January 1994

Today is the day. Today is the day that everything was going to change; today is the day that children were going to lose their parents. Most importantly today is the day that I'm going to die. I've looked at every possible outcome. I've tried looking for the best way to protect my daughter and her beloved charge; even before she was born I've been trying to stop this day. More than anything I just want her to be happy and safe, but I know that her life with be filled with danger, excitement, hurt, and love. Her life would be an adventure; I only wish that I could live to see it.

Katirina Le Fey woke up late on a cold January morning as her bare feet hit the cold wood floor of her bedroom she took a moment taking deep breaths trying to keep her feelings of panic at bay. She had an idle thought that if she stayed in bed all day, she wouldn't have to face this day…she wouldn't have to die. "Mom! I can't find my blue jacket! Have you seen it?" a voice of a young woman loudly asked. It was all Katirina could do, to hold back her tears. This would be the last conversation she would have with her daughter; Anya Marie Le Fey would never know how deeply she is loved. Everything Katirina did today would be for her, everything Katirina did everyday was for her daughter.

"Mom?! Are you awake?" Katirina quickly said a prayer before she stood up and faced the day, today she would need all the luck that the Goddess could give her. Katirina went about her morning routine after she finished washing her face she took once last look at herself, she looked tired with dark circles under her hazel eyes contrasting with her pale ivory skin tone. Katirina was glad that her daughter didn't inherit her coloring with the exception of their shared dark brown-black hair. Anya stepped into her bathroom quietly as Katirina brushed her long hair into a ponytail. "Did I wake you up? I thought you were already awake, you usually are up way before me." Anya said with slight smile. Katirina looked at her daughter; she was so young to lose her mother. Anya was about to turn seventeen in a month's time, Katirina absentmindedly thought. Katirina would never see her become a woman, she would remain this tiny woman-child only about 5'3 with the beginnings of growing into her curves. Unlike her mother, Anya was sunkissed tan with dark brown eyes; she too had her dark hair pulled up in a ponytail identical to her mother's. How could Katirina fit in a lifetime of motherly advice in the next 10 minutes? How could she tell her daughter how much she loved her? Or how to never let anyone break her spirit? Or how to always get the milk carton from the back of the fridge at the market because it's fresher?

"Hello? Mom? Are you feeling ok?" Anya asked concerned, her delicate eyebrows knitting in concern a mirror image of her own concerned expression. "No, no, no, I'm fine; just didn't sleep very well last night. Aren't you going to be late?" Katirina asked. Anya looked at the watch on her wrist she knew very well that if she didn't leave in the next 5 minutes that she would be late for school, but she couldn't shake this uneasy feeling that she had today. "I'll make it, don't worry," Anya said with a little eye roll, "Aren't you taking Reed and Kelly to the airport today?" Katirina let the question hang in the air for a few moments, she could say no. All she had to do was give Kelly a quick call and say she couldn't make it, but if she did that she would be setting a whole other chain of events off; events that would eventually come to hurt her daughter in the end. For what Anya needed to accomplish, she would need the strength that she would only gain if Katirina died today. Katirina sent a quick prayer for strength to her Goddess, in addition to luck, she needed all the strength that the Goddess could give her today.

"Yeah, I was about to leave right now. Your blue jacket is in your car by the way; right where you left it." Katirina said smiling. Anya let out an exasperated sigh and said "Of course, it would be there. Ok then I'm off, I was thinking Chinese food for dinner? I've been craving it" Katirina felt a rise of panic, this would be it the last time she would see Anya, but she willed it down along with the tears that she wanted to cry. Katirina nodded, "Chinese sounds good, we could get it from that place you like", she gently brushed a strand of hair that escaped Anya's ponytail away from her face. "Yum! I can't wait! We should invite Nick and Marie too!" Anya added starting to walk away from her mother. Katirina quickly grabbed Anya's wrist and pulled her into a fierce hug, "Mom?" Anya quietly said. "You know I love you more than anything in the world. You are my greatest accomplishment and I could never be more proud of the person you are and the person who you will become. Never doubt yourself and always know that you are so loved." Katirina tried to instill the words with the most love she could, kissing her daughter lightly on her forehead before letting go. "Did you have a bad vision? I don't have to go to school today, I could stay here with you if you want." Anya offered, knowing that some days when her mother has bad visions she always wants her daughter within her sight. "It wasn't a bad vision; this is the best one out of them all. Now hurry up! Or we're both going to be late!" Anya gave her mother a questioning look, but brushed it off to her mother having an off day as she sometimes does when she has her visions. Anya was just glad that she never had a talent for seeing the future like her mother does. "Ok. Ok. I'm going, I'm going. Tell the Burkhardt's that I say hi." Anya said as she left her mother's bathroom. Katirina cried out at the last moment "I love you! Have a good day at school!" "Love you too! Bye, Mom!" Anya said before leaving her home. Katirina allowed herself only a couple of stray tears to fall from her eyes.

