Thousands upon thousands of year, there existed a barren wasteland that spread out across the entire planet and prevented nearly any living beings from surviving around it. This world knew nothing of water, of grass, or even the livid sensation of the winds themselves…It was a bountiful roaming grounds for demons both big and small, and the longer this world kept itself in the midst of chaos, the more worried the three goddesses that were sent to watch over this world became. It was all an inevitability though, that from these concerns would an action be made to bring peace to this world. The goddesses, in an act of defiance against the chaos, descended onto the mortal world and split themselves up across the surface of the planet in order to carry out their respective callings…

With arms of consecrated fire, the goddess Din cultivated the land and created the red earth. Using only a single breath, the blue goddess Nayru spread her wisdom across the planet that had been given life by her sister, and it was by the will of her spirit that chaos was given an unconquerable foe in the form of order itself. As her sisters prepared the planet for inhabitability, the final goddess, the serene and curious Farore, gathered energy from her enriched soul and gave birth to all life forms that would carry out and uphold the order established by Nayru. Because of their efforts, the desolate planet had been transformed into a prosperous landscape that to this day is known by the name of Hyrule.

As the three goddesses departed their newly created world to places unknown, they entrusted one final gift to the beings they created. It was an all-powerful relic that went by the name of the Triforce, and each of its parts represented a different passion of the goddesses. Power for Din, Wisdom for Nayru, and Courage for Farore. Brought together and mastered by one of strong will, the Triforce was said to have the power to grant someone their deepest desire…But unforeseen by the goddesses' design, the Triforce was neutral in its judgment, and would grant the desire of the person who controlled it whether they were good or evil. The demons whose chaotic world had been robbed from them along with their mighty lord whose name has nearly been wiped from the slates of history, sought the Triforce to regain what was rightfully theirs.

The first of many wars was fought not long after Hyrule's creation between the demons and Hylia, the Goddess of Grace that was born into this world to protect the Triforce from evil. Hylia was not alone in this conflict though, for the five races of the surface world joined her and fought back the demons. It is unknown just how the conflict was ended beyond the fact that Hylia proved victorious against the demon lord, and that the Triforce had vanished for quite some time afterwards. Many generations later, the kingdom of Hyrule was established in honor of the brave goddess Hylia. The Triforce, which had been found by an unknown force, was kept sealed away inside of the Sacred Realm, guarded from evil by the Sage of Light, Rauru.

For hundreds upon hundreds of years, Hyrule enjoyed an everlasting prosperity, as peace between the five races and the great Kingdom itself was never once shaken…Until one fateful day, when an uprising led to a war between the Hylians and the five races, the cause of which has never been determined to this day. It was during the early days of this war that two important figures were born. One was the heir of the Hylian throne, Princess Zelda, whose name had been passed down from her ancestors to continue a tradition established by the first Queen of Hyrule. The second child born during this time of bloodshed was a small boy by the name of Link, whose mother eventually perished after escaping the fires that began to engulf Hyrule…But not before she brought her child to the lap of the sacred Great Deku Tree.

Eventually, the war came to an end with the King of Hyrule unifying everyone under his banner. One of the leaders on the enemy side, a Gerudo by the name of Ganondorf, swore fealty to the King once more. These three beings, as different as they all were, were already entangled in the web of fate that only the goddesses of Hyrule and the Sage of Light Rauru knew of. Years began to pass in the once again peaceful land of Hyrule, and the two children born in the war were raised in differing ways. Zelda was raised as a Princess under the tender, watchful eye of her Sheikah attendant, Impa, while Link was raised unsuspectingly as a Kokiri by the Great Deku Tree. The pale, sand skinned man named Ganondorf, however, merely bided his time as a subservient representative of his people until the moment would come when he would obtain what he desired…The Triforce.

