Dave Strider, cool kid, he's mostly really cool and mellow. Until the day he met John Egbert. John was his best bro. They talked a lot on Pesterchum, and even though they never met before, Dave had a feeling. He knew John was not a homosexual but he was...well cool guy crushing on him. It's not as cool as it seems. Dave wasn't suppose to feel like is how girls were suppose to do! But still he was crushing big time on his best bro, until all that changed from three words.

Dave's cool guy facade makes him put up a barrier so his emotions and John is the only one who makes him show them. Like the time they we're sitting in Dave's room, John was talking about his movies and had a derpy smile while doing so. Dave just couldn't resist the urge to smile at his blue-shirted friend. He even laughed a little. John stared at him, Dave immediately lose his smile staring back at him from behind his shades. "Dave were you smiling?!", John asked a little surprised Dave didn't respond all he did was shrug. Then another time his poker face was tested was when John and him were talking under the stars. Dave was telling john that his movies were lame while John was talking about them again. John simply lifted his hand and paped Dave on the face, hitting Dave's glasses by mistake. They fell off and Dave stood up and looked away. John picked his glasses and he put them on himself. Dave turned around and looked at him, "Pffft, dude". "Dave! Am i cool yet?", John asked. Dave smiled and said, "Always babe". John perked up, "What?, No homo Dave.". "I know.", he replied.

And oh did Dave know. He knew because John would yell all the time "No homo!" and other shit like that. But today Dave was going to change it. He looked straight at John, "Egbert..give my shades back". John looked at Dave's fiery red eyes as he took the shades off and handed them back to Dave, "Heh sorry Dave! I just wanted to be cool", and he showed his usually derpy smile. Dave decided he would change John's opinion on his sexuality right now. Right now. He leaned down and kissed John right on the lips. John pulled away with wide eyes, "D-dave! I'm not a homosexual..". Dave sighed and stared down at John, he wasn't going to give up. He had no choice now. "John. Listen up because i'm only going to say this once.", he told the heir. John perked up and looked at Dave. And then Dave deiced..."Egbert, let me kiss you. I know you say you're not a homosexual and shit but dude you've never had a girlfriend and you don't even talk about that stuff. So i was wondering..", Dave trailed off topic. John stayed quiet for the next few minutes until he looked at Dave, "You're an idiot man.". Dave quickly grabbed onto John's shoulders, "I know i'm an idiot. Listen John. I'm saying some important shit here!" And Dave told him the three words he's been wanting to say, "I like you.".

~*~END OF FLASH BACK!~*~ ((A/N: The flashback was supposed to be a few months before the present!))

Well! This is all i got! Should i continue? :D