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Summary: Upon witnessing both Inuyasha's betrayal and her best friend's death, a broken Kagome returns home. Now, she's determined to become stronger. Strong enough to protect her loved ones. But finding love was the last thing on her mind.

The Sacred Alchemist

Kagome wrapped her arm around Edward's neck, pulling him into a headlock, and squeezed with all her strength. "I can't believe you got us tossed out!" she griped, rubbing her knuckles against Ed's skull. "If you would have just kept your pride tamed and let me handle this, they wouldn't have called you liars!"

Fullmetal struggled in the priestess' hold, twisting and squirming until he finally had enough. Pulling her arm down just enough to be level with his mouth, Ed sunk his teeth into her flesh. He cringed at the first blow she struck him with, but grinned victoriously when she ripped her arm away with a disgusted cry. "You're not the one who got called a liar! You could've stayed!" He rolled his eyes at the glare Kagome shot him as she wiped off the glistening circle of saliva off her forearm.

The priestess threw her arms in the air. "No, I couldn't! You saw the looks they gave me when they tossed us out! They think I'm a liar too!" Taking in a deep breath, Kagome calmed her nerves and cleared her mind. She really wanted to know who was forging the two brother's name and trying to take their identity. "We may as well go and see who these 'Elrics' are." A sneaky grin snaked across her face as her eyes narrowed teasingly. "Maybe the older brother won't try to grope me."

"Dammit, Kagome!" Edward cursed, "How many times do I have to apologize for that! It was an accident." He saw the wry look on her face and instantly reddened as he figured out what she was going to say next and covered her mouth with his hand. "Don't you dare say it."

Alphonse turned around and grabbed his brother and the priestess by the arm and pulled them against the wall, narrowly avoiding the guards. "If you two don't stay quiet, they guards will hear you."

They made the two bickering teens shut up and they trailed around the wall, looking for signs of entrance and when they found none, the priestess and Alphonse looked over at Edward with expectancy in their eyes. Ed sighed and clapped his hands, the blue lighting of his transmutation casting a faint glow as a hole appeared in the wall. Together the three of them stepped inside the house, finding themselves in the basement filled with thousands of shelves with books about the Philosopher's Stone.

Edward reached out a pulled a red leather-bound book and flipped it open, his golden eyes calculating as he took in the information he was reading. Glancing over to his left, he saw that Kagome also had her head buried in a book, her eyes scanning over the words quickly.

"This is exactly where they are making the Stone." she said, replacing the book in its appropriate spot. "Isn't it, Fake Elrics?"

Edward and Alphonse turned around, following the priestess' eyes and found two boys standing in the hallway - both with blond hair and violet eyes. The taller one, presumably the oldest shoved his hands inside his pockets and narrowed his eyes at Kagome, a small smirk tilting at his lips.

"You're pretty perceptive." he said, walking down the steps.

Kagome placed her hands on her hips, her own dark eyes narrowed into a glare. "You're the ones are stealing Edward and Alphonse's identity?"

The blond's smirk never left his face as he stared the priestess down. "So those are the real Elrics?" his eyes roamed over Kagome's figure, his eyes lingering on her face before he purred, "But who are you?"

"I'm Kagome Higurashi." she twisted her left hip out, her silver pocket watch gleaming in the moonlight.

"Ahh, so you're the Sacred-Life Alchemist?" the tall blond glanced down at the younger boy as he walked down the steps. The little boy moved with him, his fingers clenched in the elder's pants' leg and his eyes fearful. The fake 'Edward' grinned when the priestess merely rolled her eyes. "Why is such a skilled young woman like you with these two? You should be with me. I really want to see if you're as smart as you are beautiful."

Edward gritted his teeth as his eyes darkened. Who does this creep think he is? Blatantly hitting on Kagome like that! He balled his hands into tight fists as he barked out, "She doesn't want anything to do with you!"

Alphonse glanced down at his brother, noticing how Ed was getting so upset at the other boy flirting with Kagome so familiarly. He briefly wondered if the young priestess noticed it too, but turned his attention back to the problem in front of him when the taller boy warned his brother to keep his voice down. "Brother..." he said warily, knowing that Ed's anger often gotten the best of him.

The fake 'Ed' continued his scrutiny of Kagome as he said, "I'll take it that the real Ed is the one in the suit?"

"Me?" Alphonse pointed to himself.

Edward growled and shouted, "No you dolt! I'm Ed, not him!" he huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Why does everyone think that?!"

The fake 'Al's' eyes widened as he peered up at the older Elric. "So you're the older brother?"

"Damn right I am!" Fullmetal hissed, causing the little boy to cringe behind the tall blond's leg.

The older 'Elric' smirked, seeing how Edward seemed to get so riled up when someone mistakes him for the younger brother as he addressed Al. "How bizarre. The real younger brother wears a suit of armor to protect himself." his eyes traveled down Al, noting the great height difference between the two. "It's hard to believe that you're only fourteen."

Kagome stood her ground when the tall blond moved closer and closer to them and she moved to stand in front of Edward and Alphonse, her priestess powers thrumming over her skin. She did not like his superior attitude, or the way he was treating her friends. The young girl already disliked him for lying and stealing Edward and Alphonse's identities. Kagome really did not like guys who act like that. "It's only natural that you would know so much about them." she crossed her arms under her chest.

His violet eyes danced over the enigma that was the Sacred-Life Alchemist. Ever since he learned about her feat of bringing something back to life when she was merely thirteen, Russell Tringham began studying on what she accomplished. Reading one of the ancient books in his father's study, he found that only a priestess was capable of saving things that were near death. There was only one known person who was able to bring back someone from the death. The great priestess Midoriko. But Kagome is the only one to fuse her abilities with alchemy. "Why don't you turn around and go home and leave us to take care of things around here?" He smirked, "In fact, if you leave the Sacred-Life Alchemist behind, I may just forget about this."

The priestess growled low in her chest. Who does this guy think his is? First he treats the boys like nothing, then he tries to flirt with her, and now he wants to trade her? What the hell? "I am not a property you just trade around!" she snapped, her eyes flashing silver momentarily. She continued to glare when the young man stood directly in front of her. Although he tried to make himself look intimidating with his greater height, but the priestess has seen much bigger intimidations. 'Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, Kouga, heck, even Bankotsu is more intimidating than his guy.' She held up her hand, "Do not make me mad. You don't want to see me when I'm angry."