Eventually though, Ganondorf grew tired of waiting. He couldn't gain the trust of the Great Deku Tree, nor did he have any luck with the Goron and Zora tribes when it came to acquiring the Spiritual Stones needed to open the way to the Sacred Realm. So with his cunning and proficiency in dark magic, the Gerudo set forth events that slipped past the eyes of the King of Hyrule as he performed them meticulously. He upset the Zora's patron deity Lord Gabu Gabu, robbed the Gorons of their source of food, and sent the mighty Gohma to kill the Great Deku Tree from within. The last of his actions caused the Great Deku Tree to realize that something had to be done about Ganondorf before it was too late, and with the assistance of his trusted aide Navi the mighty tree called forth Link to his side.

With his unmatched bravery and surprisingly adept swordplay, Link went into the depths of the Great Deku Tree and slew Gohma. However, it was far too late for the Great Deku Tree, and with his dying breath he granted Link the Kokiri Emerald and told him the truth about his life along with the darkness that was slowly approaching this land. Tasking Link with heading out to Hyrule in order to stop the "man in black", the Great Deku Tree became grey and lifeless. Having lost the man who had been his father for his whole life up until this point, Link vowed to go to Hyrule and make sure that no one else would be harmed by the mysterious man's misdeeds. And travel to Hyrule Link did, his journey guided by the fairy Navi and the holy owl Kaepora Gaebora, who unbeknownst to Link was actually the Sage of Light Rauru himself…

Eventually making his way into the castle, Link found Princess Zelda standing alone in the courtyard, and to his surprise the Princess spoke to him with recognition because of a dream she once had, the genuineness of which was confirmed when Link showed her the Kokiri Emerald. Explaining her suspicions towards Ganondorf, Zelda asks Link to help her grab the other two Spiritual Stones and open the way to the Sacred Realm so they can use the Triforce to stop Ganondorf. Agreeing to her cause, Link set out across Hyrule to undo the evil that Ganondorf created, gaining the trust and brotherhood of the leader of Gorons Darunia and accidentally agreeing to marriage with the lovely Zora Princess Ruto, in the process gaining both Spiritual Stones…

However, chaos engulfed Hyrule Castle as Link began to return from Zora's Domain. Ganondorf, knowing that the "Hero of Time" was returning, killed the King of Hyrule and pursued Zelda in order to acquire the Ocarina of Time that was necessary to use in conjunction with the Spiritual Stones in order to gain access to the Sacred Realm inside of the Temple of Time. There are very few records beyond this point that explain what went down that fateful day, but the end result will be forever noted as one of the greatest tragedies in Hylian history…Princess Zelda and Impa disappeared, the King was dead, Link was nowhere to be found, and Ganondorf somehow managed to make his way into the Sacred Realm and obtain the "Power" segment of the Triforce, which became permanently grafted to his right hand.

With no one alive to stop him, Ganondorf usurped the Hylians from their reign over the land and slaughtered the countless knights who dared to oppose him, his display of raw power ending with the total obliteration of Hyrule Castle along with most of the ground surrounding it, which collapsed into a vast pit of molten magma that Ganondorf created with the help of his dark magic. With the help of his two most loyal servants, Kotake and Koume, the empowered Gerudo King crafted a massive, shadowy architecture that would loom over his new land and remind all others that his reign was supreme forevermore. This unholy, monochrome abomination floated above the magma pit on a lone island in the center of the air where the prosperous Hyrule Castle once stood, and from the highest point in the tower Ganondorf stared down and laughed as he surveyed the land and thought out his next move…

With plenty of time in the world to do whatever he pleased, Ganondorf first chose to give the abandoned Hyrule Castle Town to his loyal army of ReDeads, their presence turning the place into a nightmarish graveyard that no one would ever dare to traverse unless he wanted them to. His next plan was to bring torment back to the tribes who defied him in the past. He froze the entirety of Zora's Domain, killing Lord Gabu Gabu and causing Lake Hyrule to be drained of all its water. He created the mighty Volvagia, a dragon of pure fire that whose mere presence in Death Mountain caused of ring of burning smog to circle around the tip of the volcano's cone, and with this dragon he made certain to have any defiant Gorons devoured or captured. Finally, he set forth monsters to populate Kokiri Village and the Lost Woods, making the poor Kokiri's punishment the most lenient of the three simply because the children of the forest did little to defy him before.

