Tiger's in the Forest

I don't own Twilight, I wish I did but Meyer's done it first. My characters are named from Twilight but Bella's not human and these vampires have fangs and can drink blood of human and animal and still sparkle.


I am a Tiger shape-shifter/Witch, My dad is Warlock and my mum is Tiger, We live in a forest near Forks Washington my dad's powers work best with nature and being a Tiger we love nature so it was a great thing for my mum when she found out her mate is in love with nature as she was. My name is Isabella Swan my human age is 17 years but my real age is 2000 years old. What you all need to know is if you are Vampire, Shape-Shifter, Witch or any other Super Natural we are Immortal we can only die certain ways. I have been looking for my mate for a long time, While I have been in this world I go back to high school every 8 – 10 years or I get bored, and because I don't age any more I have to move every time I start a new school. When I get bored of going to school I travel do the tourist thing. Ok back to me and my super natural abilities I shift to tiger I cast spells but mostly I don't have to do spells it really is just the will of the person the thought in my mind.