'Edward' wrapped his fingers around Kagome's hand and brought it to his lips. "Maybe I do." he whispered, clashing eyes with the priestess.

The Fullmetal Alchemist snatched the dark-haired girl away from the taller blond, glaring at him with anger filled gold eyes. It ticked him off when the guy was flirting with Kagome, but seeing him touch her set him off. The priestess is not someone who they can put their hands on so care freely. "Don't touch her with your filthy hands."

Violet eyes danced with mirth. "What? Are that you'll lose her to me?" he tested. "I bet you haven't even kissed her yet."

"What's it to you!" Ed flushed with anger and embarrassment. He growled when the tall blond looked down upon him, mocking his height and that set off his wrath. Thrusting out his arm, Edward aimed his punch at the guy's face, but he easily dodged it with a smug smile.

This carried on for a few more minutes before the fake 'Ed' grabbed onto Fullmetal's hand. "An automail arm, huh? I guess the real Ed's seen some action, too."

Edward smirked. "And I'm glad that you have some skills. I'd hate for you to be damaging my name." Throwing his leg up, he kicked the imposter in the face and making him fly back to the stairs. He rotated his arm back as he threw a cheeky grin at the taller boy. The other boy quickly sprung back onto his feet and rushed at Ed, returning the hit and landed a punch on the Fullmetal's cheek.

The false 'Edward' held up his fist, tossing a strand blond hair out of his eyes. "You know, I've always wanted to find out what a bona fide State Alchemist was capable of."

"And I think you're gonna be sorry you asked!" The young alchemist clasped his palms together and pressed them against the ground, several stone tentacles sprouting from the transmutation light and flying towards the other blond, who pushed his brother back out the door and dodged to the left.

"Not bad." 'Ed's' voice echoed in the library, causing the three teens to go on guard. "You don't need a circle, huh?' he thrust his hand down into floor, a bright red light flashing as an attack similar Edward's sprung towards the three young alchemist.

Kagome pulled Edward behind her and quickly slid on her gloves, holding her hands up. The red-tinged tentacles struck her barrier and priestess concentrated on the life that was carefully concealed inside and broke it down. Her transmutation circle on the back of her gloves glowed a soft pink as it turned the tendrils into a pile of glittering ash. Letting out the breath she was holding, Kagome opened her eyes and glared at the tall blond. "You have a Philosopher's Stone, don't you? That's how you can transmute without a circle."

'Edward' grinned down at the priestess. She was becoming more and more interesting the more he was in her presence. "And how did you deduce that, Miss Kagome?"

"The red light that came from your transmutation." she crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes dark.

The tall blond took a step towards Kagome with hopes of swaying her to come and help him and his brother with their cause. Her intelligence was amazing, her powers were unbelievable. Not only could she bring this back through reincarnation with her alchemy, Kagome could take things and break down their components until they were nothing but piles of dust. He wondered what else this woman was capable of. He jumped back when Edward threw another punch his way. Hissing between his teeth, the imposter raised his arm that was holding the red stone, a crimson light flitting over his fingers.

Kagome saw the light and rushed over to Ed's side, shoving him behind her just as the light engulfed the fake's hand and a brass gantlet was shoved into her cheek. The priestess doubled over as the pain spread down her body from her face and she spat out blood. The blow dislocated her jaw and her teeth cracked. 'That really hurt.' she fell to her knees and gingerly touched her broken jaw, wincing at the pain.

Alphonse cried out her name worriedly as he ran over to her side. He took hold of her hand and said, "Are you okay?" His glowing red eyes narrowed when the priestess only whimpered softly as she cradled her cheek. "How dare you." His voice echoed with anger as his eyes deepened to a blood-red color. It took a lot to anger Al, and seeing the priestess hurt was one of the main things that set off his rage. No one is allowed to harm her.

"What was that commotion?" the guards' voices sounded close.

Edward cursed, scooping Kagome into his arms and threw a sharp glare at the imposter for daring the strike the priestess and ducked his head as he followed Alphonse out the hole they made.

Laying Kagome down, Ed assessed her wounds and judging from the slackness on the right side of her face, he knew that her jaw had been dislocated. There was a greenish-purple bruise spread across her cheek and a thin line of blood trailed down her lips. "Damn that bastard. It's one thing to flirt with Kagome, but to hit her like that!" He knew that would have been him laying on the ground with a broken jaw if Kagome had not pushed him behind her, and he felt guilty for letting her take that hit. He now knew that he'd have to watch out for her spontaneous actions of trying to save him, otherwise she'd be hurt again and again.

Touching her shoulder, Edward whispered her name softly as his eyes slid closed. They popped back open when the priestess reached up and grabbed his hand. Her dark blue eyes were wide open and stared into his as her skin began to glow faintly. The Elric Brothers watched was the priestess' dislocated jaw began to mend itself, the bruise shrinking and fading until only pale flesh was left behind. "Wow..." Ed breathed, his fingers outstretched. He stopped himself before his hand could come in contact with the priestess' face.

Kagome sat up and scratched her cheek sheepishly. "Sorry, I didn't tell you about this, Ed. Al." she began. "I've been practicing my healing abilities and now I can heal dislocated bones." Her eyes widened when she saw how swollen Edward's cheek gotten from when he took a punch to the face. Placing her hand on his face, Kagome said, "Let me see that."

"What are you doing?" Edward questioned, staring into her pretty blue eyes. He was finding himself wanting look into her eyes more. There was something about her depthless orbs that demanded his attention. Sure he's seen blue eyes before, Winry had blue eyes, but none were deep and dark like the rare blue diamond and glittered like sapphires.

"I'm sure I can heal other people's wounds now." she smiled, "I've only practiced on myself and now that I know I can heal minor to semi-major injuries on my own body, I'm positive I can heal you." Kagome moved his long bangs away from his swelling cheek and touched it gently with her fingertips. There was a quick glow of pink that emitted from her fingers and warmth flitted over Ed's face. "There." the priestess sighed, moving her hand away from Edward's cheek.

Fullmetal brought his fingers to his face, astonishment in his eyes. Kagome was capable of such things? Her power has advanced this much? It may have surpassed his, which was a serious blow to his ego, but still! What else was the priestess capable of? Could she learn to heal missing limbs? Broken bones? Fatal wounds? 'I'm really happy to have her as an ally. Maybe Kagome really can help me get Al back to normal.' Reaching out with his human hand, Ed took hold of the priestess and smile warmly at her. "Thanks."

