The young elf stepped with light feet across the damp forest floor, the soft noises drowned out by the wind. Her body shook with the early morning chill, and she wrapped her cloak closer around her. She was headed to the nearby lake, not twelve paces from her camp. Thoughts of the new creatures inhabiting the forest plagued her mind constantly, keeping her long ears on high alert. Her heart beat furiously with every step she took, but the thrill didn't scare her. It had the opposite effect, in fact, and a small giggle of excitement bubbled up through her lips. The light noise was ghosted from her mouth and carried on the wind through the trees, eventually filtering out to blend with the song of birds in the treetops.

Sholazar Basin was new territory for Letharia. It had some of the same qualities of Teldrassil, but it just wasn't the same. This forest, no, this jungle, was untamed and wild. Dangerous... She thought. She liked a good challenge, however, and embraced the new scenery. Her parents encouraged her to move continents, voicing their distaste for her home in the Hinterlands. "There are too many trolls in those parts, Letharia. No place for a respectable Elf to be." They had told her. She scoffed at the ignorance and snobbish tones of their voice. But move continents she did.

When she finally reached the edge of the water, she untied her cloak and let the heavy material pool around her feet. Her head instinctively tipped back and she scented the air, taking short, shallow breaths. Nothing out of place... she noted to herself. She unclasped her leather breast piece. Her leather skirt was next, and by simply unclasping the clip on her hip, it fell to the ground by her cloak. She folded each article and placed one on top of the other in descending order. Her cloak, her skirt, and finally her breast piece. She fingered the amulet hanging just above her breast line and had a quick debate as to weather or not she should leave it.

Don't be stupid. She would die if it was carted off by an exotic bird specie during her swim.

She checked the clasp on the silver chain, and secured the amethyst stone tighter to the silver links. She stepped towards the lake, smiling when the damp earth made squishing noises beneath her feet. She took one last breath before diving in, nearly crying out at the chill of the water. Her hair came loose from it's binding and surrounded her like a cape of sea weed. The dark greens in her hair reflected the rays of sunlight bursting through the treetops, and spotted her pale skin with little green re-fractions. She let herself sink to the bottom of the lake, laying flat on her back in the reeds. The quite that settled around her caused a sense of euphoria to settle over her over stressed muscles. She relaxed bit by bit until she was nearly as languid as the water around her.

She was possibly the most comfortable she had ever been. The happiest she had ever been, and also in foreign territory. She let a small smile fall on her lips, and she struggled not the laugh at herself. I am only ever truly happy when I am in the throws of danger...

As the young elf girl rested at the bottom of the lake, the stealthed rogue just up wind dropped from his perch in his tree. His landing made no noise, the only proof of him having been there were the footprints in the impressionable ground. Two-toed impressions, signature features of a troll. He crept over to her belongings, eyeing them with interest. They were neatly folded, and just lying in the open. She was nearly asking for someone to steal her things. And better yet, her clothes in the open informed anyone passing by that she was near, and she was naked. Any honorable Horde member would take the opportunity to bring honor to his family by dishonoring a helpless Alliance woman. Sul'thraze knew the thought had crossed his mind more than once. And this particular elf was just as good as any.

The muscles in his loins tightened as he imagined taking a simple elf woman in the jungles of Sholazar. He had never actually seen the woman in the water, but her scent drew his attention. After being alone in the jungles for so long, the smell of a woman was refreshing. She was already fully submersed by the time he had taken his perch in the tree, and he could only see what looked like reeds swaying in the water. He crouched down and fingered the material of her leather breast piece.

How is this even considered full armor..? he asked himself. The piece would probably only barely cover her breasts with a bit of extra coverage for her ribcage. Any normal elf woman would be terribly cramped.

Sul'thraze laughed at the showy nature of the elves and let the well worn cloth drop from his fingers. He glanced at the waters edge and noticed the slightest disturbance in the water, only given away by a ripple a bit stronger than the rest. He jumped into the shadows of the jungle just in time to see an elf's head break the surface of the water, her head thrown back while she gasped for breath. After a few long breaths, she tilted her head forward strands of dripping green hair falling into her face. Her luminescent eyes scanned the shore, barely hesitating on Sul'thraze's stealthed form. The innocence obviously painted on her face showed her ignorance to his presence.

