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"Ms. Undersee, you're being moved to District 2." I sigh and accept the citizen papers the woman is handing out to me. This is the fourth time I've had to move in the past month.

The war ended a month ago. I was in a hospital in 6 the whole time, and I don't really know what happened in it. In the hospital I was stuck in, they rarely got electricity, therefore we rarely say the news on the war. All I really know is that we won and the Capitol fell.

Back to my life, now. Since the war ended, they haven't known what to do with me. They wanted to send me to the Capitol, but I refused the offer. I'd rather stay in the districts. I've been in 6, 10, 3, and 11, and now I'm going to District 2.

I hoist my single bag up and put it on my shoulder before boarding the train that will take me to District 2. Since I've moved around so much, I don't bother to make friends because I know I'll leave anyways. I shuffle quickly through the papers they gave me and sigh again. Another house, another district I'll end up saying goodbye to in the end. I always do.

The train lurches forward and I stare out the window, watching District 11 fade out of my view. According to the maps I was given, District 2 is a very large district. It's somewhere in what used to be called the "Great Plains", but I don't know what that really is.

The ride drags on. I sleep most of it, and try not to focus on what's going to happen to me in District 2.

When the train finally pulls to a stop, I wait for it to clear out a little before I finally grab my bag from under my seat and depart from the train. Outside, I pull my thin jacket closer around me and shiver. It's definitely a lot colder than District 11, I can say that. I wonder if it gets colder or not. I have to go to the District Transmission section in the train stop because I'm moving from one district to another.

After I've shown my papers to the nice man at the booth, he hails a cab for me and pays for me. I thank him and direct the driver where to go.

"You new here?"


"Where from?"

"11." I've become even more unsocial in the past month than I was before the war started. Whenever I'm actually spoken to, I answer with short answers. The man in the front accepts and just drives. I watch the mountains and the plains go by, and look around.

Yes, it's a very big district. Lots of houses and apartments. When the cab finally reaches my new house, I look up at it. It's an apartment. I'm living in the military section because I move around so much. The driver asks if I need help moving in and I tell him that I'm fine.

Walking up to the apartment, I hear the cab speed away. When I finally get the door unlocked, I step in and am hit with the smell of dust. I guess this hasn't been lived in for a while. It's not the biggest apartment, but it'll do until I move again. It's actually a very nice apartment, but it's just not home, not even close.

I throw my bag onto the kitchen table and rummage around in the cabinets to see if there's anything in there. A few dishes, just a few simple things. I walk around and see that there's two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a couple closets. There are sheets in the closet and I pull them out and make a bed up for myself tonight. Put my toothbrush and stuff in the bathroom. Fold up my few clothes and deposit them in dresser.

When the doorbell rings through the apartment, I grumble and go to the front door. When I open it, I see a woman and a young girl.

"May I help you?" I ask cautiously, and the young girl grins widely at me.

"Well, I knew that there was going to be a new resident moving in, and I wanted to make sure you were getting settled in alright." Now that pulls on the heartstrings. No one that I've met has actually asked how I was doing after I moved in.

"Thank you. I'm Madge." I hold my hand out for the woman to shake it and she shakes it warmly.

"Coralie." She says, and the young girl smiles at me and tugs on her mom's shirt. "And this is Annia." She holds out her hand and I shake it gently. The girl's bright green eyes smile at me, her eyes crinkling. "So, are you settling in all right?"

"I think so." I shift on my feet and open the door a little wider. "I probably won't be here long, though."

"Why's that, dear?" The woman must be in her mid-thirties or something, maybe a single mother, maybe not. Her daughter looks exactly like her.

"Move around a lot."

"Oh. Well, if you ever need anything, you can come ask me about it."

Wanting human interaction, I call out to them as they make it down the steps. "Actually, where can I buy food, and clothing, and other essentials?"

The rest of the afternoon is spent talking to Coralie and Annia. They tell me where I can buy essentials and tell me of places that need employees. I need money, too.

Turns out Coralie's husband is in the military and most of the people in this subdivision are in the military. She says that the man who lives across the street is usually never home, and when he is, he doesn't really talk to the people who live around him.

"Just ignore him, and it should be fine." I nod, and Coralie and Annia have to leave. Annia makes me promise to come and see her tomorrow. Before they left, Coralie offered her old bike to me so I could get around the district. I accepted, I mean you must have a way to get around. They are nice people, I'll say that. I'm glad that someone cares about my well-being while I'm here. But, I can't get to attached if I'm going to end up moving in a couple of weeks anyways.

I close the door and sigh. This is definitely not home. Never will be.

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