The whole day we stay together. Peeta teaches me which plants are safe, and which are not. Even when I get them wrong twice he never gets frustrated with me. We go over to the climbing station and I'm a natural. I guess because I'm so small. Peeta, however is struggling barely making it three feet off the ground.

I climb down to where he is, "Sorry I guess I'm pretty bad at this."

"No reason to be sorry. You helped me with the plants now I'm going to help you." Slowly but surely I get Peeta up three more feet before our lunch break.

When we go to lunch we sit together and look around. I look to see all twenty two of the other faces that will have to die in order for either me or Peeta to live. Peeta must see the worry in my face because he puts his arm on my shoulder and says, "Kat, relax. We just need to find some allies. I actually think I see someone trying to be our ally already." I turn my head to see where Peeta is looking and see her. The little twelve year old girl from 11. Gosh she reminds me of Prim, Peeta's sister. She's looking at us shyly and turns away when she sees that we noticed.

"Wow.. she looks so much like.." Peeta trails off at the end of his sentence. I know who he is going to say considering I just thought about it in my head. I take his hand in my giving a little squeeze and he looks up into my eyes.

"You're gonna get home to her, okay?" He smiles but then realizes what I'm saying.

"Are you giving up?"

"No of course not, I'm gonna try. If it came down to it however, we both know which one of us deserves to go home."

He looks at me confused, "Katniss we both deserve to go home equally. How would your brothers feel if they heard you talking like this. They'd probably kill me right then and there if I let you die so that I could win." I'm shocked at what he's saying. "Look Kat, I'm not giving up. And neither are you. Got it?" I nod my head at him.

This is a side of Peeta I've never seen. The only person he has really ever cared about was Prim. However, right now it seems like he cares about me too. Maybe I was wrong to write him off as only caring for himself to get home. There's more to Peeta Everdeen than I had realized.

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