Chapter 1

~~~~Fairytale Land That Was~~~~

Rumplestiltskin watched as some of Prince James' soldiers escorted the distressed and pregnant Cinderella away from the garden.

He sat in his cage, flexing his powerless hands. It wasn't gone, just being held back, as his leg was still working perfectly.

Not like he cared, this was all part of the plan. He never intended to take the child, not in this life or the next, it was all part of his plan.

He smirked to himself. He just needed one more object to make it complete.

Prince James marched up to him with a deep scowl on his face.

"What have you done with Thomas?" he demanded again.

Rumplestiltskin shrugged.

"I've already told you," his fingers flared as he spoke. "He's been whisked away...and no amount of magic will bring him back."

"Is he dead?" growled James.

"Not in the least, just lost," shrugged Rumple.

"How do I get him unlost?" James fixed him with the sternest glare he could muster.

Rumplestiltskin leaned forward.

"If I tell you am I due for one favor?" he asked with an impish grin.

"You aren't in any position to make any of your twisted deals," the Prince smirked.

"On the contrary, poor little Cinderella can't afford me not to...if she ever wants to find her twue wove again," Rumple giggled slightly. "All prisoners are given one last request before you shut them away."

Prince James looked at him quizzically.

"I'll make you a deal of my own, you tell me your request and I'll decide if it's worth the effort," he said firmly.

"Ah ah ah, if you don't agree then I don't talk," Rumple negotiated.

"Well then I guess we're at an impasse, have fun in hell," Prince tapped the side of the carriage for it to move along.

"No, no, wait!" Rumple's clawed hand grabbed the cloak of the young prince. "I accept the terms of your deal."

Prince James smirked and shook the green hand.

"In my castle, there is an object I desire, you may have it tested by your fairies, or whatever but I assure you there are no curses, charms or enchantments on it. It resides in my main hall on a pedestal. It is easy to find. Please bring it to me...if just to see it."

Prince mulled over the imp's request.

"You just want to see it, how do I know you won't use it as a weapon? Or a distraction?" James scrutinized the eyes of the demon carefully.

"It's not anything of that kind, you'll see once you find it, with it...I'll go quietly, let you imprison me without any difficulty, with it buys my service," Rumple bowed his head reverently.

James pondered the words carefully.

"I'll go find this object, if i deem it dangerous I will not bring it to you, but if it is as you say you may have your request," James decided, reading a shred of honesty in the imps eyes.

"And then I will tell you all you wish to know about little prince Thomas," the imp giggled.

James nodded.

"Take him back to the castle, imprison him immediately," James marched over to his magnificent white steed. "Tell Snow I'll return soon. You two come with me. In case this one has left traps."

Rumple made a face of mock indignation.

"We'll return in a few days, make sure no one visits him until I return," ordered James.

His men nodded and muttered their "Yes sirs" before mounting their horses and getting into formation.

"Keep your promise Rumplestiltskin! Or so help me your precious object will be destroyed by my hand!" shouted James.

Rumple lifted his hands up innocently as the carriage began to move, carrying him away to his jail.

"I await your return," Rumple bowed his head again.

James turned his horse around.

"Where to sir?" asked one of the soldiers that stayed behind with him.

"To the Dark Castle," he sighed. "I have an object to find."