?"

They all laugh and you feel Grant's eyes fixed on you as Alexa says to him, "Give her a few moments and she won't shut up. She's a bit coy with people she doesn't know but once she's familiar with them you can't shut her up."

"Oh for god's sake." You snap embarrassed. "I'm just enjoying the views."

They all laugh and to your surprise Grant just smiles. "And you're right to do so. You and Travis have the best seats for that. Ocean's side... But he's driving so he can't enjoy much..."

"Oh, watch out, Grant is a sucker for that. Watching the views... Taking photographs... In a second he'll be stealing your seat, making you change places..." Travis jokes.

"I might just do that." Grant jokes too.

"You wish." You say very low, thinking he couldn't listen to it but you're wrong.

"Oh!" Grant giggles. "Looks like I have competition..."

Grant's reply makes them burst into laughter and you feel your cheeks burn. "Whatever." You look again outside the window.

Alexa looks strangely and amused at you, wondering why you're acting that way. She grabs her phone and sends a text to you because she can't obviously ask you anything without having the others listening. 'Pretend it's not me - what's with the moody mood? You were all excited this morning. Is it because of Grant coming with us?'

You hear your phone's beep and you check it. You give Alexa a subtle eye rolling and you reply with a text too. 'I'm just fine. Nothing to do with Grant. Just not in the chatty mood.'

Alexa starts typing again. 'Cheer up then. Grant seems nice, he's cute as hell, you don't want him to feel unwelcome and think you're rude or annoyed because he's coming with us.'

This time you gave her a smirk and you reply. 'Message received.'

Erin notices the silence and looks back at you. She whines. "Oh, come on! Already on your phones? Both of you? You're addicts. And I thought Grant was bad... You do have competition, Gustin." She chuckles.

Alexa excuses herself. "Oh, just keeping in touch with my boy..." Alexa's boyfriend Leo is in his senior year at Stanford University.

"Is Leo joining us?" Travis asks.

"Yeah, he should come down to meet us and stay over the weekend." She claps her hands happily.

You suddenly realize that in that case, and over the weekend, it will be two couples, you and Grant. Awkward, you think to yourself. Of course you already knew it would be two couples and yourself before you knew about Grant. But that didn't bother you, you had work to do anyway and you would spend your free time hiking in the woods, running on the beach or swimming in the pool. Besides, you were more than comfortable being around Erin, Travis, Alexa and Leo. You knew them for years and they were not the type of couples all over each other and oversentimental. You look briefly at Grant, who's checking his own phone, and you just pray that things don't get too weird.

A/N And there it is. This time 'you' already has a crush on cute Grant. Excited? Or not so much? :)