Zim glumly sat oh the school steps, rubbing his gloved hands together. The afternoon sun cast a slight light, warming his uncovered skin. It glittered bright orange yellow in the distance. Sighing, Zim pulled his knees closer to him, eyes lacking their usual energy.

He had lost it.

No, he told himself. He hadn't lost it. He'd lost ALL of it. Anything good in his life had practically been snatched away from him. To be honest, he hadn't seen it coming. He, the smartest irken alive, had missed something. That didn't happen very often. Especially when this something was impacting him so much.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted something. Gaze shifting over, Zim quickly regretted looking towards the object. It was just a normal, half used up roll of duct tape. Purple duct tape, to be more specific. Battered up, with dirt caked around the edges. Zim looked away swiftly. He didn't want anymore reminders if what happened in the previous days.

What happened, you may ask?

Just the complete, slow destruction of Zim's once perfect life.

At least, his life had seemed perfect enough. In truth, the life Zim lived was fairly average. Live through it all could pretty much sum most of his life up. Live through it all and take any opportunity.

It was this motto that ruined our green skinned irken's life.


It all had started on a normal school day. Clouds were scattered across the sky. That day had a faint breeze, light and gentle. It was the kind of breeze that had the scent of freshness, as some put it.

Zim, on the other hand, thought it had the stench of humans.

The little alien was currently making his way to the school building, feeling very bitter. Although Zim normally was rather bitter, today he was even more so. His robot bee was missing. And while he blamed G.I.R., his blue eyed robot, he was pretty sure it was lost. Or Dib could've taken it.

Zim stopped in his tracks. A sour scowl crossed over his green features.

"Stupid smelly Dib human," he mumbled dryly to himself, getting back to walking to school. "The lousy worm baby must've stolen it from me!"

Clenching his tiny fists, Zim's pace began to become faster. He was determined to catch Dib before the miserable school day started.

With only hate as a motive, he stormed down the sidewalk, turning a corner, a little to hastily. He collided with a small human boy, no older than six. Zim was knocked onto the pavement. The boy crouched over him, worried.

"Are you ok, green guy?"

Zim punched him in the face.

He hated humans.



Author's Notes- So yes! This is my latest chapter story. My brilliant friend, rainbowtiger72 came up with the idea. I'd LOVE to tell you, but I can't ruin the surprise!

I'll be doing some foreshadowing here and there, for practice. If you can pick up on some, I'll do you a favor! :)

Love you all, hope you like!