Leona Verigas

I sighed and leaned agents the wall as I watched two young trolls dance clumsily around each other their wooden practice weapons smacking loudly. The younger of the two was more agile and quicker to react; I would have to give her a new sparring partner soon. The older was a bit stronger and most likely suited for a blunter weapon contrary to the staff he was wielding at the moment.

"All right you two, that's enough for one day." I said

"Can we come back again tomorrow?" the younger troll asked

"Sure thing" I said with a grin "now you both better go home before your lucsii start worrying."

I watched as they ran off, contrary to them I had no lucus to go home to. Mine had died a whole solar sweep ago, but before she had passed she taught me how to fight, and fight well. The only way I felt I could honor her memory was to start teaching other trolls so they could achieve their dreams. I sighed, my dream would never be fulfilled, and I guess I felt okay about that.

"So, are we leaving now? Or are you waiting for someone else?" my matesprite Jamille asked interrupting my thoughts

"I thought someone else would show up but I guess not" I replied starting to clean up.

"YOU GUESSED WRONG BITCH!" and annoyingly familiar voice screeched

Jamille Kvalis

"Oh great" I thought, "this guy".

The troll who had randomly appeared was none other than Karkat Vantis. He was usually a pretty okay guy once you learned to ignore all the insults he threw at you; but everyone knew when you had Karkat and Leona in a room together all hell broke loose.

"And what do you want?" Leona said, her gaze cold as ice


"Just who died and made you the leader?"


"No. make me."

That's when Karkat let out a roar of furry and attacked Leona, he had no chance of beating her of course and he knew it. I watched as they fought, the sound of metal hitting metal rang through the room; Karkat looked like a large claw beast trying to catch a small hoofed beast, he was slow to react and relied on his strength to much while leona was swift and easily dodged his every attack. I shook my head, great now I was beginning to think like Leona. Suddenly Leona decided enough was enough and flicked her sword so she sliced Karkat in the side.


I glanced at Leona who was staring at her sword; I saw what looked like cherry red blood sliding slowly down the length of the blade.

"Karkat…" she said staring at the nubby horned troll

"Fuck you. FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! YOU STUPID BATTLE CRAZED BITCH!" Karkat screamed at Leona.

Leona Verigas

I stared at Karkat "what the ever-loving fuck?" I thought as I looked from the spot of blood on the blade of my sword to the snarling troll as he yelled obscenities at me

"Stop freaking out." I said "your blood is the same as mine"

"You're lying" Karkat hissed at me

"I wish." And with that I slid my hand down the sharp side of the blade wincing as it cut through my skin. I held out my hand my own cherry red blood exposed for all to see, Karkat just stared in silence.

"You're….." he began but couldn't seem to get the words out

"Yes, I'm a mutated freak. And contrary to you practically everyone knows it" I said with a sigh.


I sighed walking over to the pile of equipment leaning against the wall and quickly unearthed the first aid kit.

"I don't want to talk about it" I sighed as I tossed Karkat a pack of band aids. "Clean yourself up and get the hell out of here."

He obeyed silently and without protest for once. I quickly warped my hand in gauze pad and medical tape; because I knew that the band aids wouldn't stick there. I felt Jamille crouch beside me as I heard Karkat leave.

"Leona….." he whispered barely audible "you're crying"

I blinked, I was crying, hot tears poured out of my eyes; I looked at my matespirit and buryed my face into his chest sobbing my gogdamn eyes out.

Jamille Kvalis

There wasn't much I could do than hold my matespirit tightly and try to comfort her as she cried. I had no fucking clue why she had burst into tears like this but I was pretty certain it had nothing to do with Karkat; if anything Leona had seemed relieved to find that there was another genetic freak like her around.

"Shhhh" I murmured into her ear "it's gonna be all right"

She slowly stopped crying and started to fall into a fitful slumber, I smiled as she relaxed curled up against my chest. "Don't tell me I'm going to have to carry back to your hive…"

The only reply I got was a small murmur and her hand clutching my shirt even tighter, I sighed and stood up casually and carried her the short distance from the ruins where we were at to her hive. I had to set her down for a second to open the door but quickly picked her up again; carrying her into her respite block and gently laying her down in her recupricune. Knowing she would want me to be there when she woke up I sat down on the pile of plushies I had pulled together a few weeks ago; I took my laptop out of my silidex and powered it up. Trollian instantly popped up.

carcinoGenieticist [CG] started trolling miraculousTonfas [MT]

"oh great" I thought "just what I need. More motherfucking drama. Might as well see what he wants"

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