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"So, when am I going to meet him?" My mom asked. She called me around 45 minutes ago and spent the first 43 minutes talking about herself, barely letting me get a word in edge ways. Now she'd moved on to the topic of finally asking how I was, then acted totally shocked when I'd told her I was in New York with Edward.

"I don't know Mom... Whenever I see you next, maybe?" It came out sounding more like a question because the truth was, I barely saw my mother any more.

She left my father when I was five, took me with her but decided she couldn't stay in one place too long and my moving schools all the time wasn't practical for her life style. At eleven I moved back home with my father. I was glad, it meant spending more time with Alice and less time with the faceless students of the multiple schools I'd attended.

I was actually shocked to find out she got married in Vegas to a minor league baseball player when I was fourteen. She had surprisingly stayed in the same place since that happened but I tended not to visit too much, only four times since the embarrassing-horrible-virginity-losing-experience with Riley Biers the first summer she settled there.

"Well you gotta come home baby! I miss you!" She whined into the phone. She always referred to Phoenix as home when actually, I'd never even lived there with her other than the occasional summer. Forks would always be home and the word 'home' wasn't one I ever associated with my mother.

"Yeah... Or you could come see us?" I asked hopefully, already knowing her answer. Its the same answer I get every time I ask, thanksgiving, Christmas and every other holiday included.

"You know I can't Bella. Phil is so busy here with training. And plus we'd have to find and book a hotel there when you could just come stay here with us. It's so much easier baby."

I sighed, my mother hadn't stepped foot in Washington since she left and I hardly doubt she would now. I missed her and I knew if I wanted to see her I'd have to go to her.

"Yeah, sure Mom. I'm not sure when but I'll try to get there soon."

She squealed before telling me she had to go, barely letting me say goodbye before she shouted to Phil that I was coming home on the other side of the phone.

I sat down on the couch rubbing my face when the ticket stub from the movie we seen last night caught my attention. It was on the floor next to Edward's discarded pants and I smiled as I remember walking back to the hotel hand in hand talking about all kinds of random things.

Who knew Edward's favourite band was Pearl Jam? He totally didn't seem like a Pear Jam fan!

The more I thought about it the more I realised that actually, we hadn't had a lot of normal conversation... mainly because we'd never done a lot of normal stuff together.

We were so used to completely different lifestyles and although I was certainly enjoying spending time doing stuff in Edward's lifestyle, last night was the first time we'd even gone to a movie together. He was so prim and proper in a way, always going out dressed impeccably, eating at the finest restaurants and drinking at the most desired bars and clubs.

It made me wonder when, other than last night, the last time was when Edward had done anything... normal. Laid back.

I sent a quick text off to my dad letting him know how I was and another to Rose saying the same and replied to Alice's most recent text that her and Eric were broken up again before I snuck back into the bedroom.

Edward was laid on his front, his head on the mattress facing my side, his arms under the pillow and the sheet draped across his lower half leaving his strong, muscular back on show.

I tiptoed to the bathroom to shower and get ready before he woke, determined to be ready to leave for a day of fun - normal style - before he could protest and plan other things. I was going to make him hang out with me like a normal person.

I'd been under the shower spray for less than a couple of minutes when I felt the tell-tale draft of the door opening. I turned to see Edward shutting the door behind him, his eyes focused solely on me.

"As much as I hate waking up alone, seeing you like this is more than worth it."

I shuddered at his words, my body getting impossibly hotter and the water running down my body began to feel progressively nicer, more erotic, pleasurable on my skin.

Edward walked towards me, stepping into the shower and turned me around. I thought he was going to bend me over and take me from behind but instead he grabbed the shampoo and began tenderly washing my hair, his fingers massaging my scalp making me moan. The same followed with the conditioner and he decided to use his hands rather than the sponge when it came to washing my body.

I was a live wire by the end of it, desperate for him but he showed no signs of giving it to me soon. I did my best to let him take his time but I gave in, dropped to my knee's and took him into my mouth before he even realised what I was doing.

"Ohhhhhhh! Fuck!" He moaned, dropping the sponge and placing his hands in my wet hair gently.

I looked up at him as I slowly bobbed up and down his cock using little suction. His eyes were hooded and he was staring down at me with his mouth a gape watching my mouth work over him. He met my gaze and swore softly, clenching his eyes closed for half a second before opening them and meeting my gaze once again.

I moved back so that I was only taking the tip of him into my mouth over and over again as fast as I could before plunging him down right into the back of my throat sucking as hard as I could before repeating the shallow, fast movements. His stomach muscles clenched tightly with every plunge and his breath caught in his throat.