As Katirina drove herself over to the Burkhardt's , she got herself one last indulgence, a cup of her favorite coffee and her favorite pastry, a cheese Danish, from her favorite coffee shop. When she did arrive, she took a moment for herself in the confines of her car to think back on her life, her time as a Guard to Marie, her Grimm, her favorite moments with Anya, her lonely childhood as a ward of the Coven, and the last few years of peace that she's enjoyed with the Burkhardt's. Katirina finished her Danish and was down to the last of her coffee, when she prayed for courage before stepping out of her car to knock on the Burkhardt's door. A pale Nicholas Burkhart, only five years younger than Anya, answered the door if only he knew how much Katirina was about to take from him his blue-gray eyes wouldn't have lit up the way they did and he probably wouldn't have thrown himself at Katirina, hugging her. "I'm soooo glad you're here!" the boy's voice sounded nasally from the obvious cold that he had. "Can you do anything about this cold?" Nick asked, sounding hopeful. Katirina smiled, "Unfortunately that's something that neither magic nor medicine can cure, but I can help this fever go down." Katirina gently touched Nick's feverish forehead and willed her magic to Nick focusing on cool gentle healing magic. "Kat! You're early! I was going to call you and tell you that Nick was sick so I'll be staying here with him instead of going with Reed so I could have driven him to the airport." Kelly Burkhardt explained, peering behind Katirina's form. "Anya isn't with you, is she?" Kelly asked.

Katirina knew that Kelly's feeling for her daughter were conflicting; Kelly knew that someday Anya would be Nick's protector, that Anya would be Nick's Guard just as Katirina was Marie's Guard. Kelly didn't want the life of a Grimm for Nick and tried her best to keep him away from it and keeping Anya separated from Nick as a result. Anya returned Kelly's feelings with a cool head, but a hot temper; the women just avoided each other the last thing either of them wanted was a confrontation in front of Nick. Nick, like his father, knew nothing of their world; he was only beginning to question Katirina's and Anya's magical abilities, which were mostly kept from Nick. "Kel! Anya has school, Friday is still a weekday, duh." Marie answered coming to join them at the door. Katirina immediately felt a tingling buzz that she always felt when she and Marie were together, they had been together for quite a long time as Grimm and Guard, ever since the night of the funeral of Marie and Kelly's father. Not long after that night did, Marie accept the bond of the Guards, Katirina wonders if Kelly was beginning to suspect that Anya and Nick's bond had already begun to form, although it wouldn't reach it's full potential till Nick was an adult Grimm with his own power and then he would have to either accept the bond or he would reject it. However no matter which future, only one thing was constant the bond between Anya and Nick, it was always there and it would always happen it was only a matter of when. Katirina finished spelling away Nick's fever, "You need rest, buddy." Katirina said, brushing Nick's dark hair from his forehead. Kelly told Nick to go take a nap and led him to his bedroom. "Kel, baby's that kid too much." Marie said jokingly to Katirina.