He smirked at the young woman as she slowly, very slowly rose from the water. Inch by silky inch of her skin was revealed, dripping with the cold rivulets. His loins tightened violently when he perky breasts emerged from the surface of crystal water. He was wrong when he had thought she was a normal Night Elf. She was not as tall as normal elves, nor was she as thin and lanky. Her torso was not nearly as long, nor was it so unshapely. Pert, round breasts fed into a small waist, which evolved into well rounded hips which cascaded into long, beautiful legs. Her green, wavy hair wound it's way down her back and only ended at her hips.

A guttural growl rose from Sul'thraze's throat, low and demanding. The need in him swelled to unimaginable heights, only fueled by the tantalizing swing of the elf's hips. He took a calming breath, but it proved only to ruin him. Her aroma was overwhelming. Her head snapped up at the faint sound, her eyes narrowing. Her hands stilled on her hair as she was attempting to ring it out. She lifted her pert nose to the sky and scented the air. Nothing was amiss until the wind changed direction and a strong musk filled her nose. She gasped at the thickness of the scent, recognizing it almost immediately. It was the scent of a beast in rut, but it was a beast she was not familiar with.

She didn't bother with her clothes, instead, she fell to the ground on her knees and let the spirits take over. Half a second of awkward shifting was all it took for her to take form. A sleek, green saber took her place, it's hackles rising and it's back arching defensively. She placed her backside to the lake while she scanned the jungle edge. After minutes of waiting for a single movement, nothing came. She began to feel silly and relax her stance. She turned to her belongings, prepairing to leave.

Everything happened too fast for her to comprehend. A loud splash and the snap of some kind of material was all Letharia heard before she was pinned to the ground from behind, a thick piece of leather trapping her paws to her chest. She could feel the strap jerk and tighten as her assailant tied the binding just above her shoulders. A furious growl tore through her, and she was adamant on making her disapproval of the situation clear, even if she couldn't speak.

Rough, demanding hands grabbed her by the back of the neck and jerked her head back in one quick tug. Moments after her throat was exposed, a blade was placed to it. All movements ceased, and Letharia was preparing to take her last breaths. The anger she had felt was suddenly gone, now replaced with a sick sense of acceptance. The man above her shifted slightly, placing his mouth by her furry ear, his breath ghosting over it and making it twitch.

"Shh, shh, shh. Don't lose your head.." he whispered, tapping the sharp blade against her throat. He chuckled at his own joke, his chest pressing against her back. She was hyper aware of every part of him that was touching her, and she didn't like it.

She let out a soft, low growl. Not threatening, but obviously irritated. Weren't trolls supposed to be unintelligent? Even just a little? This one was the complete opposite. He was stealthy, and patient. His movements were quick, and lithe, and sure. She was astonished that he was able to subdue her so quickly. In a matter of seconds, in fact... she thought bitterly. And worse, still, was that he was able to speak common.

"Now, now, little elf. There's no need for violence. We both know who would walk away from this." he emphasized his point by tightening his hold on the back of her neck and twisting her head back farther. Her breath caught in her throat, and she tried to gasp. She was still astounded at the fact that he could speak common, let alone best her in battle. However, the battle was not over.

"I don't want to hurt you. Really, I don't. I just want to.." he paused, dragging the blade menacingly, yet delicately across her furry throat. " with you a little."

She let loose a slow breath, taking her time to concentrate. She let her body relax completely, like she had at the bottom of the lake. He started to lose his grip on her dead weight body, and fumbled half a second with his restricting hand. She let loose a feral growl which quickly evolved into a scream of rage as she phased back into her humanoid form. She slipped her hands out of the leather binds as they slackened on her smaller body and she took a deep breath before phasing again. Her muscles screamed at her, and her mind nearly tore in two. Shifting forms so quickly could quiet literally tear her apart, both in body and spirit. Her suddenly large ursa body made the large troll lose his footing, and he stumbled before righting himself. His awkward shuffling gave Letharia enough time to shoot to her feet and turn on him with all of her pent up rage.

What she expected from him was not what she got. She expected fear, or surprise, or even hate from him that she had turned the situation around, but instead he just laughed. It was a cynical laugh, filled with darkness and death.

"That was clever. I applaud you." he said quietly, flipping deadly blades around in his hands. A faint sheen on the blades foretold poison, and Letharia shrunk away from them. He noticed this and advanced forward flicking a dagger in her direction. She instinctively shrunk away from it before she realized what she was doing, and charged him in her anger. He was prepared for this, however, and side stepped in time for her jaws to snap shut just inches from where he had been. She turned to swipe his legs, but he was gone. His deep, disturbing laughter bounced off the trees and faded with the distance he put between himself and the angered elf.

A single call was heard as his voice faded into the distance.

"We'll play next time, little elf."