He moved one of his hands down to my face and rubbed his thumb across my bottom lip that was wrapped around his length, his brows furrowing as I slowly increased the length of the not-so-shallow-any more sucks. I brought one of my hands up and used my thumb and forefinger to gently rub the outside of either of his balls as my other hand joined in with my mouth.

Edward thrust forwards, groaning loudly.


I was so turned on and his curse words just spurred me on even more, moving fast, sucking harder.

"Isabella..." He ground out. "Fucking hell! Nnggggghhhhhhhh!" He threw his head back and growled, his hands tightening in my hair.

He started panting, groaning and moaning all at the same time as his thrusting hips started meet my movements causing me to gag.

"Fuck! I... I fucking love it... when you choke on my cock... Baby Girl." I moaned loudly at his dirty words.

"Mmmmmnnnnnnggggggggg." He roared through clenched teeth before his thick, hot spurts of come filled my mouth. I tried to swallow as much of it as possible but he was still thrusting, and it wasn't exactly the best taste in the world.

He looked back down at me, his slightly softening cock still in my mouth. "Oh fuck." He pulled out before rubbing the corner of my mouth, where a little of his come was dripping, with his thumb. I grabbed his hand and pulled it into my mouth, licking it off.

"Jesus Isabella! You're going to fucking kill me." He closed his eyes tightly before pulling me up and kissing me harshly. "I don't know where the fuck you learned to do that but... Jesus Fuck if that wasn't the best fucking blow job on this planet."

My cheeks heated before I gave a little giggle at how dirty his mouth got when he was turned on. It got drowned out by my moan though as Edward dropped to his knees and placed a kiss at the top of my pussy, his hands gripping my ass.

"You, Isabella Swan, drive me so fucking crazy." He murmured into my skin as his nose nuzzled my clit. "Never has anyone had the same effect on me that you do." He took a long slow lick of my slit, pushing further and harder when he got to my sensitive nub causing my body to jerk.

He pulled one leg over his shoulder and pressed his nose against me, inhaling deeply before moaning. "You always get so wet for me Baby Girl. I fucking love it." He slowly slid a single finger into me. They were so long and just the right amount of rough. He curled gently before pulling it back out and pressing it to my lips.

"Taste what I do to you, Isabella." It wasn't something I'd ever wanted to do, why would I? But at that moment in time I'd of done anything if it meant he kept touching me. I pulled his finger into my mouth tentatively and the look on his face made my whole body shiver and a soft gasp to escape my lips.

He pulled his hand back down and gripped my ass, pulling so my other leg went over his shoulder and he pressed my back onto the cold shower wall. He supported my whole body weight so comfortably, it was unbelievably sexy. He pushed me up a little more before totally burying his face in between my lips and licking my clit rapidly.

My hands went straight to his hair and my back arched off the wall as his tongue entered me as deeply as it could and his nose pressed against the underside of my clit. Edward groaned long and deep and it wasn't a minute later when I exploded.

An hour and a half later we were finally on our way out of our hotel, Edward surprisingly more laid back about my wanting control of the day, simply stating that it would have to wait until we got back to Seattle as he already had plans for us, although that probably had to do with the shower sex.

We spent the day shopping and having 'afternoon tea' in a small, but extremely busy, cafe tucked down a side street. It felt amazing and I instantly fell in love with the British feel.

The next morning I had to set off for my flight and I was a lot more sad to leave Edward than I should have been considering I would see him in just over a week. My feelings for him were growing so much despite the horrible start to my trip, I felt like there was nothing I could do to stop myself from falling in love with him. I just had to hope he felt the same and wouldn't think of me as a child in some kind of puppy love.

I was home for three days when my nausea hit. It was eight thirty on a Thursday night, there was no need for suspicion, just some bad chinese take out Alice, Rose and I must have eaten during a girly chat about Alice's fucked up on/off relationship with Eric, and I didn't vomit.

After the first bout I felt fine. The second came at breakfast time four days later. Alice had made peanut butter French toast after we'd stayed at our apartment, a rarity but due to Rosalie's parents being in town, and the smell had my stomach turning for twenty minutes before I couldn't cope any longer and took flight to the small bathroom we shared.

Still, it wasn't until Edward had text to tell me he had arrived in Seattle that I remembered that week was as Rose called it 'blow job week'. Edward was a little upset when he realised there wouldn't be any reunion sex for at least three days but grinned when I replayed Rose's words.

I should have gotten my period by that point and even though it could have been a fluke, I knew it wasn't.



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