Jasper held the child in his arms. She was his. Edward smirked at his brother's animalistic thoughts. Carlisle tried once more to take the child back from Jasper and return her to the orphanage. Jasper snarled crouching down. MINE. Emmett tried to lighten the mood with a joke, "Dude she's not even snack sized."

Edward flinched. A vicious growl came from Jasper as he hugged the child closer to him. Carlisle held up his hand. "Careful. He's given in to his animal."

Alice frowned, "Then why didn't he drain her?"

Jasper snarled again. MINE. The child squirmed and opened her large brown eyes. She smiled up at Jasper giggling as he snuggled her to him. Reaching her arm out she touched his cheek. His entire body sighed at her touch. Esme approached and Jasper snapped.

Edward gasped, "Don't do it Jasper!"

Carlisle addressed his first son, "What?"

Edward snarled, "He's running."

Jasper jumped out the window. No one would take her away from him. So he ran only stopping to take care of her needs. Two days later he found himself at their door. Peter opened it before Jasper knocked a smile stretched across his face. "So you found her."

Jasper nodded still on edge from the run as well as his family's attempted betrayal. Charlotte smiled down at the vivacious child in his arms, "Come in. We will help you keep her."

His body relaxed once he entered. Peter looked at him analyzing every nuance. "They tried to take her didn't they?"

He nodded stiffly. The thought of what they had planned to do to her still raw. She shifted in his arms and Jasper's face became euphoric as he watched her. She giggled throwing her arms around his neck.

Charlotte sighed, "How old is she?"


Charlotte smiled, "What's her name?"

"Isabella Marie Swan."

Peter smiled as the little girl squeezed Jasper's neck and kissed his cheek. "She already loves you."

Jasper nodded. "And I her."

Peter frowned, "The Cullens won't just let this go."

Jasper nodded serious once again. "I seriously hope for their sake they wait until she is immortal – grown, turned, and mated."

Peter nodded. He knew the God of War would come out to protect his mate should he feel she was threatened.