Kagome blushed, turning her eyes down at the ground. "Don't mention it." slowly, she took her hand back and walked over to Alphonse. "You were worried about me, weren't you Al?" she placed her hand on his metal arm when he nodded. A gasp left her lips when Alphonse suddenly pulled her into a bear hug, crushing her against his chest.

"I'm so glad that you're okay, Kagome." he said, his voice an emotional pitch. "When that imposter hit you and you spat out blood, I was scared."

"Al..." the priestess sighed. "I'm okay." She grinned up at him when he set her back on her feet. Kagome looked from Alphonse to Edward and she did not like the silence or the worry what was still concealed in their faces. A sneaky smirk flitted across her lips as she decided to brighten the mood. "You know, I wonder what those brothers' real names were. Although he was a jerk, that older brother sure was cute. And he's so much taller that Ed. I wonder how much older he is than-." She broke off her sentence with a giggle as Edward began to chase her around the open field.

Fullmetal growled low in his chest as he ran after the Sacred-Life Alchemist. It made him mad when she called that fake cute, but the height jab really set him off. Although Kagome was still faster than him, his legs were just a little bit longer and his strides were wider, so Edward caught up to the priestess with ease. Wrapping his arms around her waist, Ed tackled Kagome to the ground and pinned her beneath him. "I finally caught you!" he grinned victoriously. "Now apologize! Size doesn't mean anything!"

Kagome squirmed from under the boy, kicking her legs up. "Alright! Alright! I'm sorry..." she said.

Edward nodded and hopped off the priestess, but her next words made him turn around with a snarl.

"That you're shorter than me!" the priestess faked left and ran to the right and hid behind Alphonse. "Al! Ed's being mean to me! He's trying to grope me again!"


"Dammit Kagome! Stop bringing that up! It was an accident!"

"Uhm...excuse me?" a new voice called out. It was Elisa's uncle. "You kids need a place to board up? You can come with me."

Down below the city a man with grey hair stood in front of a fountain that was flowing pinkish-red water. The man was forced to wear a mask because of the toxic gas the fountain water emitted. "Are you sure you should be standing so close it?" the voice startled the grey-haired man and he twisted on his heel to find a beautiful woman with straight brown hair.

He placed his hand over his chest to still his rapidly beating heart. "I didn't expect to see you here."

The woman narrowed her violet-hued eyes. "And I didn't expect you to let those kids in." she countered as she crossed her legs.

"But there's no need to worry. My guards scared off the Elric Brothers. I think we've seen the last of them."

"Don't bet on it." the woman hissed as she reached up and tossed the beige shall off of her head. "Those boys can be frustratingly resourceful when they want, a desirable trait." She slowly slid down the stone she was sitting on, her long hair trailing down the rock like a chocolate waterfall. Her burgundy tinted lips pulled down into a frown, "Especially the girl that travels with them. Very few have witnessed her abilities, so that makes her that much of a danger." A hint of a smile touched her lips, "Maybe it's time you called it quits, Mugear."

Mugear spread his arms and approached the woman cautiously, his tone pleading. "A little more time. Please?" he implored, "That's all I need. Just give me a little more time! I promise you, I'll complete the Philosopher's Stone." he dropped to his knees.

The woman turned around, her violet-hued eyes boring down into Mugear's frightening grey orbs. "Make it fast." she licked her full lips, "You know I hate being dissatisfied."

"Thanks so much for letting us stay here." Alphonse bowed the best his bulky metal body would allow.

It took some time for Kagome to accept the fact that Belsio was not trying to scam them for anything and that he was honest about them staying with him. The priestess was so used to Miroku's antics of performing a fake exorcism for them to stay the night that it surprised her that Belsio offered to shelter them. "You're not going to ask our names."

Belsio dipped another lemon into the cool water, rising it clean of any dirt that may have accumulated on the fruit. "You're Kagome Higurashi and the Elric Brothers."

Alphonse tilted his head to the side. "And you believe us?"

"Kagome? Yeah, because no one else is capable of her feats, but about you two, not in the least." He deadpanned, not even sparing them a glance. "But I figure you kids must have your reasons for saying that you are. Makes no difference to me to each their own."

The priestess toned out the two brothers and Belsio when the subject shifted over to the Philosopher's Stone and how the town wanted to bring Xenotime back to the town of gold once again. She just could not grasp the fact why wealth seemed to drive a man to the brink of insanity. Money is the root of all evil. Kagome could not count how many times she'd been mugged or robbed of her things when she was in the Feudal Era or how times the Sacred Jewel shards were stolen from her. Kagome knew that once this Stone gave Edward and Alphonse their original bodies, she would need to destroy it. There was no way the priestess was going to let something that sounded like the Sacred Jewel roam free. 'It's bad enough I have to be guardian over this cursed jewel!' "I don't understand why they won't just go and search for the gold in the agriculture like you lemons, Mr. Belsio."

The older man nodded. "Neither can I." he sighed, "Perhaps once they see that the Stone won't be able to help them, the townspeople will give up on that fantasy." Belsio hid a smile when he saw the young girl yawn lowly and lean against the blond's shoulder. "It's getting late and you're probably tired. I only have one free bed. The other two will have to sleep on the floor, I'm afraid."

Ed shook Kagome gently when she began to doze off on him. "That's fine. Kagome can have the bed. Can me and Al have some blankets."

Belsio nodded his head in the direction of his linen closet and smiled faintly when he saw Edward let the priestess lean against him as he guided her to the back room. "You really care about your girlfriend, don't you?"

"She's just a friend who's a girl! Not my girlfriend!" Edward whispered fiercely as a faint red color dusted over his cheek and he slammed the door shut.

Alphonse laughed nervously as he bowed. "Forgive him. He's in denial."

"I heard that Al! I am not in denial!" Ed's voice flittered across the room from behind the door.

Kagome sat up in the bed, sweat pouring down her face as the last of her nightmare still lingered in her head. She's managed to cover her mouth with her hand to stifle her scream so that she would not alert the sleeping members of the house. Flicking her eyes down at the floor, she found Edward and Alphonse sleeping soundly on their sides. Slowly, the priestess slid off the bed, retied the ribbons around her arms, and slipped her shoes on. Opening the door and peeking her head out, she snuck out of the room and outside. Kagome took a deep breath, letting the cool night air rush over her skin. Normally after she had a nightmare being outside with the nature would help ease her mind, but tonight it did not.

