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Chapter Sixteen

They say moments make up your life. I don't believe its just the moment, I believe its the people you leave behind. Those people will remember you. They will remember those moments. However tiny or minuscule these moments seem they will remember how you were in that moment. What your smile was like. How you laughed, how you cried. What you loved. The people you get to know, really know, will remember you for eternity. You live through their memories of you.

April 15, 2012

"Stop. Quinn knock it off." Laughter bubbled out of my throat as I try and fail to block the lens of the camera.

Quinn grins at me as she backs away. "C'mon Rach, just one picture?" A smile tugs at half of her lips and I lunge forward for the camera.

"You already took a thousand pictures of me." She holds it above her head and I jump to reach for it. A grin tugs at her lips and she tries to hide it but fails. "It's not funny Quinn."

She pinches her lips together before she lets out a chuckle. I huff and she grins. "Sorry, it is kinda funny." Her smile softens. "And I'd take a million pictures and it still wouldn't be enough."

I blush and duck my head. I hear a familiar click and look up to see Quinn's happy face. I grab the camera out of her hands. She lets out and indignant sound before I begin to run away. I get behind a bench and she waits on the other side. I begin to snap pictures of her and she grins as she launches herself over the bench. My eyes widen and I hold the button down as I back away. She catches me and swings me around. "Frannie was right. You are like a toy!" I laugh as I cuff her on her shoulder. She sits down and I go down with her. I sit across her thighs and she slumps backwards. "God I love being outside." I grin down at her and she sits up, snatching the camera back. "Let's see what we got here."

She begins to flip through the photos. There are some with a grin on her face as she jumps over the bench, others with a playful yet predatory look in her eyes as she waits on the side of the bench. One of the picture caught a smile on her face, the light shined on her eyes and her hair was glowing. I smile and Quinn makes a sound. "I want that one." She looks up at me. "I want some of these."

She grins and pulls my face next to here. She drops a kiss on my cheek and I hear the click of the camera. "I want them all." She motions and I stand up. She gets up and takes my hand. I wore gloves today but she didn't seem to mind. Today was an off day. "Let's get back to the picnic. It's only our fourth date." We had been dating for four weeks, each week on a random day she would take me out on a date. The other days we would hang out with each other and our friends. I drop a kiss on her cheek as we sit down.

April 6, 2012

"Stop!" Laughter leaves Brittany's mouth as she screeches at Tina. Currently Tina was tickling Brittany while Santana was getting more popcorn.

"Hey, hands off my girl Asian." Santana smirks. "I'm the only one who gets to tickle my girl." Brittany screeches in joy again as Santana's fingers reek havoc on her side.

Frannie comes in and drops down on the couch next to me. She lets out a long exaggerated sigh and uses Santana as a footstool. Santana ends up snatches Frannie's legs and pulls her down next to them as Frannie flails around. I start to laugh at them and Quinn plops down next to me. Frannie is screeching as Brittany's toes dig into her side. Tina had somehow escaped and leans against the back of her chair laughing as Santana tickles Brittany and Brittany gets Frannie.

Finally they call a truce and Brittany and Santana kiss as Frannie drags herself over to the couch. "Quinnie I can't move. Help me." Quinn laughs as she pulls Frannie up onto the couch. Tina throws a pillow at the two cheerleaders and shouts PDA while Santana flips her the bird as she pulls Brittany in front of the couch to cuddle.

The movie starts and we all settle down to watch it. Brittany and Santana are cuddled in front of the couch, Tina sits down beside me and throws her feet up on the coffee table. Quinn sits next to me with Frannie leaning into her side. It had been a few days since our first date and not much had changed. I still hang out with everyone, there are no awkward moments between Quinn and I as the movie progresses Frannie ends up falling asleep and shoving Quinn into me as she moves in her sleep. Quinn and I both blush but smile. I am reminded of what Frannie said two days after Quinn asked me out.

I sigh into the milkshake i'm drinking. Frannie had taken to trying to spoil me with everything sugary as she could. "Frannie?" Her eyes flit up to look at me from where she was stiring her whip cream into her milkshake. She lets out a hum. "Why'd Quinn ask me out?"

Frannie snorts and looks up at me. "Because she likes you. That is why people go on dates Rach."

"Frannie." I whine and her eyebrow raises. "You know what I mean."

