Against the dark interior of the cabin two bodies enmeshed in one another stand out, shining amber in the light of the fireplace.

"You should get back," he states even as he pulls her closer to him.

"There's time," she says smiling into his neck nestling herself even further in his embrace. "We have time," she says again as she lifts her chin to look into his eyes and meets him in a lazy and sensual kiss.

He pulls away smiling, but his grin quickly dissipates replaced by a furrowed brow. "Your husband will be missing you. I can't ask you to stay here with me, to risk the consequences," he explains starting to disentangle himself from her embrace.

"I love you. I have always loved you," she says pulling him back to her. "I will always love you. Would you give me up so easily just because of what my husband thinks, what this town thinks?"

"Never," it is a promise, an oath. "I would gladly curse this town, myself even, if it meant I could have these moments with you, feeling only you, your skin against my skin."

She shivers against him, "Did you feel that?"

"What? He asks.

"I thought I felt a draft just then," she giggles in reply as he pulls her body across his own and between himself and the fire.

"Better, Prudence my beloved?" he asks tucking her safely under his arm.

"Much, Thaddeus," she replies as she rests her hand above his chest over his heart.

They both fall asleep to the symphony of the crackling fire, oblivious to the urgent angry footsteps coming towards the cabin.