Though Ganondorf saw his rule as absolute, there was still two seeds of rebellion left unaccounted for. Having escaped his sight so very long ago, the Gerudo King continued day and night to listen to his operatives give him news about the lack of info on Princess Zelda and Impa's whereabouts. After all, the man only had one piece of the Triforce, not the whole relic like he had originally intended to obtain. In his mind, Ganondorf had every right to assume that the segment of Wisdom was given to Zelda, while the one representing Courage was given to her attendant. For as far as he had come to obtain the Triforce, Ganondorf was willing to wait even longer if it meant that he would get the full relic and be granted his deepest desire. And wait he did, for seven long years…

On the top floor of the tiered structure that goes by the name of Ganon's Castle, the mighty Gerudo King sits before his gigantic organ, his hands gliding across the keys to play a very foreboding tune that befits his villainous cathedral. He sits patiently, waiting for the time when his surrogate mothers Kotake and Koume will return with hopefully good news about Princess Zelda's whereabouts. Behind him, one of his stained glass windows becomes filled with otherworldly magic that causes it to be briefly transformed into a gate through which two witches can fly back into the castle on their rigid brooms without breaking the glass itself. With a snap of their fingers, the portal closes and they stop themselves above the very center of the room.

Ganondorf, recognizing the noise created by their specifically wrinkled fingers clicking together, pushes his hands against the keys laid directly in front of him, filling the room with a prolonged, resounding note until he drags his silver gauntlet protected palm away from the organ. In the preceding years, the mighty Gerudo King had changed his appearance in order to fit his new role as the supreme ruler of Hyrule. Alongside the gauntlet, his armor had been made more regal with the golden engravings of his people littered across the shoulder pads and chest. His hair had grown out from the back until it reached the top of his crimson cape, and his ears had been pierced with the sandy ceremonial earrings created by the two witches that currently floated behind him.

"What news do you bring me, Koume and Kotake?" Ganondorf speaks respectably in a deep, rather sophisticated voice towards the two witches as he raises himself up from his seat and slowly turns his body to face them. Both stout old ladies, with their green winkled skin and black Gerudo robes that are held to their bodies by an obi-like belt around their waists, have one major distinction between them. The one named Kotake can be identified by her crystalline, frosty hair while her sister Koume can be identified by her the long, fiery plume attached to her scalp. The hot-headed one inches forward cautiously on her broom and says to her lord "Lord Ganondorf, there is still no sign of the Princess anywhere, and-"

Koume wished to defy her master's wishes just for one moment and tell him that this search was truly futile after nearly seven years of trying, but as she said just one word beyond the news that Ganondorf wanted to hear the King of Evil raised his left eyebrow a millimeter and expected silence from the fiery witch in regards to that specific matter. Biting her lips together to stop herself prematurely, Koume left the other news in the capable hands of her icy sister. Ganondorf's expression stiffened back to normal as his lips curled into a tranquil smile, and with a swing of his right arm he pushed his cape out in front of himself and turned around to face his organ once more. "It matters not, she has nowhere to run in my Hyrule…Wherever she is, she will eventually slip up and reveal herself to me." Ganondorf raises his right hand up in front of his face and tightens it into the shape of a fist so he can relish the glow of the Triforce of Power on the backside of his gauntlet.

With an admiring glare towards the Triforce's holy light despite being a man of the dark arts, Ganondorf continues to stand in place as he senses a reason as to why his two surrogate mothers were still in the immediate area, and with a glance to the right he asks them "And what other news do you bring me, Koume and Kotake?" Having been given permission to speak, Kotake raised her suddenly and said nervously to her Lord "S-Someone has been spotted wandering dangerously close to the Forest Temple…We haven't identified who it is quite yet, but we have confirmation of Moblin causalities and…" "And so you reported back to me instead of taking care of this problem yourself?" Ganondorf finishes her sentence in a way that satisfied himself, but despite how callous it sounded to Kotake the truth of the matter was that the King of Evil didn't change his tone in the slightest.

