Celestia's Fury
Naruto x Princess Celestia
Story Start
"I shall ensure nothing will harm my subjects ever again!"

The creatures in the room recoiled in horror at Celestia's transformation, and terror builds as Chrysalis is seized in tendrils of blood-red fire and slammed about, screaming in agony. The flames of her tail and hare flickered, the hot rays of the gleaming appendages lighting up the cave.

"And now to put an end to this feud." Celestia announced as her horn began to glow. Celestia's emotional state did little in terms of controlling the hot flickers of flames that radiated from her body. With that Celestia fired the catastrophic beam.

Out of nothingness formed a barrier of dark cobalt blue magic to shield the injured Queen. The shield managed to hold for a few seconds before obliterating, but it did its job.

"Luna…why did you do that?"

Luna couldn't help but frown at the lack of emotion in her sister's voice. Though, this form before her was all too familiar. Those flames and that unnerving fury was one she would never forget. Only one time had Luna seen Celestia like this and it was with their battle with Discord. When it had appeared the younger sister had died a rage unlike any other awoken within the older sister.

"Solar Flare…" The dark Alicorn whispered, taking a moment to regain her composure.

"You better than anyone should understand why there kind should be wiped out."

"While I cherish in the thought of punishing these creatures for their crimes this is not the way to do it. This is not your way sister. You are consumed in your grief and no one blames you. Which is why I'm trying to stop you before you make a mistake you will spend the rest of your life regretting." Luna found herself suddenly blasted with searing hot magical energy. She was able to bring up a barrier just in time to take the brunt of the attack that now left her stunned on the ground and clinging to consciousness.

"Stay out of the way Luna. I will not tolerate such disobedience again." Celestia remarked as she turned her attention to the fallen Queen. The sound of hoof steps echoed along the ground along with the sensation of intense head. The dark queen could only move in twitches as her impending death slowly approached her. "It appears we must wrap up the rest of our talk. If you are concerned about the rest of your kind they'll be joining you shortly. It wouldn't do to leave any loose ends." The murderous gleam in the Alicorn's eye would make it nearly impossible for anyone to believe this was once the benevolent co-rules of Equestria.

"Princess! Don't!" Between the enraged alicorn now stood Celestia's very own pupil. "Princess you can't." Luna realized she probably wouldn't be able to stop her sister on her own so she sent for help. "This…this isn't the way you taught me."

"Get out of my way Twilight Sparkle!" she snarled at the younger alicorn, but to the Magic bearer's credit she stood her ground.

"This isn't you... this isn't you..." she said as tears began streaming down her face. This being before her wasn't her kind and benevolent teacher. This wasn't the ruler who was practically liked a mother to everyone. It pained Twilight to see the pony who was like a second mother to her be like this.

Princess Twilight found herself caught by a crimson auras of telekinesis. "I will not allow you or anyone else to interrupt my vengeance." Solar Flare hissed menacingly, turning her head to glare at her.

"P-pl-please Princess Celestia!" Twilight gasped in-between each sob and strangled breathe, "P-Please don't this! The teacher I know would never murder another living being. Even someone as evil as Chrysalis. Please snap out of it."

"Those days are long over." Solar Flare declared, Royal Canterlot voice echoing in the chamber. "My weakness resulting me in losing my other half Twilight. I will not stand by and watch as some creatures comes by and take the life of somepony else I care dearly. So many times have I nearly lost a loved one, only for it to happen because I was too weak. Never again. For a new era is at hand."

Twilight's eyes widened in shock. Those words, were the very words Nightmare Moon once said. That day like several others are among ones that Twilight would never forget. It appeared Celestia's darkness was fueled by anger and regret and if something wasn't done soon she would be swallowed up by it like Luna once was.
"Auntie Tia! Don't do this!" Princess Cadence voice shined throughout the chamber. She had arrived at last, having set out for Canterlot when news or her aunts' disappearance reached the Crystal Empire. Thankfully she intercepted the message Luna had sent out as the latter hoped would be the likely case.
With a burst of power Solar Flare cast Twilight to the side, causing her to hit one of the cave walls and rendering her momentarily stunned.

"And just what exactly are you going to do to stop me, Cadence?" Solar Flare knew that Cadance was by no means a warrior within the same nature as the rest of the Alicorns.

"I know you're hurting Auntie Tia and I couldn't imagine the pain you must be going through, but please don't lose yourself." Cadance winched but stood firm against the flaming tendrils that flickered around the angry Sun Goddess.
"You know nothing! How could you possibly understand what I'm going through? You're somepony is still alive! I will not stand for anyone who will deny my satisfaction. Make no mistake my niece, if you get in my way you will suffer the consequences." As Celestia anger grew her listening to rhyme or reason decreased. It would have happened eventually. For nearly a thousand years Celestia had silently suffered as she dedicated her life to helping and maintaining the welfare of her people. A niece who had only recently entered her life. A presence student that she would be proud to considered a daughter. A lost sister that after one thousand years of bearing the burdens alone she finally reunited. And finally…when she found somepony to open her heart to it was taken. So many years without true companions had taken its toll.

