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One Giant Pack

Stiles couldn't believe his eyes. He gaped at the sight in front of him. For the first time in his life Stiles was at a loss for words. What exactly could you say when you watched a pack of transformed Alpha Werewolves emerge from the forest led by one Derek Hale?

"Holly…" his voice died away.

He had never seen Derek fully transformed. He knew that Derek could, he was an Alpha after all, but to see the black wolf leading the pack… It was incredible. Stiles had known instantly who the wolf was. The black fur matching with his hair but it had been the eyes the way that he looked at him show that it was in fact Derek.

Derek stopped standing in front of him the Alpha pack moving into place behind him. Stiles had to look up to meet his gaze.

"Gosh," that was probably the stupidest thing to come out of his mouth.

Derek agreed if the snort that sounded from him was anything to go by.

"Laugh it up! What exactly am I suppose to say to," Stiles waved his hand in the direction that they had come from, "that?!"

Derek rolled his eyes.

Stiles chose to ignore it instead asking a more relevant question, "What now?"

One second a giant back wolf was standing in front of him and the next a naked Derek was in his place.

"Show off," he mumbled.

Derek cocked an eyebrow at him. "Now I'm their leader. We're all pack now."

Stiles nodded trying to look anywhere but down. Derek was naked, very naked, and Stiles, well the massive torch he was holding wasn't helping matters.

Suddenly the words sunk in, "We? As in you, them, me?"

He crossed his arms. "Yes, the Alphas, my pack, Scott, and you." He paused. "That is if you want to be."

"Yes!" Stiles found himself agreeing before he could even think. He already considered himself part of Derek's pack but it was nice to know Derek thought of him the same way.

The second the words left his mouth Derek was on him capturing him in a heated kiss. He gasped surprised and would have fallen backwards if Derek hadn't been holding him in place. Stiles hands moved up gripping Derek shoulders kissing back mostly on instinct pretty sure he was hallucinating. Derek Alpha pack leader kissing him, yeah he was hallucinating.

Derek broke it off to let Stiles breathe his eyes flashing red the look on his face could only be called one thing, predatory. "Good."

Well this certainly changed things.

Erin: Sadly I don't like how this came out. I even debated not posting it but decided might as well. I hope you all did like it though.