She closed her eyes and whimpered softly as her nightmare replayed over and over in head. Naraku. The final battle. Miroku dying protecting Sango. Naraku piercing her friend through the heart. Sango being bisected by the horrible demon. It was all too much for the sixteen-year-old and she fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face. "I'm so sorry Sango!" she screamed out in the sky. "If only I was stronger back then, I could have saved you!" Kagome covered her with her hands.


The priestess looked over her shoulder and saw Edward staring at her with concern in his soft golden eyes. Tears continued to fall from her eyes. The pain in her chest unrelenting and she grabbed the golden locket. "Ed?"

Edward walked over to the priestess and pulled her into his arms. "You had a nightmare." he stated, not asked. Kagome has not had a nightmare in three years. Why were they coming back now? He pressed Kagome's face into his chest, letting her tears soak through his black shirt. His human hand awkwardly patted her back as he hushed her. "You should have woken me up."

Kagome cried harder as she wrapped her arms around Fullmetal's waist and grabbed onto his shoulders. "I couldn't save her Ed!" she sobbed. "I wasn't strong enough. I couldn't save my best friend!"

"Shh, Kagome." he tried, moving his hand to run his fingers through her hair. The act seemed so natural to him, comforting the priestess was something that he'd unknowingly come accustomed to. Whether she was scared, angry, or sad; he knew just what to do to calm her down. Edward did not like it when she was sad especially. Kagome's eyes lost their normal sparkle and that forlorn look would enter them, making her look old and tired. "It's okay now. She's in a better place now."

The priestess' cries slowed the more Ed comforted her until she only sniffled occasionally. Pulling away from the younger boy, Kagome flashed him a small smile. "Thank you, Edward." Without warning she leaned in and pressed a soft kiss on his cheek before rising to her feet and going back inside.

Edward sat there with his hand on the cheek Kagome's warm lips had touched, a shocked expression in his eyes as a blush flitted across the bridge of his nose. Emotions were stirring inside of him and they made him feel strange. His mind was replaying the incident that happened on the train when he and Kagome's lips crashed together. Bringing his fingers to his lips, the Fullmetal Alchemist said, "I think I..."

Kagome sat next to Alphonse, her head pressed against his knee. "Alphonse, your metal body feels nice." Her skin was still aflame from when she kissed Ed on the cheek. It was meant as thanks for comforting her when she needed it the most, but something inside her knew that was not the reason. Her eyes had kept wandering down to Ed's mouth and she found herself wanting to remember how they felt against hers. A blush highlighted her cheeks and she buried her face deeper into Al's leg.

Alphonse looked down at the young priestess, his glowing eyes filled with curiosity. He and his brother had woken up once they realized that she was not in the bed and Ed rushed out of the room before he could. And when Kagome had returned first with a deep red color on her face, Al began to wonder what transpired between the two and why his brother had yet to come back. "Kagome?"


"Do you like Ed?"

The priestess shot up quickly, "Eh? No! I don't! I mean, I like him as a friend!" She squeaked, pressing her hands against her burning cheeks.

"I see." Al sat back. "I have someone I like."

Kagome peered up at the metal suit that was Al with curiosity in her dark blue eyes. She tilted her head to the side, "You do? Who?"

For some unknown reason, the priestess could have sworn a red color spread over the area that would be Alphonse's cheeks as he whispered out, "Winry."

"Winry?" the priestess echoed. "Isn't that the person Edward likes?"

"No. She's like a sister to me." Ed's voice interrupted as he opened the door to their room. He walked over and sat down next to Al and rubbed the back of his head. "I thought we've been over this." His gold eyes locked onto the priestess'. "Besides, who'd like that mechanic junky?" He cringed when Kagome smacked him in the back of the head with her pillow. "Anyway, Kagome, why don't you sleep down here with me and Al?"

Kagome slowly nodded her head and slid off her shoes and removed the ribbons around her arms. She took her place between the two brothers and a giggle left her lips. "This reminds me of when we first met and we slept together on the day before the exam." She grabbed Ed's automail and laid her down on it as her pillow and tossed one of her legs over Alphonse. "Perfect. G'night, you two." Pulling the blanket up to her chin, the priestess was soon fast asleep.

"What's all the ruckus about?" the priestess groaned as she rubbed her left eye. The noise from the small kitchen that Edward and Alphonse were making from arguing with the little girl, Elisa, had woken Kagome up much sooner than what she's wanted. After sleeping comforting between the two brothers, the priestess slept for the rest of the night. Kagome stretched her arms above her head and moved to stand beside Alphonse.

Edward shoved his hands inside his pockets. "I'm gonna see what I can find out I can find in town."

The priestess had a strange look on her face as she watched the blond leave the house and her brows knitted together. "I'm going after him." she said as she followed Ed out the door. Taking two steps for every one of Edward's, Kagome caught up to him in no time and grabbed his hand in hers. She planted her feet, forcing the boy to either stop or have his arm dislocated. "What's wrong with you? Leaving without so much as a word to Al or me. You know Alphonse worried about you a lot."

"It's dumb..." he muttered, kicking a pebble across the empty lot as he took his hand back. "To worry about me. He should be angry with me. Angry at me for suggesting to bring Mom back. Angry that I put his soul into that suit." his voice held a hint of vulnerability. His little brother was his only weakness and knowing that all Alphonse did was worry about him when he should be angry at him.

Kagome said nothing as she pulled on the chain that housed her locket and clicked it open, revealing the two pictures inside. "If that is the case, then Sango is angry with me. She's angry because she died. If it weren't for me she would be alive and so would her family." Her voice cracked with emotion as she continued, "And Shippou would be angry with me for leaving him alone once more. I adopted him and yet I fled without so much as thinking to bring him with me."

Edward whispered her name softly as he stared at the pictures inside the locket. He's never once seen the photos and he saw that each one was of Kagome and someone else. The one on the right side was of the priestess with her arms around a woman with long brown hair and chocolate eyes - who he presumed to be Sango - and the one the left was of a small child with bright auburn hair nestled in Kagome's hair as he swatted away her hands from his cheeks.

"They are angry because if I hadn't come into their lives they would still be happy." She closed the small charm; Kagome shoved it back inside her shirt. "They should be, but they're not! So, stop making accusations about your brother. Alphonse cares about you. And it doesn't help that you rush into things without thinking about your safety!"

"I do not." He argued weakly. Fullmetal knew that the priestess was right, he did often go purely on instinct instead of logic; though halfway into things he did put his wits back into play as he assessed the enemy's movements. Reaching out, he placed his hand on Kagome's shoulder and smiled lightly when she looked up at him. "Thanks. I needed that." His eyes widened when he spotted someone with blond hair over Kagome's shoulder. "You!"

