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Gander Glam, age 19

Glamour and I hold hands as we walk down the street. "Man, what are the odds huh?" she asks.

"What?" I ask, dropping a few coins into a beggars cup. Usually District 1 doesn't have beggars, but sometimes things get rough. The hobbly man thanks me.

"Well, we have a chance of going back into the arena Gander. Aren't you sad?" she asks.

"Well, yeah. But that doesn't mean we get picked Glam-Glam." I say. She giggles and I smile. I love being helpful and making people smile. I tuck a strand of brown hair behind her ears, and she looks up at me with those silver eyes. I feel myself slowly start to melt in my shoes.

"You're beautiful you know that right?" I ask her. She smiles again and looks on the ground. Glamour is very shy, like... very.

"Aw, don't get shy on me now princess." I say, tilting her chin up to meet my eyes. I have never really liked my eyes. They're a dull brown, and I've always marveled in colored eyes. I brush my slightly long brown hair from my eyes, and give Glamour's hand a slight squeeze.

"We'll be okay." I say. She raises an eyebrow, and we come to a stop in front of my house. She pushes the door to it open, and drops her satchel on our table.

"Terric! Mr. Terric!" she calls. My brother comes from upstairs. After our parents died when I was 7 (he was 14) he raised me all by himself. I think I am glad I was raised by him, the way I turned out was great. He looks nothing like me though. He has my mother's green eyes and my father's blonde hair. A typical District 1 boy. Except, he doesn't qualify for being a tribute. Thank god.

"Hey, what's in the satchel Glam-Glam?" he asks, opening her bag. She swats at his hand.

"You never touch a ladies bag." she says slyly.

"Yeah, but if that lady is going to one day be the sister I never wanted, then I should be able to see what she brings into my residence." he says, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

"Ooooh, you going to take that Glam?" I ask. She sends me a playful glare and I throw my hands up in the air.

"I back down. I surrender." I say. She opens the satchel to reveal jars of jam and loaves of bread.

"How did I not hear that clanging in your bag?" I ask. She shrugs.

"S'not that hard to miss really. Anyways, who's up for toast?" she asks. I remember a joke for the 51st Games that dad used to tell me.

"Hey Glam, if Katniss Everdeen is the girl on fire, and Peeta Mellark is the boy with the bread, then what will their children be?" I ask.

"Toast!" Terric shouts, and we burst into laughter. Glam keeps a straight face.

"What's wrong?" I ask her.

"Did you not forget Glimmer was my mother?" she asks. I close my eyes and curse under my breath.

"I'm sorry." I say.

"No matter, would you guys like toast or not?" she asks. Terric and I nod.

"I feel like an idiot." I mutter to Terric.

"S'cause you are." he says. I punch his arm, and he punches me back.

"Don't even think about it, I'd beat you in a wrestling match." he says. I roll my eyes and take a seat at the dining table. Glamour fries some banana along with our toast, and even puts out strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Fresh from the market. She puts the bread on a skillet and toasts it. When it's golden brown on the bottom she spreads the jam and puts the fried banana and berries on the bread.

"Eat up, and then we'll go to the reaping." she says as bright as ever again. I really hope she's okay, it was a stupid mistake to remind her of her lost mother. After a quick breakfast, Glamour says she has to go home to get changed.

"That's a good idea, I'm going to shower." I say. I race up our stairs into the bathroom. I turn on the hot water and it pours onto my skin. That's nice. After scrubbing clean, I step from the shower and go into my room. I search the drawers and find a outfit. Slipping on the long-sleeved teal shirt, I go to the closet. Pulling out a pair of well fitting jeans, I grab a pair of jeweled boots that I was given for my 19th birthday to celebrate me no longer being eligible. What good that did. I pull on the jeans and zip up the boots, then gel back my hair before going down the stairs.

"Ready?" Terric asks. I shrug. We walk to the reaping in silence, then Terric claps me on the back. "Good Luck." he says. I nod, and go into the front, where all the strong bored 19 year olds stand.