Her smile softens around the edges as do her eyes. "Because she had a crush on you. The first time I brought you over and she was in the kitchen. Remember how fast she excused herself?" I nod my head. "She kinda had a crush on you, I guess because I talked about you a lot. She mentioned running into you at school one day." Her smile grows more loving. "It was her first girl crush and her first real crush. She didn't have to play by Russell's rules anymore."

I scoff in disbelief. "How can she have a crush on me? The gloves scare most people off?"

Her hand comes to rest on mine. "They are mysterious and intriguing. You are intriguing and smart and beyond beautiful. She doesn't just have a crush on you Rachel. Over the last three months she sees you as a friend. She trusts you and likes you. That is why she asked you out."

I had been feeling odd that day. I almost bailed on the date but Frannie helped me see sense. Quinn liked me and I liked her, what could be the harm in going on a date.

April 21, 2012

Today was suppose to be mine and Quinn's fifth date but Quinn was taking care of a sick Frannie despite Frannie arguing. Apparently you can still get a flu in April. I hum as I work in the kitchen. I wrinkle my nose as I cook the chicken noodle soup. I hear footsteps and then feel someone lean over my shoulder. "Whatcha cooking sweet-pea?"

Dad's glasses are falling down his nose and I slid them back on his face with a grin before I stir the chicken noodle soup. "Chicken noodle soup." I wrinkle my nose and he laughs as he reaches to dip his finger in it. I flick his hand and he pouts, his pale skin flushing in indignation.

He sighs like a four years old. "Why you cooking chicken noodle soup?" He looks curious as he opens the fridge.

I look down at the pot. "Frannie's sick so i'm going to take her some." I furrow my eyebrows. "But I don't know if it is good." I turn to look at him and catch him drinking out of the orange juice carton. "Dad!"

He coughs as he chokes on the orange juice and smiles sheepishly at me. "Don't tell your father please." He pouts. "He hates it when I drink from the carton." I cross my arms. "I'll buy a new one today. Anyway let me try the soup and i'll tell you if it's good."

He smile encouragingly. "You just want some." He shrugs his shoulders as he walks forward with a spoon. I watch as he takes a spoonful and shoves it in his mouth.

His eyes widen and he clamps his hand over his mouth as he starts bouncing up and down. My eyes widen in worry and shock before he stops bouncing. He grins sheepishly again. "Taste okay." He shrugs his shoulders. "Was a bit hot though."

I sigh. "That's why you blow first dad." I shake my head as I pour it in a to go container. Daddy was sleeping off his night working the E.R. "I'm going to run this over there. I'll be back in a bit." He pulls me into a hug and I bury my face into his chest. I had forgiven my fathers for forcing me to Dr. Lechy. I was learning control. I was getting better. "I love you dad." I kiss his cheek. "Tell daddy i'll be back later." He nods and drops a kiss on my head.

I balance the container in one hand as I open my car door. I turn the radio on and hum along to it as I drive to the Fabray house. Finally after a few minutes and two songs later I pull onto their street. I get out of the car and knock on the door. A disgruntled Quinn answers it. Her face is in a scowl before is morphs into a beautiful tired smile. "Rachel." She breathes it out like a thirty man seeing water for the first time.

A half smile tugs at the corner of my lips. "Hey. I brought you guys chicken noodle soup. There is enough for you, Frannie and your mom." Her grin turns grateful as she throws her arms around me.

"Thank you. I didn't have enough time to make supper. Frannie is bedridden and moms getting there." She drops a kiss on my lips and then turns around with the container. The door is left wide open as I stand there. Five weeks of dating Quinn and that was our first kiss.

Quinn peeks her head around the corner and blinks in confusion before blushing in realization. "Rach, sorry I didn't cheek with you first. I just got caught up an-" My fingers brush across her lips and I smile softly. Our first kiss was one of spontaneity, gratitude and something that burned within both of us.

"It's fine Quinn." I brush a kiss across her cheek, the corner of her lips. "Let's help your sister. She seems like the complaining sick person." Quinn lets out a relieved and mirth filled laugh as she wraps me in a hug and lifts me off the ground. I squeal in joy as my feet leave the ground.

May 4, 2012

I hum as I paint the shutters. Quinn's mom had decided to redo the outside of the house. Stating Russell never let her do the decorating she wanted. Currently it was very humid and hot out. A normal May day in Ohio. School would be over on May 30. Quinn and I had been dating since March 24. 41 days of dating Quinn. Frannie was at work which left Quinn to her mother's orders, which left me to Quinn's mother's orders.