The priestess twisted on her heels and looked in the direction that Ed was pointing. She gritted her teeth when she saw that it was the two fake 'Elrics.' "Hold it!" she yelled when they turned around and took off. Together she as Edward chased after the two. Pushing all her strength into her legs, the priestess easily kept up with Fullmetal's slightly longer strides as they trailed to two imposters into a system of alleyways. They soon came to a fork in the road. Nodding her head at Ed, who nodded back, they each took a different path.

Kagome stood still in the path, listening for unfamiliar footsteps. She learned that Edward's footfalls were heavier because of his automail leg and of course when Alphonse ran his footsteps could easily be heard. "Over there!" she said as she took off down the alley. Running as hard as she could, the priestess could feel her muscles rejoicing at being to run again and her fingers twitched to hold a bow once more. Shaking her hands, Kagome pulled her gloves out of her pockets and slid them off. That part of her life was gone. Alchemy was now her main attack. Rounding another corner, the priestess nearly collided with someone.

Skidding to a full stop, Kagome held out her hands as she stumbled. Her eyes flew open when someone wrapped their arms around her waist to steady her and blue met violet. "You!" she forced herself out of his hold and jabbed her finger into his chest, standing straighter to glare up at the guy. "You've been nothing but trouble for Edward and Alphonse, you no good identity thief! Explain yourself right now, boy!"

"Boy?" he echoed, a hint of a laughed in his voice as his eyes gleamed mischievously. "I'm taller than you, girl." he mocked, his lips turned up in a cocky smirk.

The priestess huffed and narrowed her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest. "You act like a child. Plus you hit me."

'Ed's' smirk fell as he remember how the priestess fell to her knees, holding her face tenderly, from when she took the hit that was meant for Edward. He remembered hearing the crack of her teeth and the slackness of her cheek. "I'm sorry, Kagome." his brow rose as he stared at her face, "How did you heal so fast?"

Kagome slapped her hands against her right cheek. "You should know, Fullmetal." She hissed out. They glared at each other for a moment more before 'Ed' gave up with a sigh of defeat. No one could stay mad at the priestess for long. "Now tell me your real name or I'll call Edward over here."

The young man smirked cockily. "If I tell you, then you have to come and look at the work." He slid closer to the priestess and threw her a charming look. "Deal?"

The priestess smiled sweetly up at the tall, handsome blond, batting her eyes and making them sparkle innocently. She curled her fingers around his arm and pried it off and away from her. Quickly, Kagome twisted his arm behind his back and pinned him against the wall. "How about you tell me your name and I won't hurt you?"

"Smart, beautiful, and strong." He said, looking down at from the corner of his violet eyes. "The deathly trio."

Kagome twisted the appendage in her grasp a little more forcefully. "Name, please? I won't ask you again."

"First agree that you'll come and take a look at the work." The blond grunted. "I believe that only the Sacred-Life Alchemist can help our cause."

"Fine." She snapped out.

The young man grinned and easily broke out of the priestess' hold, rubbing his wrist. He swept out his arm as he dipped down in a bow, "I'm Russell Tringham." Looping his arm through hers, Russell easily pulled the priestess down the alleyway.

"Tell me what you are doing." Kagome was strictly business. She wanted to know the real reason why Russell and his little brother were stealing her friends' names. The priestess was not going to let his charming ways or his pretty violet eyes fool her. Nope.

Russell glanced down at the beauty that was the Sacred-Life Alchemist. "Why? So you can go and report it to that shrimp." He hissed when Kagome pinched his arm and he ripped it away to blow on the bruised flesh.

"I wasn't, but now I am." Sacred-Life snapped out, her eyes narrowed at him and frowned, "I need to know so that I can see if I can help." Slapping his hand away when he reached out for her again, Kagome growled, "Hands to yourself."

The blond lifted his hands in surrender and turned back around to lead the way back to the manor. He purposely took the shortcut through the woods, so that he would have an excuse to touch the priestess' hand. But he was sorely disappointed when Kagome leapt over the fallen tree limbs with ease. Russell sighed and satisfied himself with drinking in the sight of her beside him. All too soon they reached Mugear manor and he glared sharply at one of the guards, who obediently opened the gate.

Kagome whistled lowly once they entered the manor. "Nice place." She frowned when Russell grabbed her hand and led her over to the stairwell. Before she could snatch her hand back, the tall blond was already dragging her up the stairs to the laboratory. He took a mask off of the shelf next to the door and handed it to the priestess.

"Don't want you getting sick." He said smoothly, frowning when he snatched the mask and her back away from him and opened the door, slipping inside. He sighed and placed his own mask over his face began his research.

The priestess touched one of the red-tipped plants next to the window, recoiling at the pain that screamed from the green leaves. These plants were in severe pain from the toxic red water that they were being fed and were dying a very slow and extremely painful death. "You're killing them." She deadpanned, glancing over at Russell, who had his head stuck in his notebook and scribbling down some notes. She walked over and slammed her hand down, forcing him to look up at her. "Did you hear me?"

Russell rolled his eyes. "Of course I heard you." He moved her hand away from his notebook and picked up a beaker filled with red liquid. "Plants don't have feelings or emotions. Isn't that why you test on them too?"

Kagome narrowed her eyes at the blond. How did he know that she experimented on trees? Was that stupid Colonel spreading her business and research around again! She told him to stay quiet about it! Over the course of three years, the priestess has perfected her technique. Instead of bringing a tree back as a sapling, Kagome could bring the dead plant back to its original form and cured of any illnesses that it may have had. Although, the military wanted her to start experimenting animals and then human beings, she was still to wary of crossing that border. Edward warned her about Human Transmutation and she did not want to suffer the Rebound.

"Hey Kagome?" The little boy, Fletcher, spoke right next to the priestess and causing her to jump. He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and apologized for surprising her. "I heard you brought a tree back from the dead at your last assessment!"

"That's pretty simple, making a plant grow with alch-"

The priestess cut Russell off with a sharp glare. "I brought back the same tree I killed." She pushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear and gazed out of the window and saw that the sky was darkening. "I should be getting back. Edward's probably really worried about me." She hissed at Russell when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back inside the room. "I told you: Hands to yourself, Tringham!"