"Welcome! Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the reaping for the Third Quarter Quell and if you want to be in lamen's terms the 75th Hunger Games!" our escort Sparkle calls. I roll my eyes. That's not even what Lamen's Terms mean. But the crowd hoots and hollers nonetheless.

"Now, this year we will be choosing from ages 19-25! Isn't that exciting?!" she asks. More cheers. Give me a break here. She sits down while the Mayor gives his same rehearsed speech and then the video plays.

"Now for the tributes. Muscle before beauty!" she calls and steps over to the boy's ball. "You're male tribute for District 1 is... Gander Glam!" she calls. My eyes dilate in a bit of fear. I'm mostly shocked as I step on stage. I don't wanna leave home! I don't wanna! Right now my father would call me a whiny little... well you get the point.

"Now for the girls!" Sparkle calls. "Jemima Thomas!" she calls. A girl takes stage, I try not to look at her as we shake hands, and as I am led into the Justice Building.

Jemima Thomas, age 23

I scrub at my cinnamon colored skin, and lather up my jet black hair. Liam, my husbands brother, always calls me Cinnamon because of the color of my skin. My patience is wearing thin with him. He's only 11, but I'm sick of dealing with him. After cleaning myself up, I put on a grey dress, and tie up my hair with a white ribbon. After slipping on some flat shoes, I go into the girls room. The two infants lay in their seperate cribs, sleeping soundly. Well, Talia is sleeping, and Nissa is screaming her lungs out.

"Shh Nissa, it's alright. You're alright. Are you hungry?" I ask her. I am answered with a whimper. I go to the built in fridge, and pull out a bottle. I give it to her after shaking and heating it up. I hold her while she eats, and burp her. "There, there. Back to sleep love." I say as her eyes sink low. Their birthday is in a couple days, they'll be one.

"Mick! Liam! Thank you for your help with th- oomf!" Liam runs into me, holding a can of strawberry jam. It spills onto my dress and I close my eyes.

"Sorry Jet. You can clean it up can't you? Just grab a rag and rub it-"

"Dab don't... rub." I say. Too late. The pale pink stuff is now all over the bodice of my dress. I grit my teeth, and sigh.

"It's alright Liam. I'll just change dresses." I say, a bit annoyed with my 11 year old brother-in-law.

"Whoa there Jet, whatever happened to your dress must have been pretty bad." Mick says, entering from the kitchen with a piece of toast.

"Your brother decided running around the house with full jars of jam would be suitable. Now I have to change." I sigh.

"Oh, Liam. Upstairs now, you have to get changed anyways." he says. The brown-haired boy looks up at his brother and flashes him a thumbs up before bolting up the stairs.

"Don't run in the-" slam! "House. Michael James Thomas, what are we going to do with William?" I ask exasperrated. Mick shrugs.

"Just a bit longer Jerry," he swoons. He only uses Jerry when he wants me to do something. "When he's 18, he goes off to boarding school. Can you wait until his last reaping?" he asks. I roll my chocolate brown eyes.

"I don't think I can wait until his first Micky." I say. Mick follows after me, as I go upstairs back into the girl's room. I find Liam, holding Talia.

"Oh hey there Jet. Look, Talia likes to fly!" Liam squeals, throwing the young infant in the air.

"Liam no!" I scream. Luckily he's in school catch, and he catches her as she giggles.

"That's enough play time, why don't you go get ready." I say, as the doorbell rings. Liam goes into his room and I go downstairs. I swing open the door and my mother swooshes in, placing her brown hair behind her back and looking at me with her matching chocolate brown eyes.

"Hello Jemima. Mick." she says. Pepper, my blonde-haired green-eyed friend swooshes in behind her.

"Ooh, where are the girls?" she asks.

"Hi Pepper, I'm fine and you?" I say sarcastically.

"Yeah, whatever. Hey Jet, how are you?" she asks, hugging me.


"Her name is Jemima, I did not name her after some sort of aircraft." my mother scolds. She gives me a dissapproving glare. "Go change that filthy dress. Where is my little Tia and Issie?" my mother asks.

