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Alyra Mussel, 17 POV

" ALYRA! WAKE UP!" says a voice. Ugh, all I want to do today is sleep What is wrong with sleep? NOTHING! I sweep my beautiful brown hair out of my eyes. Not that it matters. My vision sucks. Sucks to suck, my sister always said. She's dead now, but I still love her.

I stretch in bed. I yawn then make my way over to I think the mirror. I look into it. When I look into my mirror, this is what I see, beautiful blue eyes are staring at me. (A/N: I really wanted to make an Alayra and I know it verse right here, but I didn't. LAB!) I see a dress on my nightstand and just have to gasp in shock. I pray I am seeing this correctly.

It is a beautiful deep blue dress, but as the dress goes farther down my body, it turns a lighter color. So at first it is a deep blue, like far out sea. At my belly, it is a kind of perriwinkle. At my calf, it is sky blue and at my ankles, it is white like seafoam. Beautiful. I put on the dress and fishtail braid my hair. Haha. Because I am from the sea District. Ah, never mind!

I walk to my door and then the floor goes out from my feet and I am tumbling down what I think is the stairs. Oh shit. When I finally reach the bottom, I think to myself, Walk much? Damn, I am SO graceful!

" Hey guys, yeah, I am good!" No one replies. THOSE BITCHES! THEY LEFT ME! Then I look at the clock. Oh, that is why. The Reaping is soon. I walk to The Square, tripping on my own feet a couple times on the way there. Actually, no. I don't trip. I do random gravity checks. Yeah. that is it!

When I get to the square, I hear " Welcome to The Reaping of The Seventeenth Hunger Games. Good Luck, and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor". Wow. I am late! I sprint to the seventeen year old section. Wow. It would be funny if all 17 year olds were picked for The Reaping in all Districts this year.

Our new Escort, Katrinia Rathbone, says OUr lucky female tribute for The Seventeenth Annual Hunger Games is Alayra Mussel!". I strut forward with a grin. Finally. I will be there, in The Capitol. Then, I have to kill a bunch of people and become a Sex Slave. But wait there is more!(A/N: Haha. See what I did there? With the commercial crap and stuff? Never mind.) Just Kidding. There isn't more. MWAHAHAHA! I walk up to the stage and wait for the boys name to be called.

TJ Hallwood, 16 POV

When I wake up, I think to myself. Hmm, You know what, screw it. I walk to the Reaping, at Ten O'clock. The Reaping is at One.


Don't go to The Reaping three hours before it starts. BAD IDEA. I have been so bored for the last three hours. Our Escort, Katrinia Rathbone, says" Our Female Tribute from District Four for The Seventeenth Annual Hunger Games is... Alayra Mussel!". A girl with Dark hair and electric blue eyes steps forward with a grin on her face.

" Our Male Tribute from District Four will be... Alex O'Dair! I think to myself, I am way better then him at everything. Why should he get to go? Bitch. Please. I step forward cockily. " I volunteer as tribute!"

" What is this? It seems we have a volunteer for here. Step right up!" says Katrinia.

I step right up happily. Alex gives me a look that says, You-better-hope-that-you-die-in-the-arena-because-if-you-live-I-will-personally-murder-you-slowly. Well, he is Eighteen. This was his last year and he has been dieing to go to The , NEENER FREAKING BOO-BOO ALEX!

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