By Arlia'Devi

Chapter 7

amantes sunt amentes
Lovers are lunatics

Jane Foster is sleeping when Thor beams down to earth, far, far away from New York City. Thor's knowledge of Midgard is poor. The area is desolate, but it is bright. Thor shades his hand and looks around. It is hot – insanely hot – and there is no known civilisation for ages. Is he sure he has descended upon Midgard? Not in the slightest.

Thor huffs and builds up the momentum in his hammer, taking to the skies. After a moment, he finds a small township in which the denizens can give him some sort of indication as to his position on the sphere.

He lands on the outskirts of the small town and waltzes in. This is Midgard indeed, and he has received the same strange stares from the Midgardians the last time he had come. A child goes to hide behind her mother as he approaches the small township.

"Fear not," he announces to the small populace that has gathered. "I am Thor, of Asgard, victor of the Battle of New York City and friend to all Midgardian people. Who here may I speak to? This is indeed Migard?"

A young boy stumbles forward. "Cool!" he says, in a strange accent, but English none-the-less. Thor has mastered many languages within the realms. "Do you know Iron Man?"

"The Man of Iron is one of my closest comrades," he smiles. "Which way to New York?"

"Along way from here, pretty-boy," someone shouts out and a group of people laugh. Thor notices some policemen who come from their station and he approaches them gleefully – their uniforms are similar to the men who were around New York, helping citizens escape.

"Good men," he smiles. "Where shall I procure directions to New York?"

One of the police men look at the other and laughs. "Man, you're a long way away – this is Australia. We could get the Google maps up and print them off for you," the other policeman also laughs. "But that's as good as it's gonna get."

"That shall suffice," Thor nods. "Thank you."

"So," says the laughing policeman. "Are you here for work or for pleasure?"

Thor grins, "Definitely pleasure."

One of the other men notices the barrel Thor is carrying and snickers that perhaps they should put it through customs. They usher Thor into the cool police station and away from the small crowd that is gathering outside.

The Policeman handed Thor a Google map print out.

"This is where we are, A," says the policeman, pointing to the inner regions of Australia. "And America – New York City, is over there. Can we call someone for you? Or…"

"Do you have contact with the Man of Iron?

The Policeman begins laughing again, and Thor does not understand what is quite amusing about the situation. Gauging by the map, he has quite a trek to New York City, but is determined to make it there.

"I shall be leaving now, friends, thank you for the information, Allfather's wishes on you."

The policeman grabs a camera. "A photo first – our best tourist!" Some of the men huddle around Thor and make thumbs-up signs and the strange device flashes. Thor huffs. He needs to get out of this place as soon as possible, lest it hinder his travels to New York City.

Thor leaves the police station to a large crowd of people, who have gathered in hearing about such a superhero wandering into the town. There are television cameras and reporters, trying to get interviews and comments.

"Unhand me mortal," Thor grits as a journalist touches him, before shoving his way through the crowd. They are persistent, however, and Thor warns them to get back – he is about to take off, and they would be in danger.

"Can you give us a statement on the Battle of New York? Are there anymore aliens out there?"

"What's happening with Tony Stark? And why has Miss. Pepper Potts been named CEO of Stark Industries?"

"Are you close with your fellow Avengers? If so, who is your favourite and why?"

"Stand back, mortals," he bellows, revealing Mjölnir. Some of the crew stagger back, and when the wind picks up, the journalists step back as well, shading their eyes with their hands. Thor – glad to be out of the large populace of strange people and the sun that was belting down on the town – takes to the air and hastily travels east along the Pacific Ocean.

Jane awakes at seven a.m. to someone buzzing over the intercom repetitively. She grumbles and looks at the clock, before rolling out of bed to answer whoever it is unlucky enough to wake her at an ungodly hour.

"What is it?" she grumbles. "Do you even know how early it is? This better be good?"

"It's Bruce. Sorry for waking you, I've just made a breakthrough in the labs – you have to come see it," he says.

Jane groans. "Can't it wait until… 9?"

"No," says Bruce. "Now hurry up or I'll override."

"You can't override," Jane laughs and pulls up her hair. She might as well go down. He's been buzzing her for a good ten minutes so it must be good. "You can't do anything unless it's nuclear."

"You're right, but I'm pretty sure Natasha could put some sort of bug chip into it," he replies as Jane pulls on some socks and brushes her teeth quickly. "I'll smash it down."

The door opens and Jane steps out, pyjamas and all. "All right," she huffs. "I'm here. Let's go."

"None of that," Bruce says, swiping her iPad from her hands and shutting it off just as it opened to the default News page. "Let's go. Hurry up."

"Give me back my iPad!" she hisses. "Bruce!"

"I will. Once you come down to the labs." They shuffle into the elevator and Bruce pushes the button. The doors close and Jane huffs, still in her light pyjamas – the grey top, and the pink and yellow striped pants, her hair pulled into a ponytail and not even a swipe of mascara on her eyelashes (she's never been one to pour on the makeup, but ever since she's moved to New York, she's been more aware of her appearance. Probably because of all the people that were always around).

"I'm not even wearing shoes," she complains.

"We're inside. You don't have to," says Bruce. Although he's wearing cargo pants, a top and sneakers.

"It's OH&S in the labs," she points out.