I turn to dip the brush in paint again only to see Quin looking at me. "What?" I ask self conscious, feeling for paint on my face.

Her smile softens and widens at the same time. "Nothing. You are just really pretty."

I blush and duck my head. Suddenly paint is splatter across me. I gasp and look up at a grinning Quinn. "Lucille Quinn Fabray."

She raises her eyebrow at me in challenge. "Rachel Barbara Berry."

I pick up my brush. "You are going to regret that." Her smirk turns cocky as she shakes her head in disagreement. "Are too." I flick the paint at her and she ducks right as the front door opens.

My eyes widen as the paint splatters across Judy Fabray. She wipes paint off her lips. "I guess that answers my questions." Her eyes sparkle as she looks at us. "I wasn't aware you two were children." I catch a blush blooming across Quinn's face and Judy raises her eyebrow. Yup, it was a Fabray's women thing. She chuckles. "Dinners ready. Go get cleaned up please." She shuts the door as she heads inside and shakes her head.

Quinn grins at me as she sets her paint brush down. Paint is splattered across her face even though I didn't get a drop on her. She was a very messy painter. He hand grips mine as she pulls me into the house and up to her room. Quinn loved to hold hands. She loves to touch I found out. Whether its a brushing of fingers across my back as she walks behind me, or a hug that makes me feel warm inside. A warmth I had never felt before.

Hands brush across my neck and collarbone. I shiver at the feeling. My skin tingles in a way that has nothing to do with my powers. "What happened?" Her fingers are tracing the scars from my finger nails. The ones from the nightmare about Finn.

My hand moves up to brush the scars before they meet Quinn's fingers. "Nightmares." I feel the difference in the skin. The scars slightly raised. "Really bad nightmare. My nails did it."

She didn't ask any questions, just brushed a kiss across my shoulder. I see bright red and heard a beep before I slammed my powers closed and put my wall up. I did not want to see her death when she touched me. My heart beat for entirely different reasons than her lips on my skin. She kissed my fingertips before handing me some cloths. She always understood that I have a slight touching problem but somehow she could tell when I couldn't be touched. Yet she would place a comforting hand on me somewhere. Somewhere there wouldn't be the risk of skin on skin contact.

I finish cleaning up and changing my clothes and head downstairs. I have my gloves on. That little slip up upstairs had scared me. Quinn seemed to understand as her fingers brushed along my back as she pulled my chair out for me. She offers me an encouraging smile before sitting. Judy never asked questions and neither did Quinn. It was a relief. They accepted me for who I was. Heck all my friends did.

May 24, 2012

Today is our sixteenth date. Our two month anniversary as Frannie called it. Quinn rolled her eyes and told me that she would celebrate six months and one year with me, but if I wanted we could celebrate the little ones. The two month and four month and three month if I wanted. I was filled with happiness. She said one year. Six month. She felt like she would be with me then. And I felt utterly happy and told her we could celebrate whatever anniversaries she wanted.

She grinned and we went on a date. It was fun and exciting. She took me rollerblading and then we went out for slurpees. It was memorable because every day with her was memorable. Then she surprised me. We met up with Mike and Tina, Finn and Serenity and Santana and Brittany. Frannie was out of town at art fair with her mother. It felt odd to be without Frannie but it was still fun. Soon Mike and Tina would be gone all summer volunteering in Columbia at and Asian camp. Finn was going on a short vacation with Serenity and her family.

Laughter bubbles out of my lips again for what feels like the millionth time that night. Currently we we at an arcade and Finn was competing against Serenity at Dance Dance revolution. He was losing badly. Santana's laughter fills the room as Finn almost trips over his feet and falls. He catches himself thankfully but we gain looks from everyone in the arcade from our laughing. Quinn's hand is tucked into mine as she speaks softly with Brittany. Finn gets off the machine blushing. "I can't dance."

Serenity grins as she pats his chest. "I know babe." She winks. "I love you anyway." His grin widens and he sweeps her up in his arms and spins her around, mumbling in her ear. She laughs and blushes but looks insanely happy.