Russell looked down at her with his bright violet eyes. "Kagome, your power might be just exactly what we need to create a Philosopher's Stone."

"And at what cost?" the priestess snapped, pulling her arm back and narrowed her eyes at the tall blond. "Alchemy is all about Equivalent Exchange and these little rocks that you're making are nothing but alchemic boosters." Kagome recalled her bout with Cornello. How he used the fake Stone to exert himself into a higher position with the people of Reole. Her heart went out to Rose; it was one thing to fake miracles, to promise someone to bring their loved one back was just cruel.

"But maybe if you used your power, they might work." Russell argued, picking up a relatively large piece of red stone and held it out towards the priestess.

"I really need to go." Kagome flickered her eyes to the window. Edward and Alphonse were going to be so worried about her. She needed to get back and soon. The priestess cursed her curiosity for dragging her into this situation, but Kagome really wanted to know why Russell and Fletcher were using her friends' names. She moved to walk over to the door only to have the other brother block her path once more. Glaring icily up at him, the priestess hissed, "Move."

Russell returned her glare with one of his own. "No."

Kagome bared her teeth in a snarl. "Move."


"Dammit Russell!" the priestess cursed, stomping her foot. "Move!"

"Such a dirty mouth." The tall blond chided. He was enjoying seeing Kagome get riled up like that. It made her eyes burn with such an intense passion. Lifting his hand, Russell grabbed the priestess' chin and held her in place. "It needs to be cleaned." Leaning in close, his lips were barely an inch away from Kagome's when a loud noise coming from the basement library. Before he realized what was happening, the priestess slipped past him.

"Oh my god!" Kagome screamed when she found Edward collapsed on the floor in the underground tunnel below the basement. She ran over to Alphonse, worry evident in her eyes, and placed her hand on Ed's forehead. The air in the cave burned her nostrils even through the gas mask she was wearing. "We need to get him out of here! Come on, Alphonse."

Al nodded and followed the priestess out the door, vaguely wondering how she got here, but his concern for his brother was just greater. Once they were safe inside the room above the underground system, Al laid Edward down and watched as Kagome almost immediately pulled him to her lap. He noticed the worried expression that was etched into her face as he ran her fingers through Ed's hair and begged him to wake up. He also noticed how the priestess' hand glowed faintly with her powers and that she seemed to be unaware of it.

Kagome patted Edward's cheek gently, trying to rouse a response from him. His breathing was labored and each one seemed to like he was struggling. "Edward, wake up. Please?" she shook him with extreme caution. Slowly his eyelids cringed shut tighter before opening to reveal the clear golden color of his irises and relief filled the priestess. Letting out a breath she did not know she was holding, Kagome pinched Ed's cheek, "You stupid idiot! How could you get trapped inside that toxic gas! Haven't I told you that you need stop making Al worry about you so much?!" she let go of his face and trailed her hands down his chest, letting her healing powers soak into his lung cavity and helped him breathe a little better.

Edward shifted his eyes away from the priestess as he grumbled out, "We were worried about you. When you didn't show up at Belsio's house, Al and I got really worried and I started to blame myself for not waiting on you."

Alphonse nodded when the priestess looked at him. After the sun had begun to set over the horizon, his brother was pacing the floor with worry and then demanded that they go and search for her. They scouted the entire town for Kagome, retracing the steps that Ed and she took when they ran after the other brothers. Soon they found the priestess' small footprints in the dirt along with someone else's. Ed blew it out of proportion when he saw that Kagome being dragged down the alley towards the manor and they promptly snuck in through the ground. Al had never seen his brother spend so much time worrying about anything like that. Not even when they were kids and Winry had gotten hurt.

'Maybe that kiss had a bigger effect on Brother than he realized?' Alphonse felt his soul began a little lighter at that thought. He would not mind the fact of Edward and Kagome being together. They looked like the perfect couple seeing as they were already attracted to each other.

Fullmetal pulled the mask off of Kagome's face. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Russell only wanted me to-"

Edward frowned and rolled his eyes. "So his name's is Russell."

Kagome pinched his cheek again, stretching it out way past its normal elasticity. "Will you let me finish!" She sighed and released his bruising cheek and softly ran her fingers over to red area, healing it. "As I was saying, Tringham brought me here to take a look at the work they've been doing with hopes that he could use my powers to create a true Philosopher's Stone." She placed her hand over Ed's mouth, silencing him with a sharp look, "But after I communicated with the plants they were experimenting I found that the Stones they've created are nothing but fakes and are incredibly unstable."

Alphonse tilted his head to the side. "So they're like the red stone Cornello was using."

"Exactly. And we all know happened to him." the priestess said, unconsciously trailing her fingers down Ed's face. "But these stones release a toxic substance that is polluting the whole town. And being unstable as they are they require all the more energy. They were sucking the life out of the plants, not in retrospect they sucking the breath out of the people of the town."

"So that's what's making the people sick." Ed muttered as he remember how the atmosphere down hit him all of the sudden. While he thought that his was only having difficulty breathing, the poisonous gas was acting sucking the air out of his lungs.

"I'm so sorry!"

The three teens turned at the sound of the new voice and found the younger brother, Fletcher, standing in the doorway, his hands pressed against his chest and looking like he was about to cry. Kagome sighed and pushed Ed off her lap and stood, walking over to the frightened child and wrapped her arms around him. She ran her fingers through his short blond hair and whispered little things in his ear to calm him down. Kagome smiled faintly when Fletcher curled his arms around her waist and sobbed into her stomach.

Edward clapped his hands together. "Okay, this is ridiculous. This is all the reason to demolish this lab."

"I can't let you do that!" Russell's voice said from behind the priestess and she jumped back with Fletcher still wrapped up on her arms. He narrowed his violet eyes at the two Elric Brothers and his mouth dipped down into a frown. "After all the work we put into it, we've finally created a red stone!" He held up the large, unstable stone that he had tried to force Kagome into taking. "My father gave everything he had in pursuit of this breakthrough, Mister Elric. If you think I'm gonna give up now, you're quite mistaken."

Ed hopped to his feet, a cheeky smirk on his face. "So, you care that much about a lame piece of costume jewelry?" His eyes narrowed slightly when Russell growled low in his chest and grabbed a nearby lamp and transmuted it into a long, gleaming black sword. "Yeah, a fake sword from a fake stone, huh? I think I can top that!" Clapping his hands once more, he ran his left hand over his automail and his dagger shot out and ripping his glove to shreds. They clashed blades. "Mine is the genuine article." Fullmetal stated smugly as his blade shattered Russell's.

