District One Female: Star Ocemen, 17

District One Male: Terric Glam, 15

District Two Female:Noel Banksia

District Two Male: Reserved

District Three Female: Evelyn Nightlock, 14

District Three Male: Alex Wilson, 15

District Four Female: Alyra Mussel, 17

District Four Male: Tristen James Hallwood( TJ)

District Five Female: Lucinda Greenwood, 15

District Five Male: Reserved

District Six Female: Skylark Andronicus, 16

District Six Male: Tanner Mustang, 17

District Seven Female: Alena Medea, 14

District Seven Male: Asher Everwood, 18

District Eight Female: Hylia Johanson, 17

District Eight Male: Aden Hanran, 18

District Nine Female: Cherry Healy, 14

District Nine Male: James Sheldonberg, 16

District Ten Female: May Bullock, 18

District Ten Male: Reserved

District Eleven Female: Hazel Vine, 14

District Eleven Male: Reserved

District Twelve Female: Magnolia Terrapin

District Twelve Male: Anthony Coalwell

Hello! This is Coaster317 here! Thank you all for submitting a tribute. I like them all so far! Good Luck and May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.