Brittany and Mike jump up next and begin to dance. A crowd gathers around and Quinn and I cheer and clap with everyone as the points rack up. Tina cheers as she bumps shoulders with me and winks. "GO BRIT!" Quinn screams and I laugh as I lean back in her arms. This was peaceful. Loud but I felt at peace. Quinn hums along to the radio and I join her before I turn and brush a soft kiss against her lips for the heck of it. My control was impeccable today. She grins and lengthens it for a few more seconds before breaking away and swaying us back and forth. Santana makes a face at us and I wink at her playfully. Tina cheers Mike on and I laugh in joy as the crowd begins to cheer for their respective favorite. Soon the two begin to and in fun and random moves and exaggerated their steps. The crowd loves it and I see video cameras come out. I turn and catch Quinn snapping a picture of Tina and Santana's faces and then Mike and Brittany dancing. She smile and takes one of me as she winks. I grin and reach for the camera.

June 22, 2012

I grin as I open my phone and Quinn's face greets me. Ninety-one days of dating her had been amazing. I look up at her and catch her eyes in the rear-view mirror. She winks at me and I stick my tongue out at her she returns it and Frannie speaks up. "Eyes on the road Quinnie, not on your girl." Quinn rolls her eyes but does as she's told after throwing me a grin.

Frannie winks at me and I grin back. The radio plays in the background and I sing along to it. "When she was just a girl, she expected the world." Frannie grins and closes her eyes as she listens. "But it flew away from her reach. So she ran away in her sleep. Dreamed of Para-para-paradise. Para-para-paradise. Para-para-paradise. Everytime she closed her eyes." Quinn's eyes flicker to mine and she smiles softly. Her eyes are full of emotions and I know this song connects with both the Fabray children. I smile and put more emotions behind my words. "When she was just a girl she expected the world." My mind flitted back to when I was a child then I pictured a young Frannie and Quinn. "But it flew away from her reach and the bullets catch in her teeth." My voice drowns out the band and Quinn's smile widens. "Life goes on." And it does, life continues on no matter what we face. "It gets so heavy. The wheel brea-" My voice is cut off as the car goes careening sideways with the crunch of metal and glass.

Wheels screech and a horn beeps. Frannie screams and the sound of asphalt under rubber sounds once more before the car begins to roll. Quinn hasn't made a sound yet and I feel a yell force its way out of my throat. More metal crunches in sound as does glass. The seat-belt pulls at my chest and I can't breath. It seems to take forever but seems over in a matter of seconds.

Finally it stops rolling and my eyes flutter as my ears pick up sounds. "-e stormy night she closed her eyes. In the night, the stormy night away she'd fly. And dreamed of para-pa-." The music cuts out and I blink my eyes open. Red is the first thing I see. I groan and look around. Why am I upside down? The car is sitting on its roof. I undo my seat-belt and slam into the hood with a groan. Blood, blood. Blood comes from people. Where are the people? What happened? I blink my eyes again.

My head hurts and then I hear a groan and gurgling from the front. I crawl across the broken glass and metal. My skin catches but nothing registers. I have to get to the groan. It's important, I can feel it. My eyes catch blonde hair and my memories come flying back. Quinn! Frannie! I make it to the front and what I see makes my blood run cold. Frannie is slumped on the floor, blood is leaking out of her mouth. "Fr-Fran-" My voice is ragged, cut off before I can finish. Hazel eyes open before closing. The gurgling sound from her chest. Why is she gurgling? I look towards Quinn, her chest is rising barely but she isn't moving. Why is there so much blood? Do people even have that much blood? Why doesn't it stop?

My hand shakes as I pull off my glove. I have to check. I need to see. There is darkness around them. Darkness that scares me. The darkness means something. I have to do something. My hand brushes across where their hands are joined in the middle. They hold hands. When did they grab one another? I gasp for air as it hits me.

The sound of sirens. So loud. Screeching. Beeping Beeping. Heart machine. What comes first? Why does it hurt? Focus. Focus Rachel! The sirens come first then beeping. Always beeping. Listen for the sirens. The beeping stops and the sirens come. So loud. Why so loud? My head turns. Quinn is lying on the roof of the car. Why won't she move? Why am I seeing what I just saw? Hub-dub. Hub-dub. Her heart sounds, I can feel it. Why is is slowing? With each pump blood is let out and then it stops. NO! Quinn! NO! No more heartbeat. I can't hear it. Can't feel it. She's dead before the sirens arrive. Why are the sirens important? What do the sirens do?

