Pairings: Bacchus x Cana, Laxus x Cana, Natsu x Lucy, Gray x Juvia, Jellal x Erza, Gajeel x Levy, and Freed x Mirajane. Main focus is on BxC and LxC

Timeline?: AU modern day

Warnings: Since it is rated M there will be a LEMON sometime in the future. Don't know when, most likely near the ending of the story.

Genres: Romance/Drama/Humour

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail

Authors Note: Hello, welcome. This story is just a small little side project I'm starting for when things with my other stories get slow. Amount of chapters is still unknown, but hey, could be a long story too. This is ultimately a test run for me. This story, the reader will decide who Cana ends up with, Bacchus or Laxus. I'm doing something similar to this in the future and I thought I better test it out. Would it be better to get readers to review their choice or would a poll be more efficient. So I thought, what the hell, I'll test it. More details will be in my final thoughts at the bottom so enjoy!


Sipping booze in the middle of a slow work day seemed to be the norm for one Cana Alberona. She put her chair to the stress test, tipping it carelessly back on its hind legs, hoping it didn't snap, again. Typically her boss, Jellal Fernandes newly appointed CEO would have yelled at her for drinking at work and wasting his time, which she would just evidently ignore. Luckily for her, Jellal was taking a couple weeks off to go skiing in the alps with his wife, leaving Laxus in charge.

Jellal hadn't always been in charge of Fairy Tail Inc., in fact, he'd only just taken over this year per request of the previous—and now deceased—CEO of the company, Makarov Dreyar. Workers alike were confused by his decision, assuming he would have chosen his grandson, Laxus Dreyar to take over. But bless his soul, the old man stayed stubborn and gave the job to Jellal on his death bed.

So Cana simply returned to her sake, and kicked her heeled feet up onto the desk top. Without Jellal here, no one found it worth wild to really work, since the poor man had a sick up his ass and never stopped working. Cana was openly glad she wasn't his personal secretary, a job which belonged to Ultear. Cana was just the receptionist who handed out the jobs.

Fairy Tail Inc., was the largest temp agency in the whole country of Fiore, one of the smaller ones in the world, but still fairly large. In fact, sometimes the temps would get jobs for out of the country and would have to leave for a couple of months, but would in the end rack in a serious amount of cash.

"Cana, get working." Laxus, man in charge as of Jellal's vacation, slapped his palm on her reception desk edge. "We aren't paying you to drink."

"What exactly are you paying me for?" Cana retorts, tilting the bottle back to finish it off. As far as the amount of booze she'd had since she rolled out of bed that morning was a little over ten bottles.

"To answer phones," Laxus responds, grabbing her foot to show off her heel, "and we're paying for your shoes as well, I see."

"Hey, Jimmy Choo's are nice," Cana defended, kicking away his hand. The pink leopard print shoe settled comfortably back onto her desk, allowing her to properly admire the crisscrossing straps.

Laxus chuckled, "Apparently we're paying you too much."

"I'm not even going to ask how you know that these were expensive," Cana says. Laxus grins, his 'bossy' attitude disappearing.

"Save me a bottle for later," he tells her, whistling a tune as he strolls off, probably back to his office. Cana laughs, and straightens her posture when the phone rings.

"Fairy Tail temp agency, Cana speaking, how may I assist you today?"


Pouring brandy into a little over half of the coffee mug, Cana filled the rest with some of the coffee from the fresh brew. Her co-workers, and some of her best friends, sat around the break room, chatting. Cana settles herself between Mirajane and Levy, grinning at Lucy and Juvia who were adjacent to her.

"How was your morning, ladies?" Cana asks, blissfully drinking from her steaming mug of alcohol and coffee.

"Laxus raged at me for accidentally mixing up his files," Mirajane sighed, tapping her finger on the table. Mirajane had the pleasure being Laxus's—second-in-command—secretary. Cana pats the white blonde's hand.

She shakes her head, "I didn't mean what the ass did to you, I meant with your love lives." The women ohed and Cana laughed.

Lucy pursed her lips, "Natsu just got back from Bellum this morning."

"So he's back in the sack?" Cana high fives with Mirajane at her own cleverness as the blonde flushes red. Natsu and Lucy had recently just got married and it was literally two weeks after they got back from their honeymoon that Natsu was whisked off to a job in Bellum.

