Ed marched down the corridor, pumping her arms up and down in exaggerated soldier-fashion while singing a militaristic cadence, heading to no where in particular because she knew she'd eventually end up somewhere with something to do.

She's been back for a little over a month, now, and she's found that not too much had changed in the basic lifestyle of the Bebop crew since she had left. There were changes---she didn't mistake that---but the things that counted outwardly most hadn't. The ugly yellow couches were still in the common room, Jet still had his bonzai trees, Faye still drove Spike crazy, and Spike had come away alive yet again from another death match, albeit a little worse for wear.

Ed didn't know the full details of Spike's latest scuffle except that it was somehow much more important than any of his other fights. She guessed that it had something to do with the Red Dragon Sydicate getting uprooted (only to get reestablished with new heads later), something that she'd managed to piece together from her casual hacking while she kept tabs on the Bebop and her shipmates. The authorities had been keeping tight rein on the news and media, making sure that information of the upheaval wouldn't reach the majority of the population . . . but that never stopped Ed before.

Nobody talked about it, but Ed knew that it had something to do with Spike's past.

That's what happens when you run away from something. Eventually, it catches up with you.

An old saying that Ed remembered reading from somewhere. Dated way back to Old Earth times. Apparently, the same rules of life back then still applies now and probably always would in the future.

Ein barked.

Ed looked down in question at her almost constant companion, pausing in mid-stride so that she could kneel down beside the Corgi.

"What's that, Ein?" she asked him. The data dog just looked up at her with the same happy dog smile that he always wore, his left ear twitching slightly as it caught a few mute sounds too soft for her to catch. "Hmm." Ed studied him, wondering. Ein never barked without having a reason.

"Ed, what're you doing in here?"

Ed looked up to find Spike standing over her, watching her with a curious look planted on his face. She gave him the biggest, cheesiest grin that she could manage which made him quirk an eyebrow.

"Nothing," she said offhandedly before standing up again. Spike backed away a step so that she could have more personal space, but Ed really didn't care about that sort of social norm. She jumped the distance and wrapped her arms around his waist, catching him off guard.

"Whoa, hey," he said, almost stumbling.

"A hug a day keeps the doctor away," Ed said cheerfully before pulling away again to bound down the hall, Ein close at her heels.

That ought to keep him guessing for a while.