Tiger's in the Forest

Chapter 2

Waiting For Bella…..


While I was waiting for Bella to wake up I got worried because it has been 24 hours now, I had to hunt so I got Rose to sit with Bella until I got back.

I found 2 bears and 3 deer's to drink and then stopped by the trees.

I knelt next to the trees I don't know why but it felt right my hand on both trees I said I am sorry Bella hasn't come she is still asleep but when she is awake I would bring her to them after she ate some food and had a warm drink.

I heard the trees ask if I was worried about her, I said yes I am worried about her she is my mate my life my one and only, I started to dry sob, then I felt something around me and I spun out it was the tree they had their braches around me hugging me in my sadness, they told me they would do something to help when I get a knock on the door to answer the pass word for the beings when they turn up will be Butterscotch after our eyes so if I don't get that answer to take her and run to the trees they will protect her and my family, I say my thanks and I did something I haven't in many years I prayed for the trees to be safe and well and I sent wave of love & loyalty to the trees. I could tell they were happy I did that, I will see you 2 later be well.

I head home and say thanks to Rose for doing this, I call up Carlisle.

Carlisle we need to talk.

Carlisle – I hear Jasper call me to talk I know he went hunting but he took longer to come back I hope he is all right. "Yes Jasper how are you holding up?"

Jasper – "Fine dad but Bella won't wake up and we are to expect some visitors soon."

Carlisle – "Who are our visitors?"

Jasper – "I don't know I just got told a pass word of sorts to know if it's the right people being sent to me."

Carlisle – "Who did you ask for help from Jasper? Do you or we owe any favours for this help coming?"

Jasper – "I don't care if I owe a favour I wouldn't do that to the rest of the family how low do you think I am? When we were at the trees yesterday they old me Bella promised to come to them to meditate and help move the power around the ley lines to the trees, She made a deal with the trees they will hold any super we need to interrogate but when the super dies the fire I used to kill the vampire transfers the power from the super in to the ley lines and helps support the trees because they are magical and need power and a witch to help them that is why the trees died out over time because people stopped being open to magic."

"So when I told the trees Bella was still asleep the trees got worried and said they will send someone to help her, They all so said if danger comes we are to go to the trees with the intentions of them helping us and they will hides us in their branches and be invisible, but they are having problems with Edward the trees read his mind and when he said he was going to chop them down the trees don't know why they should rick there hid so to speak for a vampire who wishes them harm."

I heard a knock at the door and told Carlisle to stay with Bella he nodded yes and I went to answer it.

Jasper – "Hello can I help you?"

Strangers – "Yes we have been sent to help the light."

Jasper – "Do you know the password?"

Strangers – "Yes it's Butterscotch."

Jasper – "Why is it Butterscotch?"

Strangers – "The colour of your eyes, now may we come in and see the light."

Jasper – "My mate has a name."

Strangers – "Yes but we are not to call her anything but the light the guardians have said so."

Jasper – "Ok come on let's get this done. Oh by the way do you 2 have a name?"

Strangers – "We don't go by names but for the human world we go by Dom & Antonio we are pleased to meet the mate to the light."

Jasper – "Oh ok thanks by the way she won't like being called the light."

Strangers – "We will cross that bridge when we get to it."

As we walked to the stairs Rose & Emmett came out of the den and looked at the strangers, when the strangers started to growl at Emmett I got worried.

Strangers – "Because of you the light wont wake up yet, you know you are a strong vampire but you had to be childish when you had your fight with the new Borns, You didn't like a woman of small statue could kill with one word she asked you to kill them no fucking around, so while you played your games with the other vampires she held a shield protecting your mate and your family then she had a shield around of your vampires so you had a fair fight she all so had a vampire you all needed to question but under normal rules for her counsel she bent them she let you fight she thought you would just kill them no mucking around did you all know she can be put to death because she gave you a chance? Did you know one of her powers is when in a fight she knows the outcome of it and how it plays out, she seen 2 outcomes number 1 she kills them all you hate her for being who she is and jasper leaves the family because you think she is a show of ten years later you are attacked because of Alice's past again and her & Jasper will not be there and you all die, Jasper is distraught he left the family he leaves her to seek revenge, Jasper dies she is alone she does the one thing no sane person would do she attacks the Volturi and all the humans until Aro catches her judges guilty but because she is in true sense of the word immortal she can't die so with her mate she lets herself be beaten, cut, tied, raped & bleed out to a point where her body heals the bleeding then they start all over again she is forever looked in an adjoining room to Aro so he can abuse her all he wants and he knows she won't fight back because she lost her mate all due to a immature vampire youngling who doesn't grasp the sense of protecting family over his ego or pride, do you even feel bad the light has not woken did you not care because you got your fun, Outcome number 2 is what we are going through now but because Jasper and her have not completed the mating and joining their souls there is a chance she will for ever be in this coma state, either way she had a chance of losing Jasper but this way he still had his family if she never wakes up."

Rose – "How do you know all this? Why should we believe you? We don't owe her anything we would have killed the vampires on our own get of your high horse."

Jasper – When I listened to the stranger say what happened and what for I wanted to kill rose for what she said but I looked at her and growled "When do you think we would have killed them if you recall what happened my mate got us out of the house where the attack was supposed to happen she killed James and let your mate paly his games while using her magic to protect us from getting hurt because Emmett wanted to show his muscles, she sacrificed hers and my future just so I kept my family instead of leaving them and you all dying anyway so how is it my mates fault rose explain now. You 2 can go see her now."

Strangers – We walk in the room and look at the girl she is exactly like the prophecy say's, I grab my phone and ring the shifter counsel "It has started, her mate will protect her and she brought the guardians from the past, we need to be careful she needs protection and proberly wont get it here she sacrificed herself so her mate wont lose his family/coven. We will stand by"

Jasper – "What did you mean by your phone call?"

The whole family heard the talk with Emmett and just heard what the stranger said on the phone they can protect there own, but what Emmett had done he has done lots of time I thought he had grown out of that.

Strangers – "What I mean by what I said I know you all heard what I said to Emmett and I believe you all know it's true even his mate does but is standing by her man when in this instance she should be standing by her family, with the light bringing the trees back she has called the guardians they are what made us supers now with the way life started and to now some supers hunted each other for game some just for fun some for study, she has bought life itself to our world soon we will have anything that used to be here from old times will be back."

Carlisle – "Oh shit"

Everyone yelled what…..