A/N Again the disclaimer. I do not know personally anyone mentioned. This is purely a fiction exercise. Also because English is not my native language you may have to excuse some mistakes I may write. That being said I hope you enjoy it. :)

A/N Sorry, I know this is a very small chapter and it took me forever but...

Your former boyfriend Nick is with you and your friends at the beach. He never wanted to take things seriously with you and Grant was just making some witty remarks and joking that he would get married to you just to piss off Nick. He replied that was something he would pay to see.

You asked Grant to come and take a walk with along the shore so that you could escape Nick's stare and judgment.

"What was that?" Grant asked you when you are far from your friends.


"That. He said he'd pay to see you getting married and you got all upset."

"Do you really wanna hear the story?"

Grant nods. "Sure, if you want to tell."

"Well, like I told you, I wanted to take things seriously with Nick and he didn't so eventually we broke up."

Grant nods and chuckles. "Yeah, that's why I was pissing him off with the wedding thing, saying we'd get married and all."

You giggle. "Right. Well, sometime after breaking up with Nick I started seeing someone and after some time dating this guy he proposed to me."

Grant stares at you bewildered. "Proposed?"

"Yeah, Tom asked me to marry him and we'd been dating each other for like six months. Obviously I said no. Not because I didn't like him but it was too soon for something like that. Then he broke up with me and Nick has always teased me after that. Because the same way he didn't want to take things seriously with me, I didn't want to take things seriously with this other guy. Basically he mocks me because I did to Tom the same thing Nick did to me."

Grant stays silent for a moment then speaks, "I'm sorry, but this Nick is just an asshole. Marrying is not the same thing as being in a serious relationship."

"Right. Besides he's been hitting on me again. Texts, calls, saying we should get together, that this time he's ready to have a serious relationship with me. I think that's probably why he's come with Leo today..."

Grant raises an eyebrow. "I see. So I'm in the way..."

"You're not in the way. I'd never get back with him even if he was the only guy alive on earth. I've told him that endless times."

Grant looks at you expectantly, waiting for you to continue.

"What?" You ask him.

"Do you still like the other guy, Tom?" He asks straightforwardly.

You hesitate for a second. "There's only one Tom I like now." You say.

Grant frowns without understanding.

You giggle. "Fool. You almost forget your first name, don't you, Thomas Grant?"

Grant bursts into laughter. "Yeah, actually I do." He wraps his arms around you and smiles. "So, does this mean you're actually ok with assuming our mutual crushes and see where it leads?"

You nod smiling. "Yes. I think that for the first time I want the same as the boy wants."

Grant grins and leans to kiss you passionately.