After multiple failed relationships, college student Bella decides to just start having fun. That is until she meets successful and much older business man Edward at a Halloween party. Will one night of heated passion be enough?

AN:Hey! So this is my first story and it is unbeta'd so I apologise for future reference! Let me know what you think, it'd really help!

"Come on Bella! It's been three weeks and you've barely even looked at another guy!" Alice exclaimed.

"Probably because all the guys we know are immature douchebags, Alice. Plus it's been just that, three weeks, that isn't exactly a long time to get over a break-up..." I reasoned.

"Yes but Bella, you and Tyler were never really that serious, I mean I'm sure the guys gay! You were together for what, like a year and a half and he didn't even try to get past 3rd base!" She reminded me. "It's about time you met a real man!"

She was right; Tyler and I had dated from the beginning of senior year in high school right up until a few weeks ago. Nothing much really ever occurred between us sexually and it isn't as if we didn't have the opportunity. I used to stay at his house every other Saturday night and help babysit his younger siblings whilst his parents went out together to 'work on their marriage'. We were left alone at my house whilst my father Charlie, the Chief of Police, worked nights in our small town on Forks and we even crashed at a friend's place on Prom night yet Tyler never once 'put the moves' on me.

Whilst Tyler was a virgin, I, unfortunately, was not. At 15 I visited my mother in Phoenix one summer and came to know one of her new neighbours, Riley Biers, I quickly and stupidly fell head over heels for the 17-year-old sweet talker and within a week he had convinced me to sleep with him. whispering how we'd have a wonderful experience together with the person we loved. Pathetic right? Yea, but I fell for it. It hurt, it wasn't romantic and his girlfriend, Bree, turned up as we were putting our clothes back on.

Of course Tyler knew about this and at first I was flattered, I thought it was him trying to have a great deal of respect for me, but as the time passed and he never once mentioned anything about the progression of our non-existant sex life, I began to feel like there was something wrong with me. Why did he not want me? Did he really find me that unattractive? And if so then why was he with me in the first place?
My mind was plagued with thoughts such as these throughout the end of our relationship and I always knew I should have broken it off with him but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

It was nearing the end of October and I was in my first semester of UW and although I had expected it sooner rather than later, I was still upset that Tyler had called it quits after barely trying the long distance thing. He'd been accepted into Harvard to study economics and had no desire to continue our relationship from the other side of the country, so he broke up with me after a year and a half.

Via text message. Yep.

"Sure, whatever you say Al, just keep your voice down!" I scalded whilst attempting to keep my head down. The last thing I needed was to give Mike Newton,, the guy sitting two tables away whom has on numerous occasions offered me his 'shoulder to cry on' since my break up, to think I'm ready for a relationship, especially with him.

"Well Rose is having a huge Halloween party this Saturday and we need to get outfits! I say we leave early and head to the Mall!" Alice squealed. It was Wednesday so for Alice, we were incredibly unprepared for this weekend outfit wise.

"Did I hear the word Mall?" I turned to see the gorgeous blonde walking over to us with a huge smile on her face.

"Urgh, yes you did Rose, yes you did." I groaned.

Rosalie has to be one of the most stunning people I've ever seen. Her long blonde locks hung down to the middle of her back and vibrant violet eyes stood out with her perfectly applied make up. Standing at 5'10, Rose towers over my 5'2 and Alice's 4'11 frames not to mention the body of a Victoria's Secret model.

Originally from New York, Rose moved out here for a quiet life attempting to escape her Asshole-Lawyer of a father and ex-model-now-drug-addict of a mother on an inheritance worth at least 10 time my house. Rose is actually 3 years older than the two of us and at 22 she decided to do something with her life so that eventually she'll be able to provide for herself.

Alice and I have known each other since elementary school and we met Rose on the first day of college when Alice almost passed out at seeing her 'dream shoes' which were on Rose's feet. After catching her staring, Rose took it the wrong way and almost had it out with Alice until the Pixie started talking a mile a minute about different designers and Rose caught on. We've been inseparable since.

"Excellent, are we leaving now?" Rose asks with a wicked gleam in her eyes, usually meaning its going to be a day of playing 'dress up Bella'.

"Yes, ready Bella? We'll have to take your car Rose, we walked here." Alice exclaimed, far too excited for my liking.

"If I say no-"

"-then we'll drag you anyway" The two of them say together.

An hour later I stood in front of the mirror in 'A Masquerade' with Alice and Rose wearing a similar show girl costume as Rose. It was a corset, some kind of leotard that showed half my ass and was covered in black and blue feathers. Alice stood in a cream 1920's flapper dress looking stunning.

"You guys look awesome but I swear to God I'm not wearing this!" I stressed and both burst out laughing.

"She's right Ali, you look great but there's no way I'm going dressed like this either!"

"Fine!" Alice huffed. "I did really like the Marilyn one on you though Rose, you should totally go for it!"

"Isn't Halloween supposed to be scary? I wanna go as something scary... Oh! Like a vampire, that's a good costume!" I shared.

"Yeah but scary isn't sexy sweetie, and you need to get laid!" Rose said as she puts her hand on my shoulder.

"Actually Miss, excuse me for eavesdropping but I think I may be able to help with that..." The young shop Assistant said. "I may have the perfect costume for you!"

'A Masquerade' is actually a real costume shop in Seattle.