"Y-Y-Yes, my Lord…" The ice witch stammered out in fear. "Hmm…" Ganondorf unraveled his fist after staring at it for a few more seconds, and as the visage of his piece of the Triforce faded away unceremoniously the King of Evil turned back around and said with intrigue "I'm actually quite glad you chose to do that. I haven't had any infidels attempt to defy me for far too long…So long in fact that I was beginning to think that my piece of the Triforce would just go to waste…" With a callous raise of his right hand, Ganondorf drew upon the power of the Triforce of Power to being working in conjunction with his dark magic. His body became surrounded in a thin shadowy aura, and with a push forward of his fingers the aura begins to split away from the rest of his body and solidify into the form of an otherworldly spirit that mirrors the King of Evil's appearance save for a skull-ish mask on his face and two dagger-like horns sticking out from the top of it.

"My phantom…Head off to the Forest Temple and stop the intruder from freeing the Forest Sage. If he does not flee before your ghastly visage, then you are free to kill him as you so wish…" After Ganondorf dictates what he wants his phantom to do, the dark copy merely turns his head and nods in stride, for he has no voice through which he can express his understanding. Dispersing into ethereal fog, the phantom rides off through the window with a bellowing "neigh" trailing below him as he heads off into the distance towards the Lost Woods. Koume and Kotake, surprised by how simple it was for their master to create a pale copy of himself, are so stunned for a moment that they nearly fail to respond when Ganondorf says to them "As for you two…"

Ganondorf flips his body back around and sits down in front of his organ once more, his hands moving towards the keys as he gives his command "Return to the Spirit Temple and continue to keep the Sage there in line…Do not take action against this intruder unless he somehow enters your domain, understood?" "Yes, my lord…" The two witches say in unison, and with a swift ride on their broomsticks they head out the windows in the exact same fashion as they did enter, and with the King of Evil left to his own devices he began to tap down upon the keys to continue the ominous tune exactly where he had left off before.

But it took only a few notes for the King of Evil to sense something amiss in the area. He felt a presence coming from the ruined Hyrule Castle Town the likes of which he had never detected before. "…Curious…" Despite the unfamiliarity towards the energy signature, Ganondorf remained composed as he moved his hands away from the organ keys and stood up. The King of Evil had to admit that whoever was brave enough to traverse his domain surely must be worth checking out for himself, so with a swing of his right hand Ganondorf began to levitate off the ground with his cape hovering behind him, and a grin on his face that signified his calm anticipation towards what he may find waiting for him down below. He flew towards the closest window in front of him, crashing through it without so much as a care towards the shards of glass that wound up around him, and with a dedicated focus he made his way towards the ruins below…

Clash of the Elements Part 4, Story 1: The Ocarina of Time

Chapter 1: The Desecrated Town

In the ruins of Hyrule Castle Town, a lone figure approaches from the entrance past the broken drawbridge. The man of approximately 14 years of age goes by the name of Riku Mew, the first part given to him by his creator as a sort of joke while he took on the last name based on part of the first name of his creator. He is a clone, as the previous sentence somewhat implied, but he is not a clone of any mere mortal. He is the Elemental Overlord, a being who controls all of the elements in the universe…To varying degrees, anyways. Seeing as Riku here is a "newborn" only in the time sense of the word and not the physical one, he hasn't had much time to master his many elements.

Anyways, the cloned Elemental Overlord has on him a crimson t-shirt with a black flame marked near the chest with a black silk sleeveless vest covering most of the shirt itself on both sides. He also wears brown rugged jeans and black tennis shoes, with his hair being black with curved spikes hang slightly above his forehead and dark grey eyes staring out into the distance. With his appearance now described to you, you may be wondering just why this child has wandered into the land of Hyrule. You see, as an Elemental Overlord its his duty to go out into the universe and help out planets who are in need of assistance, and it just so happened after a few long months of travel this was one of the first places that looked to be in need to help.

