Celestia's Fury


Naruto x Princess Celestia


Author's Note


Luna's speaking of fluent English is part of a plot point in another story that I do not wish to disclose at this time, but don't worry, I know this isn't how she normally speaks.


Story Start


Naruto's body could no longer support his weight as he fell to the ground, landing on his back. The impact was greatly cushioned by the mud from the rain soaking the dirt. From behind him the portal began to illuminate.

They made it.

For that he was glad. From a few feet away from him were the three sacred gems. The Light of New Life, The endless eve of Darkness, and the Eye of the Void. All three gems were dull, lifeless, signifying they had lost their power. It was finally over. He had served his purpose and fulfilled the destiny bequeathed on to him.

He turned his thoughts to his injuries; from what he could see, his body was soaked in his blood and his face felt sticky from the same fluid. Patches of his fur were also missing, claw marked tattered across his body.

It was fitting, he reasoned. He was a fighter and he would die fighting protecting the people he loved. Among his many regrets, he wished he could have seen his homeland once last time.

"Naruto!" Numerous voices shouted, clearly terrified. Naruto moved his eyes and couldn't help but wince do his injuries. The Changelings, Rogue Diamond Dogs that didn't come to peaceful agreement with Equestria, and every other race that aligned under Umbra no longer had their armies stationed to ambush his friends.

Naruto's eyes caught sight of two ponies running towards him. The Princesses of the Moon and Sun, Princess Luna and Celestia. He could see their panicked expressions and the rampant fear.

He hated the fact that they would likely blame themselves, but he did it to bring them back. To make sure they were safe. Naruto couldn't remember the last time Celestia was so distraught. The white mare was no longer wearing her usual headdress and by the way her rainbow mane was frayed, it was obvious that she had been in a battle of sorts.

"Naruto." She called out to him.

Kami. Would she really see him die?

"I'm sorry." He whispered hoarsely. "I had to save you. Ambush. I…" his throat was so scratchy.

"Ambush. Who was it? They will pay for this." Cobalt blue Princess was easily the more vengeful one of her sister. Besides Twilight, Naruto was Luna's greatest friend. It was an important principal in his family to welcome people with open arms and to help them feel welcome. It was one of the important ideals that the ancestor he was named after preached. So despite the princess's past Naruto was happily willing to be her friend.

"Changelings, Dogs…Umbra gone…Ambush." It had been a trapped. The Mane Six had been sent to help a neighboring ally under attack from Ombra's Shadow Beast along with a unit of the Royal Guard. It had all been part of a plan separate Equestria's super powers to pick them off one by one.

"Uzumaki I'll ensure you we'll…" Luna was cut off as Celestia stepped forward.

"Don't leave me." He had never heard Celestia sound so broken. So helpless, and he hated he was the reason for it. Molten hot tears made their way from her gray-magneta and flowed down her cheeks.

The Alicorns's faces were mere inches away from each other. Celestia mashed her lips against his. She could feel Naruto kissing her back, much to her grim delight.

Unfortunately, the kiss ended as quickly and abruptly as it began as Naruto's head dropped back onto the ground.

"Tia…I'm sorry."

A grim smile formed on her face. "Hush, don't talk about such these. You will be okay. You promised me and you never break your promises."

"Tia." A shallow breath escaped Naruto's lips. "I'm sorry, I can't keep this promise I'm afraid."

Celestia felt his blood cling to her hair and face but she cuddled next to his body. His warmth faded with ease second.

"Take care of everyone and stay safe. I love you." The Princesses watched in horror as Naruto's eyes slowly closed with zero chance of opening again.

"I love you too." Celestia's eyes closed as the tears continued to fall. Celestia felt all of her emotions drowning her and something within her broke. Celestia let out her emotions: grief, sorrow, anger, rage, and frustration. The Sun glowed with a smoldering white aura as the unearthly wale sounded out for miles. When it was over Celestia's eyes were hidden behind her hair.

"Tia." Luna know she had to be strong, despite the fact that tears threatened to fall from her eyes as well. "We'll, he'll get a Hero's funeral. He won't be forgotten and we'll make them pay. When we're done with them those horrible beasts will never thing of setting feet near out lands again."

'How many times have I spared my opponents?'

"Tia." Luna called out to her sister again. There was no telling how she was going to react.

'I spared Nightmare Moon and I got my sister Luna back. I gave Discord a Second Chance and he was reformed. I have always showed mercy to my enemies, giving them chance after chance and sometimes it paid off in the end. Mercy. I was hoping Chrysalis and the others would realize that this conflict was senseless but it turns out I was wrong. They have threatened my ponies before, but I never thought they would go this far. Well no more.' She would not take the risk that another pony would die. The likelihood of this same thing happening to Twilight, Candance, or even Luna may not have been likely, but it was not a chance Celestia would take.

The force of Celestia sudden taking flight nearly knocked Luna off her hooves. One thing was certain. This time Celestia would not be showing any mercy.


Chapter End


It's going to be a two-shot. Fun fact, the last sentence took more time to write then the rest of the fic.