All those years, her greatest fear was failing one of her little ponies. Despair at the prospect of failure gnawing at her heart only for it to finally happen. That a love one had died. One that she deemed she failed to protect. And with that she had finally broken.



"Don't!" the two recovered Alicorn's cried. They didn't want to admit it to themselves, that Celestia would be capable of harming them, but if they didn't stop her then Cadance could be…

"Auntie…what would Naruto say if he saw you now? Do you think he would be happy knowing you let yourself be consumed by vengeance?"

Cadance's words struck a chord in Celestia's mind. Recalling stories from his youth the Princess couldn't help but wonder how the blond would have felt about this.

Seeing an opportunity Cadance used one of her spells. Being the Alicorn of loved meant several things were in her domain, which included bringing up memories connected to love and Romance.

Celestia began remembering the day she first really took notice of Naruto. It was after a rather exhausting day of dealing with delegations and other duties. Even after all this time Celestia rarely found time to just do things for herself. Even though the return of her sister Luna eased some of the burden, there was still the matter of having to deal helping Luna becoming accustomed to the new era.

Upon that morning, for quite a while Celestia couldn't help but find herself restless. Despite how much she tossed and turned there seemed to be this soft tickling sensation. A whinny escaped her lips as she tried to ignore it and flip over once more, but the soft sensation continued to plague her.

Though it was the sound of snickering brought her back to the waking world. Surely one of her subjects wasn't pulling a prank on her? After all these years nothing of the sort has happened so it was conceivable. So surely it had to be a dream right?

"You keep this up Princess you'll be late in raising the sun."

Celestia's eyes opened a crack as the only thing her dazed look could make out was an orange blob in the glow of the time period before Dawn.

"Morning Princess, how are you this fine evening?" the voice greeted.

"Naruto Uzumaki?" Celestia was more confused than angry. This sort of thing simply did not happen. "Please explain what you are doing here and how you managed to sneak into my private bed chambers?"

"Just thought I'd give you a good morning greeting. You seemed so swamped with work being a princess and all thought I'd give you a joyful morning instead of a work to work then sleep daily schedule. As for how I got here the window?" he pointed his hoof to the windows of her bed chamber. "I'm not sure how pranking royals work here, but hopefully there's no execution right. That would kind of suck."

Celestia couldn't believe the casualness and the audacity of this pony. Yet at the same time she couldn't help, but feel amused at what the blond did. She couldn't remember the last time that anyone family member had been so casual with her. Even Twilight, as she got older put so much pressure on making sure that she did everything to impress her had to result in the Princess ensuring her time after time again that her faithful student worries were misplaced.

Contrary to what a look of ponies thought she didn't mind jokes. She loved it whenever her subjects could feel like they could be open with her.

All and all she couldn't let the blond get away this Scott free. Two could play this little game.
"Well since you find it so prudent to wake me this morning you would not mind being my royal aide for the day. That is, unless you want to go with an alternative punishment." To Princess Celestia's credit she had a pretty down right mean poker face.

"I'll go with the helper thing. Does that…include being the royal hairdresser?" he asked.
Upon realizing she hadn't put on her morning face so to say Celestia's cheeks turned a slight twinge of pink.
All and all it was a good thing that Princess Celestia was a good sport of sorts. That morning had begun with her rising the Sun of course.

He watched as the Sun Goddess lit her horn. She projected her mind through the whole sky above him and then down towards the eastern horizon. Her mind travelled through the sky probing for the sun energy.

Naruto watched in awe as the sun slowly but surely raised. He likened it to Applejack roping one of her cattle, but on a far grander scale. It was amazing seeing such an event.

As time went on it was just natural. Since Naruto and Luna were good friends he was around the castle often. Considering the past the former could relate to the Princess in the way no one else could.

As time went on her memories kept drifting back to that day. As time went on she couldn't, but find herself thinking about the blond. When was the last time she opened her heart to romance? Five? Six centuries ago?

Celestia sighed lovingly as she looks to Ponyville, wondering whatever or not she should send a message to Naruto. Though the question was what would she say? If only Cadance was here maybe her niece could give her some advice. So lost in her thought she nearly missed Luna trotting into the balcony next to her sister, asking, "A bit for your thought, sister?"

Celestia blush a bit while saying, "Oh, I was just wondering what to write to a…diplomat. It's nothing really." The Alicorn used her wing to hastily hide away the message.

"Perhaps we could give advice Tia? To whom is the receiver of this delegation."

"No one you know Luna. It is nothing of importance." Despite her assistance her sister would not let the subject drop so readily.

"Oh?" a smirk formed on the face of the dark Alicorn."We see." Luna took on an airy tone as she went to the edge of the balcony. "Sister has herself a little squeeze on the side. A torrent affair and communication through the use of scrolls."

"It is nothing of the sorts." Celestia tried to deny, but lying was not a strong suit of hers.

"Come on sister; tell us who has struck your fancy."

A sigh escaped her lips. There was no stopping Luna once she was really persistent about something.

"Even if I do fancy someone, you know how it'll eventually end Luna. Our lives are connected to eternal celestial bodies and its always painful to have to depart from a love."