She barely sputters out, "S—so what?" and they all laugh at her expense. "You're all so awful!" She then coughs out that he was never out of the sack, and Cana deducted they were having phone sex in his absence.

"Calm down Lu-chan," Levy tells her, "we're teasing you." Lucy mutters something about them being 'unfair bitches' which only provokes more mirth from the group. "Gajeel was gone this morning when I woke up, so I don't know."

Levy had been dating her high school sweetheart, and Cana was bursting at the seams waiting for Gajeel to grow some balls and ask for her hand.

"Juvia had breakfast made for her," Juvia said. Cana's eyes widened.

"How are you still alive? Gray's food almost killed me once when we partnered in Home Ec. years ago." Gray had finally asked out Juvia last year, and from what anyone could see, they were happy together, despite Juvia's past of desperately wanting to be with him.

The bluenette purses her lips, "Juvia did not realize Cana-san and Gray-sama were so close."

Cana finishes her coffee, "Don't worry, I never liked him like that. The class was just short of people I knew." Juvia nods, smiling.

Someone had yet to share her earlier morning romance secrets, and Cana was not one to leave someone out. "How about you Mira? Did Freed get lucky?"

Mirajane rolled her eyes, "No he did not." She pauses, grinning wickedly, "I did." Right out of high school, Freed had popped the question and Mirajane accepted. They were married before anyone could blink and were living on cloud nine.

"Oh that's the same thing!" Cana smacks her lightly. Good naturedly, they all giggled.

"Why do I have the feeling I'm being talked about behind my back?" Natsu asks sarcastically, strolling into the break room, Gray hot on his tail.

"Dammit Dragneel, that was my personal property, I demand it back," Gray snarls, glaring at the pink haired man.

Natsu finishes pouring himself a cup off boiling hot coffee and turns to Gray. "It was on my desk, Fullbuster, there for, it belongs to me."

"What kind of logic is that?" Gray spits, fuming. His nostrils were flared the longer he glowered at the infuriatingly calm pink hared man.

Cana had to applaud Jellal's verdict of putting Natsu and Gray in the same desk grouping. It was as if it were meant to make her life more interesting during break when they fought over something trivial.

Lucy rolls her eyes, secretly sending Cana a wink, and walks over to her husband. "What did you do this time?"

"This time? Nothing!" Natsu offers her a taste of his coffee, which she declines. "He simply had a photo of himself and Juvia and it was on my desk. So I locked it in my desk drawer."

Juvia was on her feet, "What? Was that the photo of Gray-sama and Juvia at the amusement park?" When Gray affirmers, Juvia crosses her arms, pissed off. It was most likely the picture from their first date where they were sharing a snow cone with the lit up Ferris wheel in the background.

"Natsu, you have to give that back," Lucy says, "just imagine if Gray took our wedding photo off your desk."

Slowly, the cocky grin slipped off Natsu's face. "Point taken. I'll give it back to ice-brain."

"What the hell are all of my employee's doing in the break room? Shouldn't you be working? What the fuck am I paying you for?" Laxus demands from the doorway.

"We had this talk already Laxus, paying for my drinking habit and shoes," Cana responds smoothly.

Laxus massages his temples, "Just get to work." His eyes twinkled evilly, "Or I'll fuck up your performance reviews before Jellal gets back."

"You wouldn't!" Cana exclaims, mustering an upset face. He must have known she was mocking him.

"Try me."


"What can I get for you Cana?" The bartender asks, cleaning out a glass with a white rag.

"Everclear?" the man bolsters loudly and tells her he's preparing one for her right now. Cana always thought the flames from the extreme alcohol content were pretty.

"Fancy seeing you here." Well what do you know? Bacchus, Cana's resident drinking buddy approached, taking up a seat next to her.

"This is my favourite pub," Cana says, gladly accepting the drink offered to her. She downed it, hardly even feeling the burn she was so used to it.

"How could I forget?" Bacchus was being sarcastic again. His dark hair was tucked away in a cloth behind the back of his head. "What are your plans for this evening?"

Was he being nice? "Just getting plastered. Thinking about how I should just go with everything."

"Mm, I'll join you." Bacchus winked. "Oi, hit me up!"

Cana laughed, her warm brown eyes twinkling. Bacchus sure was fun getting drunk with.

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