"You won't be in there for that long. Then you can have some breakfast and a shower."

Jane groans. Did she really need a shower? "So what's this breakthrough you've made?"

"I've discovered a source that can produce a lot of power, to power the vibranium battery, not only is it limitless, but it's more manageable than creating our own lightning strikes, or attracting them to the vessel."

"Sounds promising," Jane replies. The elevator opens and they get out. The office is strangely buzzing this morning – had her clock turned back? Had there been a power outage? Jane, suddenly self-conscious in her bed hair, scurries along behind Bruce.

She spies Captain Rogers, standing through the glass panes of her lab and turns back. Beside him was Tony Stark.

"I can't do this! Those guys are in there! Let me go have a shower, Bruce, I'll be five seconds!" she cries and tries to run away. Bruce, however, is surprisingly fast and catches her hand – a goofy expression is plastered over his face.

"It'll only take a second. Tony needs to leave by half-past," he argues. "They don't even care."

"I have kittens on my pyjamas. Kittens," she dead-pans.

"I know. And they're adorable."

Jane huffs and pushes back the stray hairs that fall around her face. She is woman, and she isn't wearing a bra – but this is science! And these are men, repressive, sexualised and dominant men. But she is wearing kitten pyjamas and she's come to realise over the few weeks that Bruce Banner is a complete ass. She's going to do something terrible in the next few weeks just to get back at him for this.

Gathering whatever is left of her dignity, she pushes past Banner, who snickers as she walks past. He follows in and clears herself into the lab with her security card before shouldering the door open.

"I'm here – what's so importa-oh my god,"

And there. And fucking sitting on a bench like there's nothing wrong in the world is Thor. Fucking Thor. Just sitting there, leaning on the edge of table, with Mjolnir next to him and his cape hanging around his shoulders.

Her legs move before she can think. Suddenly she doesn't care that she hasn't showered, or that she's not wearing a bra or kitten pyjamas because she hugs Thor – really hugs him and he hugs back and laughs in her messy hair and says he's back and back for good.

Bruce laughs behind her and she peels herself off Thor's shoulder and shoots him a look.

"Will this work as a power source?" he asks.

"It's sustainable," says Tony Stark. "I'll just have to make sure not to get zapped."

Thor looks at Jane then and smiles. His big hands push back her hair and her tears and he kisses her on the lips passionately.

"Let's leave the lovebirds alone," says Tony again and ushers the men out of the room.

Bruce calls, in fleeting, "Don't mess up the paperwork filing!" and then the door shuts.

"When did you get here? How? The Bifrost, I-," she gushes. "I have so many questions."

"Not a few Midgardian hours ago," he replies patiently. "In a strange land where it was already tomorrow and so insanely hot. And the Bifrost is repaired and I am here, Jane Foster, if you shall have me. There is much we need to talk about, but all in good time."

Jane smiles and nods. "Of course I want you to stay, Thor."

"Good." he kisses her again and it's mind-numbing and she wraps her arms around his head, threading her fingers through his beautiful blonde hair. He leans back and drags his hand down Jane's stomach and hip, making her skin set on fire. The baggy grey top hides her petite figure, but Thor finds it and maps it out in his mind.

"You have just risen from sleep?" he asks. "These moments are the most precious." He laughs.

"Don't tease me," she replies with a small smile. "Bruce wouldn't -," she spies her iPad on the counter and goes to retrieve it, hooking it up to the wifi and checking the daily news. Thor watches on as Jane plays with the screen of a strange device.

Jane read the headlines in disbelief.




Agent Hill enters the lab then, busting the bubble between them. She's followed by a few more agents, then Bruce and Tony.

"Mr. Thor, we'll need to speak with you," she says. "Procedural things, really."

Thor looks at Jane and she shrugs. "It's all right. I'm going to have a shower. I'll be here when you're done."

Maria waits patiently. "Are you staying within the Earth's atmosphere for a period of time this time around?"

Thor looks to Jane. Her smile lights up her eyes. She is glorious.


Meanwhile, in a realm far, far way, a worried mother approaches the Guardian of the Bifrost and Realms, biting her lip. Heimdall watched impassively at the happenings throughout all the realms, not only his own. Frigga's arrival is not lost on him, and he bows as she enters his post.

"My Queen," he says gently. She serveys her son's craftsmanship.

"This is to your liking?" she asks. "He has done well?"

"If it was shoddy workmanship, he would be still here working upon it," Heimdall replied. "It is not how it once was, but it will suffice."

Frigga smiles weakly. "I am glad." she approaches Heimdall. "Can you see him? Has he made it to Midgard unhindered? Is he with the woman he loves?"

Heimdall is silent for a moment. Frigga waits patiently.

"He arrives in Midgard, but is lost. He asks the citizens for co-ordinates," Heimdall laughs. "They see him as a god."

"All Midgardians do..," Frigga laughs. "And he, perhaps, is the most popular."

"He finds his way to the city of New York, where she is, and has promised to meet him as such," Heimdall says. "He is with her now. You may not be pleased," Heimdall looks at his Queen then, his tone sobering. "But he loves the mortal woman with every fiber of his being. She is dressed like a beggar, and he cannot help but bask in her beauty."

Frigga nods and laughs. "He is happiest there. With her?"

Heimdall agrees. "He will come back to Asgard no other way than to be dragged."

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