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Chapter 6: What He Is Looking For

It had been a week since their date, where they had a tender moment and he held her close to him. Their embrace had lasted awhile, both liking the feeling that accompanied their embrace. During the week, the rumors that Naruto Uzumaki had a girlfriend spread rapidly. He knew that it started with Sakura, though it didn't appear that Kurama was minding all the attention that she was getting.

Though they had yet to say whether or not their relationship was at the level of boyfriend and girlfriend neither denied the rumors. Though Kurama was the only one agreeing with them as well. Naruto would just stare at the person who asked him then give them all the same response, "In what way does my personal life involve you?"

Though, as people naturally do, since he neither accepted or denied it they believed that it was true. That naturally increased the amount that Kurama was asked and as always she never denied but said that it was true. Naruto was still internally debating on if he wanted to take that step with her or not, it was true that she was someone that he seemed compatible with. Even more so she wasn't someone who he had to worry about hating him for being the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.. well use to be but only 3 people knew that secret. That was something that even with all of his achievements and accolades some of the older people in the village didn't seem to get past.

It was as he told her on their 'date' that even if he could have gotten someone to agree to be with him, their parents would more then likely not approve. He didn't see most people picking him over their families so he just didn't get his hopes up. That wasn't a issue with her, she was Kyuubi and she didn't seem to have any issues with him. She, on her own level, seemed to admire him a little to be honest. He didn't understand that either, he didn't understand why what was suppose to be the strongest creature in existence admired him of all people.

He didn't understand a lot of the things that seemed to be going on around him but he figured that the best thing that he could do was talk to her about it. See exactly what it was that she was looking for, see if she was what he was looking for as well. As if she was still able to read his thoughts that was when the red headed demonness walked into the room, as always stark naked. She came and sat down next to the blond haired man, "What are you thinking about blonde, it smells like smoke so I know you must have been thinking hard."

Naruto just gave her an irritated look for her comment, "Just so damn funny aren't you Kurama, I was thinking about whether or not I should try to make things official with you or not. Honestly though, I am not sure why I was even considering it now."

Kurama made a small whining noise, "But Naruto... I was just kidding.. I know your actually really intelligent. Your handsome as well, have I told you that recently? I know that you want to give me a chance Naruto-kun, then just think of all the fun we could have with our bodies."

His eyes flashed an emotion she didn't catch for a moment, "Is that really all you want.. you just want me to help you physically? I had hoped that after our date and since you were telling people that we were actually a couple that perhaps you had decided that you wanted more.."

Though she hadn't seen the emotion in his eyes she could hear the depression in his voice. There was also the fact that he seemed as if he was desperate for her to want more then that. He just looked at her for a moment then turned his gaze to the ground, that was when she spoke, "I didn't say that was all that I wanted now was it you idiot, I just said that it was something that we would be able to do. Or is it that you don't think that I could make you happy with my body because I am pretty confident that I could."

He started to blush at the comment then looked at her, "I just wanted to make sure Kurama, that was all. I don't want a fuck buddy, I want someone to share things with, if I wanted a fuck buddy I could have always gone to a brothel or something. I know where plenty of them are thanks to Jiraiya-sensei."

Kuramas tails started to wag a little bit, "Does that mean that you are going to give us a chance then Naruto? I know that you won't regret it if you just take the chance, I can be what you want."

Naruto gave her a calculating look, "What is it that I want then, since you seem to already know and everything."

The demonness just had a wicked smile, accepting his challenge, "You want someone who can make you happy, give you that feeling that you saw and always wanted but never had. You want someone who you can confide in, be there for you at your most desperate hours. Also, even if you deny it then there is the fact that you do have your more.. primitive urges that I am more then willing to help you out with."

She had a devious glint in her eyes as she said that last part with a smile that Naruto knew he shouldn't trust. Naruto just continued to look at her for a moment then he stood up slowly as he let out a long sigh, "I suppose that we can give it a shot, what is the worse that can happen in the end right?"

Kurama smiled then tackled him to the ground, her tails wagging quickly behind her as she pinned him beneath her. Naruto just looked at her red eyes that he seemed to be obsessed with, he didn't understand why all he knew was that they were so different. They were exotic and even when she was under her henge when they left the house she left her eyes the same. Slowly she leaned down and pressed her lips against his, she was happy to see that he wasn't resisting her in the slightest. He was even kissing her back, she wasn't exactly surprised that he was kissing back but she wouldn't have been surprised if he had froze on her either.

