Today, everyone could tell not to mess with Zim, for some odd reason. It might've been the fact that he'd walked into class looking ready to bite someone's head off. Could've been that Zim had made a special effort in slamming the classroom door closed. Or maybe it was him screaming "I am mad" as soon as he walked in the door.

Whatever it was, the students kept their distance.

Tak, on the other hand, did not seem very bothered by Zim's angry manner. Actually, that might've encouraged her to be even more annoying than usual. Who knew.

Tak was currently throwing things at him.

Not big items no. More like small, unnoticeable items, like the end of a pencil or a pen cap. Anything that wouldn't draw the teacher, Ms. Bitters, to look over and scowl at her.

Zim was literally taking the items Tak threw at him and breaking them apart. He was using this as some sort of a stress reliever, watching the bits of the object scatter on the desk. The small amount of pleasure he took from this was almost always revoked, because Zim would be reminded that Dib had stolen his robot bee.

That lousy Dib human.

Feeling a sudden jab on the shoulder, Zim turned his head toward Tak, who was smiling and waving at him with innocence, sickening innocence.

Gritting his zipperish teeth, Zim failed too keep in an enraged grunt.

If there was a way to measure Zim's hate for Tak, we would go beyond tons.

Let's put it this way; if Zim's hate for Tak was a distance, it would be from Pluto to the Sun.

In other words, he loathed her.

Now, Zim loathed lots of things. Humans. Dogs. Cars. Tacos. The Angry Monkey Show. But he had a special place in his heart for Tak.

Unfortunately, this place wasn't full of promising love ready to bloom. It was full of burning, never ending hate. You could tell by the way he looked at her that he hated her.

Funny that in a few days from now, that would change.

However Zim wasn't aware or any kind of change. He was to focused on the pencil he was aiming at Tak's head. Squinting, he tried to make sure his target would be hit. Then, winding his arm back, he released the pencil...

Where it soared freely out the open window.

Zim cursed rapidly, loudly, at Tak, windows, and his pencil. Tak only smirked, flinging a bunched up piece of paper at the mad irken. It hit his head exactly.

Zim's emotions builded up even more, welling with tension and anger. He shot a menacing look at his enemy, who simply smiled sweetly back. Hot, bubbling fury made his heart pound. Biting his lip, he swore vengeance on her, and all her stupid paper throwing abilities. He vowed to make her suffer a painful suffering.

He vowed to do so at lunch, but not before he got his pencil back.