Katirina took in Marie's beauty for the last time her short auburn hair and green eyes, her soft pink lips in a cupid's bow, Marie's form was that of a fighter's, muscular and lithe, and stood about 2 inches shorter than her; their relationship had always been a strange one while they loved each other greatly and had had a romantic relationship for the great majority of their lives. Their romance ended because they couldn't separate the feelings that their bond gave them from real romantic feelings like Kelly and Reed had. Seeing Reed and Kelly together made them realize that they needed to see if their relationship was only because of the bond or if it was real. As a result, a few months after they had decided to take a break which was when Katirina had met Anya's father, a handsome man named James McCoy who could never really accept Katirina's position as Guard or her powers; their relationship ended fairly quickly, but not until after Katirina had become pregnant. When Katirina had first found out she was pregnant, the first decision that she made for Anya was deciding that James couldn't be in their lives, all he would do would be holding Anya back from growing into her powers and being the person the world needed her to be. Katirina did the most humane thing she could think of, she took all of his memories of them being together from him and decided that she would devote her life to being the best mother she could be. Marie has also moved on, as far as Katirina knew she was dating a man named Farley Kolt; she had no idea how serious their relationship was. Katirina had been spending the last few months preparing for this day, she had no time for looking into Marie's love life; it would only cause her pain after all.

"You know Marie, you'll be a great mom. Look at how great you are with Nick!" Katirina commented. Marie scoffed "That's only because Nick is a great kid, Kel and Reed are doing a good job. Don't tell Kel I said that by the way." "Don't tell my wife you said what?"Reed asked as he dragged his suitcase behind him, "Hey Kat, I see that Kelly forgot to call you and tell you we didn't need a ride anymore." Reed was a kind man, he was a great father even treating Anya as his own daughter, he had been the one to try and teach Anya how to ride a bike after all. Katirina felt a wave of sudden pain as she realized that Reed's death would hurt her daughter perhaps just as much as her own death, she quickly pushed those thoughts and emotions away. "Ok, Nick's upstairs sleeping; Marie, his medicine is in the kitchen if he needs it. Reed, we need to get going or you'll miss your flight at least one of us needs to go to that conference." Kelly said approaching their small group. This was it, this was Reed and Katirina going to their death. Katirina would have to do this now before she could change her mind, she stuck to her plan "Hey! I have to go to the post office by the airport, we should carpool over there. Kelly, do you mind me tagging along with you guys?" Katirina asked quickly before she lost her courage. Kelly and Marie gave her strange looks, but in the end Kelly ended up agreeing and the three of them ended up in the car.

The smell of smoke and gasoline was the first thing that came to Katirina's senses as she came to, the next was Kelly's sobbing over Reed's dead body still strapped in the driver's seat of the car, and lastly was the pain accompanied by wetness of the blood leaking out of her wound on her stomach. As Katirina lay on the road next to the car, still fresh from the battle that just occurred, knew she needed to do this quickly. "Kelly! Kelly!" she called. Kelly had her own share of injuries a head wound that she would need to get taken care of soon from the car crash that those people had caused. Kelly was clearly reluctant to leave her husband's body, but eventually she made her way over to Katirina's wounded body, taking Katirina's bloodied hand in her own blood stained one. "You're going to die too, aren't you?" Kelly said, she knew from the sight of Katirina's wound that she would never make it.

"Yes, I am. Kelly, you need to listen to me. These people won't stop until we are all dead, including Nick. They have already killed your husband, and even though I'm not your Guard properly, I still have always acted as your Guard and now they've killed me. You can't let them get Nick or Marie. You have to end this, Kelly. You have to protect your family." Kelly started crying even harder, "I don't know what to do; you and Marie have always been the protectors and without you I don't think Marie would be the same again. God, how will I explain this to Nick…or Anya?" Katirina began crying as soon as Kelly mentioned her precious daughter; she took a painful breath and said "You won't explain it to Anya or Nick because you're going to be dead. You're going to be dead and you're going after these bastards." "What are you talking about?" Kelly shrieked anxiously. "You're going to put my body in the passenger seat and set the car on fire. Everyone will think that my body is your's and they will think that you're dead and you're going to put an end to this. Hunt them down and destroy those bloody coins." Katirina instructed. "I can't and even if I wanted to I can't leave Nick. Anya hasn't grown into her powers yet she can't protect him. Marie can't raise and protect both Nick and Anya."Kelly said.

