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Chapter 4- Neal

E- "Emma!" A cruelly familiar voice behind me yelled causing me to freeze in panic.

Dread seized me and my blood curled with fear. Oh, no, it couldn't be. Please, no.

Painfully I turned around only to have apprehension settle in when my nightmares came true during midday. Standing across the street was none other than Neal.

I stared at him, and felt my heart break all over again.

Why did he have shown up right now? Everything was working itself out with Regina and Gold, and her parents, Henry…

Henry. What was he going to think when he found out that I lied to him? That his father isn't dead? He's going to hate me, I thought, I'll be no better than Regina. That scared me more than I'd ever admit to anyone.

"Emma I can't believe it's really you!" Neal exclaimed, his face lite up and ecstatic.

A frown made its home on my lips, "What the heck are you doing here Neal?"

He seemed taken aback as though he hadn't given me up to the cops all those years ago. "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean?" I scoffed, "You left me Neal, after everything we've been through you left me like everyone else. I actually thought that you loved me, that you wanted me, that you cared…" I trailed off, and tears burst from my lids unrestrained for once.

"Emma come on you know it wasn't like that," Neal defended himself.

"How could I know anything Neal? You betrayed my trust, you gave me up to the cops, you lied to me and you abandoned me in prison to pay for your crimes while I was pregnant with your son!" I ranted, fashioning each words into the sharpest knife, intent on causing as much damage as possible.

"We have a son?" Neal asked.

"No. I have a son, now just leave me the heck alone Neal, haven't you hurt me enough? Henry deserves more than a coward of a father whose only priority is himself."

"Emma, please listen to me okay? I did love you, and if I had known you were pregnant I never would have even thought about leaving please; let me meet him."

I shook my head, over my dead body I'll let you meet him you slime ball.

"All that means to me is that I wasn't enough for you to stay, now leave Storybrooke Neal, before you break his heart like you did mine."

With that I spun on my heel and marched away, head held high.

He was never going to hurt me again…

K- I listened to Emma's little quarrel with Bae, did the poor lass even know who he really was?

So I had been wrong earlier, the Huntsman hadn't been Swan's love afterall.

Gotten extremely close to her heart maybe, but Bae had been the one to break it, to turn her into a too-tough woman with serious trust issues and walls higher than the largest kingdom.

Bae stood there for a moment, stunned, before gathering himself and an oversized duffel bag.

He loaded it into one of metal cages on wheels. So, the coward was going to give up just like that, just like his father, Milah would've been disappointed.

The horseless wagon made a strangled sound and Bae was gone from Storybrooke in the blink of an eye.

I quickly followed the street Emma had gone down previously. Soon I saw her entering the woods and raced after her.

When I had caught up to her, my Swan Girl was sitting against the base of a tree with her knees drawn close to her chest and her head in her hands. Slowly I approached Emma and sat beside her.

Sobs continued to wrack through her body and I put an arm around her shoulders. I feared she'd rip it off for touching her or demand answers as to how I'd gotten her but instead she turned towards me and buried her face in my shoulder.

"There, there, love. It's going to be alright. I've got you, I've got you…" I continued murmuring sweet nothings into Emma's hair as I rubbed her back.

Once she seemed to have gathered her wits about her, Emma pulled back a bit to look me in the eyes. I stared solemnly back at her, waiting for my Swan to come to me in her own time.

"Why are you here?" she croaked.

I contemplated the question. She had asked why, not how or even where Cora was. Maybe she didn't care.

"I'm here love because you're hurting and need consolation love. You need to know that a man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets. And he sure as heck doesn't deserve you in the least bit Emma. You're better than that, better than him," I told her earnestly before placing my lips lightly but solidly on her forehead.

She laughed a bit and my heart clenched in longing to have her in all the ways I desired.

"Thanks Hook, that means a lot to me, even if it's coming from you," she joked and I pulled her tighter to me.

I knew I'd have to let go of her sooner rather than later but I'm planning on making this moment last as long as possible with Emma. My beautiful Swan Girl…

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