"What the-" he cut off his curse with a low growl, slamming his knee into Ed's abdomen. He hissed through his teeth, pressing his hand against the metal door behind him. He grabbed the long hose that grew out of the hole and placed his hand on the handle. "Red water straight from the tap. If you're doused with it, you're a goner. You'll lose a lot more than your consciousness."

"Fine, let it rain." The older Elric said, transmuting his dagger into an umbrella.

Russell smirked and turned to handle on the hose, a steady stream of toxic water spraying out and striking the metal covering. He gritted his teeth when he heard Kagome tell Edward that what he was doing was crazy and for him to stop. "Listen to Kagome! Just go and you can live!"

Edward growled. He did not like hearing this guy say Kagome's name so familiarly! He had no right to address her as much. "Never!" he shouted, his feet sliding back in the slippery water, "I'm not giving up to some naive kid who's desperate to be just like Daddy!"

Something inside Russell snapped and he turned the hose on full blast, wanting nothing more than to douse the Fullmetal Alchemist with the red water and end him A crazed smile spread over his lips when he saw Ed trip and lose his balance. What surprised him the most was Kagome suddenly appearing in front of the other boy a translucent barrier forming over them, but not before a stream of water hit her in the face.

Kagome stood her ground until the last of the red liquid stopped shooting from the hose, her hair plastered to her face and dripped with the water. The toxic fumes stung her eyes and she felt it trying to suck the life out of her, but her priestess powers were quickly purifying the toxins. She dropped to her knees in front of Ed, her head bow as red liquid spilled from her lips.

"Kagome!" The young alchemist cried as he quickly pulled the priestess into his arms shaking her gently, He called her name over and over again, but she did not open her eyes. Edward hugged her soaked body close to his, his eyes stinging as he whispered an apology. Raising his human fist, he pressed down on her stomach with all his strength. The priestess jolted in his arms, her eyes snapping open as she covered her mouth.

The priestess felt something hard slam into her abdomen, causing her stomach to lurch and she heaved up the contents. "Dammit Edward! That hurt!" she cursed as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Kagome blinked in shock when suddenly Ed wrapped her up in a bone-crushing hug. A blush tinted her cheeks as she whispered, "Ed?"

Edward held the priestess tighter in his embrace squeezing her slightly. "You're okay." He pulled away and with a stern look he said, "Stop jumping in to protect me! I'm the guy! I'm supposed to protect you!"

Kagome bowed her head. "Sorry. I just couldn't stand the thought of you getting hurt, Ed."

Fletcher walked over to his brother, grabbing his pants leg and pulling on them. Once he gotten Russell's attention, his large violet eyes hardened with resolve. He reminded his brother that their father wanted to create a red stone to bring happiness to be and make their lives better. What they have been doing is actually harming people and making them suffer. He said that their father would be ashamed if he could see what they've done. Fletcher's words seemed to hit Russell hard as the older brother looked away from the younger.

Before anyone could do anything the shrill whistle of the guard rang throughout the room before the booming sound of fists pounded against the door. Edward and Russell cursed at the same time. Fullmetal scooped Kagome up in his arms and ordered for Alphonse to follow him. Quickly they scurried out of the window and took off into the wood. Kagome had protested leaving the Tringhams behind, but she knew there was nothing she could do for them. They were too deep into that research out the red stone.

The priestess felt her powers skimmer over her skin, sending the warning bells in her head blaring. Someone or something was watching them. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on how to pinpoint their auras' exact location, but she could only feel the strength of them. There were two of them. And they felt oddly like Kikyou's golem body and one vaguely like...'No. She's gone and these beings are much more malicious than my gentle, yet firece friend.' Kagome leaned her head against Ed's shoulder, feeling drained of power and she was. She used up nearly all her energy trying to purify the last but of toxins that she did not regurgitate.

Soon the three teens returned to Belsio's home and Edward laid Kagome down on the bed while Alphonse brought in a tub of clean water and a few towels. The Fullmetal Alchemist heated the tub for the priestess, left one of his tank tops for her - since he knew she'd just steal another one from him - and all but shoved Al out the room.

Kagome slid off the bed, kicking off her shoes and picked up a towel, dipping it in the warm water. She cleaned off the sticky red substance from her body, a bit peeved that the liquid ruined her favorite skirt, staining it an almost black color. She peeled off the soaked shirt and tossed in the corner on the floor and slid her skirt and leggings down her legs. She wiped her legs off and dried them before digging inside her pack and pulling out a blue skirt. 'Great! Now I have to change my ribbons and my shoes!' She huffed and scourged through the bag for her matching accessories. Once she found the items at questioned, Kagome placed the tub on the desk and dipped her hair inside the steaming water, turning it a bright pink color.

The priestess finally felt better now that her body was not heavy with that red water and dried her hair the best she could before pulled the shirt Ed left behind for her on and slipped her skirt on, tugging the zipper up and put on her leggings; she used her nail to rip the knees. Grabbing one of the ribbons, Kagome crisscrossed the around her arm down to her wrist before repeating the process with her other arm. Lacing up her black boots, she threw the towel around her shoulders and walked out the room. Her eyes widened when she caught on the last bit of the conversation. Belsio had just finished telling the boys about Nash Tringham, who first brought the idea of the red stone to Xenotime, the sickness that plagued the town, and his niece's survival.

"Russell and Fletcher must be Nash's sons." Kagome voiced, the towel sliding off her shoulders. She looked at Belsio, "What happened to Nash Tringham?"

Belsio lowered his eyes to the ground. "No one has seen him since the gold dried up and the town was once on the decline. If those boys are really Nash's sons then..."

Kagome finished his sentence, "They are after his work." She glanced over at Ed and Al, worry filling her eyes. "We have to go back."

"You're useless!" Mugear hissed, his eyes narrowed at the Tringham brothers as they sat on the floor of the room, their hands cuffed. "You just had to put the contingency Phase 2 into effect!"

Fletcher turned his head and looked at his brother with wide eyes, his voice questioning. "Brother? What is Phase 2?"

The grey-haired man smirked at his prisoners. He thrown them inside the cell once he obtained what he desired, telling them that he knew who they were all along. What fool would not know that the real Edward Elric has an automail arm and his younger brother wore a suit of armor. But the real thing that tipped Mugear off was their eyes. They had the same eyes as that fool, Nash Tringham. Those damned violet eyes! "You want to know Phase 2? It's simply really. You were to introduce the red water into the drinking supply of pregnant women; it permeates their placenta, a factor of biological condensing."