"Marie won't have to worry about Anya, the Coven will take her in and Anya will be 18 in a little over a year, by then she'll be more than able to take care of herself. And … I can do one last thing to protect Nick." Katirina said as carefully as she could. Just the thought of Anya being alone was more painful than her wounds. "What? What? What can you do?" Kelly asked frantically. "A spell, it'll block everyone from looking for Nick, it'll hide him from everyone, even from Anya. It'll all, but sever their bond. They will never find him, no one will ever be able to find him except for Marie, and she'll be with him, protecting him. There is one price, all of Nick's memories of Anya and myself will be gone. It's a side effect from breaking their bond, don't worry though all the rest of his memories will be untouched, he'll remember you and Reed." Katirina knew this could have to been done quickly, she didn't know how much longer she would be able to last, let alone have enough power to cast the spell. "What kind of mother abandons her child to satisfy her need for revenge? How could he ever forgive me for leaving him?" Kelly asks desperately. Katirina breathed in deeply before explaining the rest of the plan to Kelly. "You're going to need to be dead to him too. Only Marie should know you're alive. It's the only way to truly mask Nick. If he knows you're alive, he'll always be looking for you; he'll open himself to the world in hopes of finding you, the spell won't work then. Kelly, we don't have much time you need to decide now." "He'll never forgive me for doing this to him," Kelly says. "You'll never forgive yourself if you don't do this for him."Katirina said in rebuttal.

Kelly's eyes met hers and looked hard for a hidden meeting or agenda. "You knew this was going to happen, didn't you?" "You don't understand now, but you have to trust me. I am doing what is best for everyone; Reed's and my death don't mean anything if you don't agree to this. This needs to happen, this was the only way both of our children could be safe. Trust me." Katirina all but begged. Kelly was quiet for what seemed like an age. "God help us all. Kat, I trust you. I'll do what needs to be done. Protect our children." Kelly said before moving away to spend a last few moments with her husband. Katirina drew in all the power she had left of herself, and searched for the magic that she had left on Nick's body from when she had eased his fever earlier today until she finally found it. Nick's mind was weak from fever, which unfortunately was no accident; Katirina needed for all of his natural defenses to be down in order to cast this spell. With her magic she looked into Nick for the forming strand of magic that was his bond to Anya, Katirina threw her magic at the bond almost, but not completely destroying it, next she found the part of his mind that protected all of his memories of Anya and her and wrapped them with magic, trapping them so that they wouldn't escape; Katirina didn't know if he would ever regain his memories. She could only imagine the pain that Anya must be in now. Katirina felt herself weakening, she needed to finish this. With all the magic she had left she focused it on a barrier around Nick, she pictured the barrier of mists and grey, shades over shades over shades. Once it was done, Katirina allowed herself to truly think about her daughter and how much she loved her and how much she wished things were different. Katirina felt rivers of tears leave her eyes, whispering her last words: a simple chant of her daughter's name again and again. "Anya…Anya…Anya." Katirina Le Fey was dead, Kelly looked at her friend's dead body and could only hope and pray that she did the right thing. Kelly did as Katirina asked her, as Kelly looked on from afar of the flames and the smoke; she thought to herself "May Reed and Kelly Burkhardt rest in peace and May Katirina's Goddess guide her soul home."

18 years later

Tired from her journey and from unpacking her small apartment, a young woman decided that she was in desperate need of some coffee and maybe with a little luck she would also be able to hunt down a cheese Danish, her favorite. She had just arrived in Portland, Oregon early this morning and while all she wanted to do was sleep; she needed to have everything ready before she met him again. She had spent the last 18 years looking for him; she figured that she could wait a few more days so that she could get settled in before she confronted him. As luck would have it there was a Starbucks about five minutes from her apartment complex, according to one of the mothers of Anya's new roommate, although it made sense her apartment complex was only about fifteen minutes away from Portland State University where she was currently enrolled in. She cringed inwardly at the thought of having to go back to college for a third degree, of course when you don't age and your body is frozen in that of a sixteen-almost-seventeen year old's form there wasn't a lot that you can do for money or for a well respected job; she was just fortunate that the Coven agreed to pay for part of her living costs, it also helped that the leader of the east coast Coven was a good friend of her's and that of her deceased mother's. You would think that Anya Marie Le Fey would be happy, never aging, beautiful, well respected in the Coven's community (by those who knew of her existence anyway), and intelligent. Women her age (her proper age of 35) would kill to be in her place, but the price Anya paid was great for a Guard.

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