The sirens disappear and then the beeping grows louder. Beeping. Beeping! Why is there rasping? Like a smokers lungs. I turn my head and catch sight of blonde hair. Quinn! No, not Quinn. Frannie. Quinn's dead. Why is Quinn dead? "Two days under medical induced coma. It doesn't look good. Bacterial infection in lungs." Voices sound around me but all I hear is the rasping. The slowing heartbeat. The voices leave and then the beeping slows. One long note plays out like a finale. NO! They both died. NO!

I gasp as red comes back into my sight. My breathing is ragid and the darkness surrounds both of them thicker than before. I can see it clearer. Quinn is covered in it. "No." My voice whispers out. They can't die. "No. NO!" I rip the other glove off and slam my hands over each of their hearts, where the darkness looks thickest. Its the last thing that fights off the darkness. "No!" I can feel the darkness as it wraps around my hands. I follow to where the buzz it the thickest. The fuzziest. The heart was the second buzzing spot. My hand lands on Quinn's lower back, soaked in blood. My other finds it place on Frannie side, above her ribs. I had to save them!

Dazed twin set's of hazel eyes stare back at me. One, the one I was slowly falling in love with were becoming duller. Less alive. Dead. "No." I take a deep breath and focus. Pull the black. Take the black. Instincts tell me. Take it all. Save them. My breath becomes harder to take in. It feels like I am drowning in fog. Suffocating. The blackness flows into my veins and a sound tries to break through my throat. Why can't I breath? Why does this hurt? I focus on the dull hazel eyes as they slowly come back to life. It was working! My gaze turns to Frannie's face. Eyes closed breathing becoming clearer, deeper. Sirens sound and I try to move faster. Sirens mean Quinn dies. She can't die. She can't die. I fell in love with her! I love her. I can't let them die. I love them both. My best friend and my girlfriend. I turn back to my girlfriends lovely face. It is marred by blood and scraps but still beautiful. Hazel eyes alight with their normal fire and stare into mine. The ribs under my hand expand to their fullest and the muscles and spine under my other twitch at the soft touch, feeling again. Hazel eyes stare into mine and recognition flares in them before I let out a grunt of pain. I hurt all over. Why do I hurt? I can't feel the buzzing on my hands anymore. The buzzing may have stopped but the blackness didn't. It travels from the veins of my hands travels up to my eyes. Everything is fuzzy now. Slowly everything goes black. My last sight is of hazel eyes.

Santana's POV

"Papi. Where's Quinn? Is she alright? Frannie?" The call I had gotten from Judy was frantic. Frannie and Quinn had been in an accident was all Judy had gotten out before she broke into sobs.

"Yes, they are both alright mija. But Santi." His eyes are anguished and he reaches for me. I move out of the way and clutch Brittany's hand. He said they are okay. I have to see.

"Take us to see them now." He fingers the sleeve of his jacket and I stare him down. He had to take us to them. They were family. We had to see them. Had to make sure

"Mija there's something I have to tell you first." Anything he would say could be bad news. I didn't want to hear it. I just want to see them with my own eyes.

"Please. Just take us to Quinn and Frannie." Brittany's hand grips mine tighter and I wonder how hard it is for her to be here. She sees the bad emotions. Hospital must be surrounded in those emotions. Anguish, sadness, pain. I stroke her hand in comfort, for both of us.

"Alright." He nods his head and leads the way. "They both are in adjoining rooms. The doctors are working on them right now to see what all is wrong. The crash was bad mija." I nod my hand as I stare at the two glass windows.

Clothes are soaked in blood but I don't see any wounds. I stare in shock and worry as they work on my best friends. They were both paler than normal, soaked in blood. I was beyond scared but there were no major wounds. It looked like scraps. Where was all the blood from then? "San." Brittany breaths out and I turn to look at her. She looks devastated. "Rachel saved them. I can see her touch on them." Her lips started to tremble and I look to my papi. He hadn't heard what Brittany said. If Rachel saved them. If she somehow used her power to save Frannie and Quinn where was she?

My papi looks at me and I see that look. My jaw clenches. The same one he had when he works the Emergency Room. The anguished tired look most doctors wear. I shake my head in denial and he nods sadly reaching for the both of us. "Papi, no." He pulls us into him.

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