An Unlikely Alliance

I do not own Mickie, Randy or any other WWE Superstars

This is dedicated to my slightly psychotic, demonic best friend Chlomaine101 who gave me the inspiration to write this and this is something we have worked on together and in our opinion this story is, to quote the famous word of The Miz, AWESOME!

Only The Beginning

Friday Night Smackdown had begun and boo's and chants erupted from the crowd as soon as Wade Barrett's theme music was heard. He made is way toward the ring, surrounded with an air of arrogance. The atmosphere changed when Randy Orton's theme made itself heard. Cheers and screams where heard throughout the arena as Kelly Kelly accompanied the Viper to the ring.

The match started aggressively as Randy and Barrett had no intention of holding back any force within their punches. Barrett was gaining the upper hand as he suplexed Randy. Barrett rebounded off of the ropes, he had planned to elbow Randy in the chest, but that failed as Barrett found himself scoop-power slammed into the canvas. Barrett rolled out of the ring, as to buy himself some time, but Randy followed. As he was approaching, Barrett was able to delivered a few solid punches to the side of Randy's head. Randy crawled back into the ring, but as Barrett was entering through the ropes Randy connected a swift kick to Barrett's head, causing him to hang on the second rope. Sensing the opportunity, Randy was able to perform his signature middle rope DDT successfully. He then coiled, slamming his fists onto the mat, preparing for an RKO, but it never happened as someone grabbed his legs. He escaped the hold and looked back to see that it was Kelly who had stopped him. He turned just in time to see a boot coming is way. On instinct alone, he dropped onto the mat and rolled out of the way just in time to see Barrett's boot connect with Scott Armstrong's head. As soon as Randy got up, he tossed Barrett out of the ring and turn his attention to Kelly, who was now behind him. He looked at her with a murderous glint in his eyes.

He was just about to say something when Barrett had grabbed his arms and held him there while Kelly slapped him in the face repeatedly. Kelly's slapping was suddenly stopped as someone had grabbed her by the hair and threw her out of the ring. Barrett wrapped a hand her throat and backed her into the turnbuckles. Mickie James stared back at him with cold loathing eyes and kicked him in the sternum and successfully executed her trademark Mickie DDT which set him up to receive a devastating RKO. Scott Armstrong just crawled back into the ring to count Randy Orton's victory. Barrett rolled out of the ring to where Kelly Kelly was struggling to get up and helped her walk up the ramp. Mickie was still in the ring leaning on the ropes and having a screaming match with Kelly. She turned around only to come face to face with the Viper. As if suddenly realising who she was in the ring with, she slowly backed away. Randy, however, stalked toward her and raised her arm and then slithered out of the ring as his music played. A number of expressions crossed Mickie's face but a small smirk-like smile mixed with confusion graced her face as she watched the Viper walk away.