When they eventually broke from the kiss the two of them looked at one another. They just stayed like that for a moment until there was a knocking at the door. Kurama was internally debating on whether or not she was willing to let him up so that he could see who it was. When the knocking got louder and seemed like it was getting more aggressive as well she growled then her henge took effect, she even took it a bit further making it so that she appeared to have clothes on. She walked over to the door and whipped it open, irritated with whoever had interrupted her moment with the blond haired man.

When she opened the door she saw Sakura and Ino standing there looking at her. Kurama really didn't have to much of an issue with Ino, she was trying to mend what she use to have with Naruto though the efforts weren't going as well as she wanted. But the pink haired nuisance was someone that she would much rather just gut here and now. She glared at Sakura while Naruto came to the door and saw who it was and he instantly started to panic a little. Not only because he still felt that he should avoid both of them since he cause them so much pain but the fact that Kurama was glaring at Sakura with a very obvious intent on hurting her.

Naruto put his arms around her waist to keep her close to him and more in control. He looked over at the two of them, "Is there something that we can help you two with?"

Ino gave him a light smile, "We just wanted to come by and ask you ourselves if you would come out with us all this weekend Naruto."

The blond haired man sighed as he looked at the platinum blond and the pink haired women that were at their doorway. When Naruto looked at the two of them he just looked at Kurama, "What do you think we should do Suki?"

Sakuras glaring had yet to cease, "Who said that she was allowed to come?"

Ino and Naruto both looked over at Sakura with a bit of a surprised look. Naruto was then the one who spoke first, "I am sorry to say this but I can't go out with all of you and then leave my girlfriend here by herself. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I did that?"

Kurama smirked as she backed her rear into him since only them two knew that she didn't actually have clothes on. He saw the devious smile and glint in her eyes, that feeling that he should run away as fast as he could. Ino then spoke up, "She is more then welcome to join us as well Naruto, I don't know why Sakura said that."

Kurama looked at them, "I know exactly why she is doing it, she doesn't like that he is focusing on another woman. I know all about how he use to have feeling for the annoying pink haired girl but he found something much.. MUCH.. better, isn't that right Naruto-kun?"

Naruto looked at her, knowing full well that she was trying to provoke Sakura. He didn't know why she was trying to do it but he knew that he should probably side with Kurama. He did live with her and they were now exclusive, plus she was a demon and tethered to him. He was positive that if she wanted to then she could make his life a living hell. Naruto looked over at Sakura then back at Kurama, "Yeah.. what Suki said is true."

Kurama had a victorious smile again and he felt her start to rub her rear on him making him blush. This really wasn't the time for her teasing since there were people there as well. Naruto knew that she wouldn't stop and he couldn't exactly call her out on it so he just looked at the two old friends, "Yeah... we will join you guys... where are we going?"

Ino smiled, happy that he was going to be going out with them all again for the first time in years, "I think Shikamaru said something about going to 'Copperhead Bar.' So see you two there Friday at 8 okay?"

Both of them nodded as they closed the door and Kurama dropped her henge and wrapped her tails around Naruto. He finally let out a groan from her teasing making her smile victoriously, "Aw.. whats wrong Naruto-kun."

He just grabbed her hips and made her stop moving as he tried to back away but her tails were holding him against her. Naruto looked at her, "Why would you tease me like that if front of them Kurama? What if I hadn't been able to hold back?"

Kurama smirked at the idea, "Then I guess we could have given them quite the show."

He just shook his head and sighed, "What have I gotten myself into with you?"

Her smirk got wider as she started to move again, "Why are you so worried huh? Its not like you wouldn't have enjoyed it. I would have made sure that you did, who knows I may have invited to blond girl to join us."

Naruto looked as if his head had exploded at the idea then shook his head, "Stop screwing with me Kurama, we all know you are possessive."

She smiled as her eyes glowed a little, "I am very possessive but you would be mine and she would be as well. I think it may be fun, I may just talk to her about it during this whole thing you agreed for us to go to on Friday."

Naruto again looked like his head had exploded but this time his effect lasted much longer. By the time he snapped out of it Kurama had him pinned to the couch and straddling him again. He looked at her red eyes as she leaned down by him, "But I get you first Naruto-kun."

Naruto looked at her then after all her questing he gave in to her and gave her what she had been seeking these last couple of months.