"They're upstairs. I have to bathe them." I say.

"Oh! I'll do it!" Pepper squeals and races upstairs. I follow after, and quickly change into a extravagant white dress. "Willi-snot." Pepper says, looking at the boy.

"Pe-poop." he snarls back.


"Look who's talking you bitch I ought-"

"Language!" my mother cries.

"The girls are in their room Pepper, why don't you go see them. Liam, Mick is downstairs go eat breakfast." I say calmly. They go their seperate ways, and my mother sends me sad look.

"You shouldn't put up with him and his attitude. I'd leave him on the streets I would." she says. I shake my head and prepare the girls bath in our large sink. Our girls are very small and really both can fit in our enormous sink.

"Mother, I can't do that. He's Mick's little brother, and he's only 11. It would devastate Mick if I refused to care for him. Even if he is a horrible child." I say in a deafeated tone.

"He's a brat that doesn't know the stretch of a dollar." Pepper says. I roll my eyes, as a single toll rings throughout the District. Time for the reaping.


"Welcome! Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the reaping for the Third Quarter Quell and if you want to be in lamen's terms the 75th Hunger Games!" our escort Sparkle calls. I sigh and clap with the others. She blabbers about something else, shows us the video and then crosses to the male ball. I don't have time to hope for Mick when the boy is named. "You're male tribute for District 1 is... Gander Glam!" she calls.

He's a decent looking boy, chocolate brown hair and eyes. "I know him!" Pepper says from next to me.

"You do. Oh really?" I ask.

"Mhm, his brother is like my huge crush." she says.

"Oh, okay." I say.

"Now for your female... Jemima Thomas!" she calls. I look back to my mother, who has Liam, Nissa and Talia. I look over to the boys section, where Mick stands. I slowly walk on stage, holding my head up high. I see Mick run a hand through his blonde hair and dart his green eyes down. It's going to be okay, I think in my head. There goes my hopes for ever owning a bookstore.

Gander Glam (aijalontheman2012)

Terric comes in first. "Hey little brother." He says. He hugs me a bit.

"I'm going to be okay." I assure.

"I know you are. I wish I had something to give you." he says. I sigh.

"I know you don't have a token for me. It's alright. Just take care of Glam, promise? Besides, that's the best thing you can give me right now." I say. He nods and gives me a awkward hug.

"I love you little brother." He says, then a peacekeeper comes to retrieve him. Glamour comes in next, and rushes right into my arms.

"Gander please don't go." she cries. I pet her hair gently. "Ssh my love." I try and soothe. She presses her lips to mine in a hungry cry for passion. I sigh into her mouth, my heart aching.

"Why must it be you?" she sobs after she's pulled away. I don't answer her, just hold her close to me.

"Times up." a peacekeeper says. She looks at me in fear and I give her a solemn nod, watching as my last chance to see her slips between my fingers.

Jemima Thomas (Emmeline C. Thornbrooke)

I look up as Mick enters, his eyes glistening. "Jet-"

"Shh, just hold me." I whisper and he pulls me into his strong arms.

"Oh my poor sweetheart." He mutters into my hair. He tilts my chin up so my eyes can meet his. His lips press to mine in kind gentleness. He pulls away finally.

"The girls?" I ask gently.

"Pepper is babysitting them and Liam. You'll come home to me right?" He begs. I nod my head, my heart melting for him.

"I can't care for them alone you know." He says.

"You won't be alone, you have Pepper and mother." I say. He looks at me.

"You know that's not what I mean." He says. I do, but I would never voice that. Not now and definitely not here.

"Times up." a peacekeeper says. He pulls Mick away from me, and I'm left alone. My mother comes in next.

"Oh mother, take care of them please?" I beg her. She takes her hands in mine.

"They'll be in good care dear. Be safe in there and come home for us." she says. She pulls me into a hug.

"Thank you mother. I love you." I say.

"I love you too dear." she says. It's only minutes later when peacekeepers enter and take her away from me. I'm going to die.