"Then does thou wish to live a loveless life? After all it is you sister who told me one should always follow one's heart."
"You're right Luna." And with that Princess Celestia knew what to do, with a little help from Luna of course.
The light of the full moon fell onto the silent waters of the lake, creating a perfect reflection of the white celestial body. The image was disrupted when Naruto slowly slipped a hoof into the water, causing it to ripple slightly. His light blue eyes filled with boredom.

"A lovely night isn't it?"

The voice jarred Naruto out of his thoughts and drew his attention. "Princess Celestia, good…evening?" at this time of night it was past evening and good night wasn't a proper greeting in this situation.

"Hello to you to Naruto. Unfortunately Luna couldn't make it this evening, something has come up."

"Oh that's fine." Naruto remarked as Celestia walked over beside him. Naruto didn't know why, but he began studying what Celestia looked like with her clean and rather angel like white coat and ethereal colored mane. Sometimes this whole situation felt surreal to him. It was then he realized the princess wasn't saying anything. "Is there something on your mind Princess?"

"I-I was just thinking about something," Celestia answered somberly.

"Oh, would you mind telling me what that something is? I don't mean to pry, but I'm just wondering." He dipped his hoove back into the cold water.

"Actually my thoughts relate to a certain Somepony."

"Must be something pony if they're occupying your thoughts."

Celestia nodded slightly, "I believe I am quite taken with this stallion. He's loyal, friendly, strong-willed, but also very kind."

"Wow, have you told him? I'm not an expert on relationships, but I can tell you from experience, at least on the end of being a recipient. You shouldn't hold in your feelings and if you care for someone you should let them know. After all life is too short to live with regrets."

Celestia couldn't help but to turn and look at the blond and smile. He seemed to be a little clueless to cues regarded a woman's heart, but then again that made him more attractive nonetheless. That type of guy would most likely cherish the blond instead of those who could easily pick up on cues and become egotistical because of it.

With a deep calming breath, Celestia placed a hoof on Naruto's orange cheek and with all the courage she could gather, she brought their lips together into a kiss. The stallion's lips were soft and had the faint taste of ramen about them, which made Celestia mentally giggle. When she finally pulled away, she looked into Naruto's now wide eyes and said, "That stallion happens to be you."

Naruto, who was now flabbergasted and his own shade of red on his cheeks. This was the last thing he really expected. After a moment to collect himself, Naruto said, "I-I don't know what to say Princess."

"I-It's okay, I don't expect you to fall head over heels for me, considering your situation, but I'd thought it'd be better to get it out when to hold it in. By the way, when we're alone, feel free to drop the Princess."

Naruto looked down a rather sheepish look overcame him that soon formed into a smile. With newfound determination he looked up and began speaking. "Prin-Celestia, this whole situation is rather odd for me, but I suppose its one of those things I have to learn and deal with. I'm happy to see where things go in that case. Is it okay if I?" he asked and got a nod in confirmation. With that he returned to kiss.

Celestia all but melted when he pressed his lips against hers. Unlike before, the kiss was full of emotions from both sides. After what seemed like an eternity, Naruto broke the kiss and Celestia softly exhale, having to repress the urge to giddy like a filly.

Though unfortunately, it had to come to an end. The burning embers of Celestia's flames receded and she returned to her normal form. Back to time of one of the worst moments of life since Luna's banishment.

The moment the love of her life, died. She sat back, overwhelmed with emotion. So much guilt, rage, and sadness was coursing through her she just couldn't handle it anymore. It was then gut wrenching sobs escaped her mouth, echoing the area was the regal Princess Celestia broke down.

She then felt the gentle embrace of three pairs of wings as her family consoled her. It just broke her more as the guilt she felt at attacking them made her realized how far she had almost fallen. The sobbing increased. Strong wings engulfed her, drawing her closer, cradling her. Bearing some of the weight of her sorrow. She wept. Sitting on the ground as her love ones consoled her, without saying a word.

Years had gone by and no one had seen hide or hair of the Changelings or other common enemies of Equestria. Rumors of Celestia's displaying rage similar of a demon made many possible enemies rethink any thought on attacking the domain of ponies.

In the royal garden played a young pinkie filly with pink hair and blonde highlights. Her wings gently flapped as the curious child followed after the butterflies. The child heard the sound of rustling and turned her attention. "Hello?" the alicorn child sat down on the ground. "Is someone there?" she asked as she went over to the bushes and was about to peek past it when she heard the sound of a voice.

"Sun Storm. Sun Storm where are you?"

Sun Storm turned to see her mother Celestia enter the garden. "Coming mother." The child said, forgetting about what she thought she saw.

From behind the bushes the ethereal smiled. His pale image for a moment constituted before going intangible again. A sigh escaped his lips. 'Not yet…wait a little longer for me.'

Celestia turned towards the garden. "Mother is something wrong?" Celestia turned down to her daughter with a warm smile. She affectionately rubbed the cheek of her daughter.

"Its nothing my little star." She said, taking one last glance at the garden before the two of them entering the castle.