Having detected that the air is breathable in this area, Riku drops his veil of air that allowed him to survive as he flew through space, though he was immediately greeted by the nauseous smell of rotting flesh that caused his expression to scrunch up in utter disgust as he pulled his body back slightly in revolt. "Ugh…Not exactly a good first impression this place is leaving me…" The teenage clone says in a rather unimpressed tone of voice. As he tries to focus on something other than the smell, Riku begins to survey the area around him, his attention quickly moving towards the lack of life in everything from the muddy ground, the wilted tree branches, the sewage filled fountain, and the houses whose rooftops have been torn off and frameworks have been made almost useless thanks to the decay present in the wood.

Taking a couple cautious steps forward, the Elemental Overlord moved his head back and forth, noticing not a single discrepancy in all of the scenery surrounding him as he reached the center of his vacant town and immediately heard a violent roar coming from the right of him. He turned to face the volcano that hung above all in the distance, and took notice of the flaming ring of smoke surrounding the near tip of the cone. "…Is this planet on the verge of an apocalypse or something?" The boy questioned momentarily, only to shake his head slightly as he remembered something crucial that proved his inquiry wrong "No, the field outside of this area looked perfectly fine, no way this planet could be on its way towards destruction…"

Still, despite the condition of the fields behind him, the simple fact that this town looked so abandoned alongside the activity in the volcano told Riku all that he needed to know about this planet. "This place is definitely in trouble, so I better try to find some survivors and see how I can help them out…" That was the boy's simple-minded plan to deliver justice, but one that he truly had no choice but to take so long as he knew nothing about what was going on around here…But then again, as the boy folded his arms in front of his chest, he couldn't help but shake the feeling out of him that he knew exactly where he was at this very moment. However, when nothing popped into his head after a few seconds of careful thinking, Riku decided to ignore his suspicions and instead focus on figuring out just where to go from here. "This town is too barren to bother exploring thoroughly, so I'll just head back into the fields and hope I find an inhabited town out there."

With his next course of action established, Riku smiles and slams his right fist firmly against the palm of his left hand before he splits his arms apart and quickly turns around ready to leave. Without so much as a warning, the young Elemental Overlord is paralyzed as a low-pitched moan fills his eardrums, causing his heart to skip a beat in fear before the rest of his body reacts to what is going on. Standing before him are three creatures with dried up, brownish husks for a body that closely resemble that of a human's save for their wooden heads that completely lack eyeballs and their teeth are bare with decaying gums present. After the paralysis has ended, Riku leaps backwards in fear as he notices one of these grotesque creatures very nearly touching him after leaping forward like a leech.

Though the creature falls to the ground and squirms about a bit, much to Riku's relief, it slowly rises back up using nothing more than the strength of its toes to stand back up like a statue. The young Elemental Overlord holds his right hand out and prepares to summon his sword when all of a sudden the creatures release another low-pitched moan and the boy finds himself paralyzed again without explanation. All he could rely on were his thoughts, which expressed nothing but panic as the three creatures began to move closer towards him ready to prey on his flesh from the looks in their blackened sockets. Doom seemed certain for Riku before he even got much of a chance to explore this new planet, but before the foremost creature could leap out at him a snap echoed across the sky and caused all the creatures to pause and stiffen up with their heads hung out in front of them.

With his heart beating rapidly as he tried to catch his breath, Riku stared towards the creatures for a few seconds before he backed up and nearly tripped over the edge of the fountain as he turned around and faced the person responsible for stopping the zombies. It was the King of Evil himself, Ganondorf, who floated slightly above the ground with his right arm slowly withdrawing back towards the side of his body. The man smirked at Riku as he stared down at him, and with a callous yet eager look in his eyes the Gerudo said to the Elemental Overlord in a calm tone "So a child wishes to defy the reign of the mighty Ganondorf? I know not who you are, but for your bravery in coming here…I shall reward you with oblivion…"

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