The young blond's eyes were large and filled with shock as he whispered, "No..."

Russell growled low in his chest, "You shut up!" He cursed the fact that his hands were cuffed together; if they were not he would cover Fletcher's ears so that he could not hear the rest of Mugear's gruesome plan.

"When the process is done, you extract it and transmute it into a stone." A sinister sounding chuckled left the crazed man's lips, "It's foolproof! Let Mother Nature do the work." He sneered down at the Tringhams. "It's a shame; you have obviously inherited your father's cowardice."

"Wait!" Russell called out then the grey-haired man turned his back on them with the pretenses of leaving them. "Just tell me one thing Mugear. Did my father ever use that method on someone?"

Mugear turned his lip up at the elder brother, his eyes mocking. "No. At the last minute he had a crisis of morality and back out. If only he'd gone through with the plan, he would have saved his wretched life."

"What?!" the older Tringham snarled, "You liar! You said that heft here alive!" His hands clenched into fists as he struggled against the wooden handcuffs, the splintered bits cutting into his wrists. "Wait! Mugear, get back here!" His cry fell on deaf ears as the steel plate closed over the little window as Mugear left the two boys to rot in the cell.

Down below the city in the series of tunnels flowing with red water Mugear was on his knees before the brown-haired woman as she sat with her legs crossed on top of the fountain. "I've taken care of everything. Now all we have to do is convince the real Elric Brother to put our plan into motion."

The woman narrowed her purple-hued eyes, the pink on her eyelids becoming more vivid. "You make it sound so easy, but those boys are more complex than you think." she purred, her voice deep and sultry. "But as I told you the first time, you need to be careful about the girl the most."

Mugear scoffed, rising to his feet and throwing his arms out to his sides. "I can handle a couple of children! Please, just put a little trust in me. I will just tell those brothers to leave that girl behind." He raised his clenched fist, smiling proudly. "We're close to milk and honey. I can feel it."

"It's your gamble." she turned her head away from Mugear, her long hair swishing over her shoulder and veiling away half of her face. "Go ahead. One way or the other things will work out." Her tongue traced over her full lips, never once smudging the burgundy lipstick.

"I'm so sorry those imposters stole your identity."

That was the only thing Kagome picked up on as she snuck past the laboratory. When those guards from Mugear's manor came, claiming that the grey-haired man needed to speak with Ed and Al alone, the priestess agreed to follow them. She concealed her presence with the nature, making her footsteps as light as she could. Once the brothers were led inside the building, Kagome followed the path Russell had carried her through the first time and slipped past the guards as she hopped the fence.

She pulled on her glove and transmuted an entrance for herself and once she was inside, Kagome turned it back into the wall. Pressing her hands against the wall next to her, the priestess sought out for the Tringhams' aura's and found them in the basement next to the library. Keeping her steps light, Kagome raced down the steps and into the cellar where she quickly found the steel door. The dark-haired girl heard Fletcher's voice from behind the entrance, it sounded weak.

Pressing her hands against the steel, she quickly found the soil within and concentrated on bringing it forth. The metal slowly turned a dingy brown as it crumbled into sand. She plastered a wide grin on her face when the two occupiers of the room looked up at her with shock in their eyes. "Hi! I'm here to get you out!"

"Kagome?" Russell echoed, watching the priestess touch the wooden cuffs on his brother's wrist.

The priestess had to be really careful with her lightning alchemy. Once she learned that her father was a State Alchemist code named Lightning, she practiced the art more and more until she could control it freely. Setting the sparks to a gentle thrum over her gloved fingers, Kagome touched the cuffs around Fletcher's wrist, watching the electricity burn through the wood right across the middle and falling off his little arms. Then, the priestess healed the bleeding, chafed skin with her healing abilities.

As she moved over to do the same for the older brother, Russell questioned, "Why are you helping us?"

"Because I know who you are. You're Nash Tringham's sons." she narrowed her eyes as she whacked him on the back of the head. "And I want to know why the hell are you foolishly continuing his work?! Fletcher realized that the toxins in the red water were making the people suffer and so did your father. You need to stop trying to find happiness by chasing your father's failed dream." she rose to her feet, her hands on her hips as she stared Russell down. "Live your own life and stop with all the damned acting!"

Russell stared up at the priestess before rising to his feet. Quickly, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her against his chest. "I've told you about your dirty mouth." he whispered fervently and leaned down close to her face. "And now I'm going to clean it for you." Without skipping a beat, the older Tringham swooped down and caught Kagome's lips with his own, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth.

Kagome was more than a little shocked when Russell's warm lips closed over her own and she had to force herself to not turn into a puddle of goo. For a jerk, he sure could kiss! Her face flushed a bright red color and she failed to hear the heavy footsteps of her comrades until they were standing in the doorway in stunned silence.

Fletcher covered his face with his hands, a faint crimson color dusting over his cheeks. He knew his brother was rather bold with his flirtations of the Sacred-Life Alchemist, but this was ridiculous; although he was a little happy. His brother finally found a girlfriend.

Edward could only stand there with his mouth agape and finger pointed as his blood boiled and soon his anger got the best off him. Stomping over to the couple, he, none too gently, ripped Kagome away from Russell. "What the hell?" He balled his right hand up in a fist. "You can't just go kissing people so causally!"

Kagome finally gained her senses and realized that she was no long in Russell's arms, but in Ed's. She raised her arm and rubbed her sore lips from the forced kiss. Even if the tall blond was kind of cute, he was not her type! His cocky behavior and the way he chases after her reminded way too much of Houjou and Kouga. Both who claimed to be in love with her. She threw a glare at Russell as she rubbed her lips again. "I told you: Hands to yourself Russell! I don't care if that was a nice kiss or not! Don't touch me!" she pulled herself out of Edward's and moved over to Fletcher and helped him to his feet.

For some odd reason, Kagome's words made Ed hate Russell even more than he already did. She said that Tringham's kiss was nice and she told him that he could not kiss for nothing and that hurt his pride. 'Even if it was just an accidental kiss, I can't lose that damned copycat!'

Russell walked over to stand in front of Edward, bending slightly so that he was eye level with the shorter boy as he taunted. "And how many times have you kissed her and she said that it was nice, again?"

"Shut up, Russell!" Kagome snapped as she led Fletcher and Alphonse out the door. "We have to find Mugear."

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