Noel Banksia, 17

THUD! MY throwing knife plunges into the dummies heart. Ketchup oozes out. Our fake blood is delicious! I see my teacher, Cruella, (A/N: YES LIKE CRUELLA DEVIL FROM 101 DALMATIONS!) I Look at me approvingly. She barks out," Get your great-sword out. You fighting me today." I smile happily. I am AMAZING at great-swords. I think!

So Cruella and I duel with each other for five minutes. She sorta kicks my ass. I go to my house to get ready for the best day of the year. THE REAPING! I dress in what I hope my arena outfit will be. A blood-red jacket, long cargo pants, combat boots, and a light brown shirt. I head to The Reaping.

Our escort, Flora Whateverherlastnameis, is decked up in a white dress that poofs out like seven feet on every side, like a jacked up tutu. There are little veins everywhere. They are deep red, like blood. Her hair is bright blue and her makeup is orange. My friend, Edge, yells at her, " FREAK!" She yells back," I HOPE YOU GET REAPED!" Everyone at The Reaping laughs. Even the twelve year olds. Cruella blushes. She looks at her watch and sighs in relief.

" Welcome, Welcome! Hello District Two! Welcome to The Seventeenth Annual Hunger Games! Good Luck, and May the Odds be EVER in your favor. Here is a special video imported ALL the way from The Capitol!, says Flora. We all drift off until Flora says," Ah, I just LOVE that. Well, I am gonna switch it up! Guys first! OUr District Two Male tribute for The Seventeenth Annual Hunger Games is, Steel Knuckle!

" I VOLUNTEER!", someone screams from the crowd. No one is surprised or challenges the volunteer. I look at the volunteer and he looks a lot like the reaped tribute.

" What is your name?" asks Flora. " My name is Skylar Knuckle. He is my brother!" He points at Steel. Flora says," I think I figured it out! You guys are brothers!" Al of District Two slaps there forehead in synchronization. Ugh, the idiocy of some people is incredible

" Alright. Ladies now! I just start walking forward. I planned on volunteering!

" And our female tribute of District Two is... Noel Banksia! Wow. I planned on Volunteering! This made things easier! I just climb the stairs and shake hands with Skylar.

AND... SCENE! I am beyond sorry for not posting in like two months! I HAVE SHUNNED MYSELF! I know you probally look like this - : (, but I A SORRY ! ALL REAPING WILL BE IN ORDER OF DISTRICT NOW BUT DISTRICT ONE WILL BE LAST ( SOORRY~!)

Shunned- coaster317