Chapter 5

Thanks to everyone who has followed and reviewed this little story….This was and is written for the lady I have fallen for…. ;o)

They walked along the park which brought them on to Emily's road, Emily stopped to look at JJ as she spoke softly "Would you like to, I mean you don't have to" Emily stumbled over her words as JJ placed her finger against her lips to hush her "I'd love to" as soft smile ghosted over JJ's lips as she placed her hand in Emily's.

Emily opened the door allowing JJ to walk in before she closed the door locking it, they made their way into the kitchen Emily placed her hands on JJ's shoulders as she whispered softly into her ear "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on" Emily nipped JJ's ear gently. JJ could not help the soft moan that escaped her lips as Emily whispered again.

"Did love fall from a distant star,

Speed down a splintered moonbeam,

To haunt me on a winters night,

As I was kissing you in a sensuous dream,

Did our eyes meet briefly?

Across a crowded room, in another life?

Was love destined to search for a million years?

Wandering endless galaxy's until the moment, each moment, every moment,

I fell for you long ago; I was just too scared to tell you"

JJ turned as she looked at Emily her eyes fluttered to Emily's lips as she closed the gap pulling her into a soft loving kiss, no rush no pressure as their mouths danced with one another's, Emily pulled away slightly as she took JJ's hand leading her towards the stairs. No words were spoken just a look of understanding and want in their eyes keeping JJ close they made their way up the stairs, Emily looked at JJ before pulling her into a passionate kiss.

She guided them both into her bedroom as she pulled back to look into shining swirling blue eyes "Tell me to stop" Emily whispered as JJ shook her head her eyes begging her not too as Emily carefully started to unzip her dress, guiding JJ to the bed her clothes long gone, she laid down as Emily hovered above her.

Emily's tongue danced over her skin as though she was mapping out every inch of the perfect soft skin "Beautiful" she whispered as she kissed up JJ's neck, the soft moans emanated from JJ's lips made Emily smile against her skin and she trailed down her body using the tip of her tongue.

Moving carefully down her body Emily ran her tongue over JJ's already taut nipple before her lips closed over sealing the taut bud between her lips as she sucked gently, Emily's fingers gently trailed down her sides as her nail grazed over her other taut nipple as she carried on sucking the other gently nipping before soothing it with her tongue.

Squeezing her breast with her other hand, before ghosting it over her skin, her nails grazing softly over her stomach as Emily kissed and ran her tongue over to her other breast repeating the same action.

Running her tongue against her skin as Emily's nails trail down the outside of her thighs. JJ gasped and moaned as her fingers wrapped in Emily hair "Oh, Emily" she whispered at the different sensations she was feeling.

Emily looked up into deep blue eyes before dipping her tongue swirling it inside JJ's naval, grazing the inside of her thigh with her nails as she ran her tongue down towards her groin "Oh my god" JJ moaned softly as her hips rocked towards Emily.

Emily moved slightly her tongue running up on down the inside of her thigh "Yes Em" JJ moaned loudly as Emily started to kiss and nip the inside of her thigh, her hand clasping her breast as she rolled JJ's nipple between her fingers, JJ' fingers run through Emily's hair as she grips it between her fingers, Emily moans softly against JJ as she kisses her way up the inside of her thigh.

Emily blows soft cool air against her core before running her tongue through her folds moaning against her core as she takes in the taste unique to JJ, "fuck Emily" JJ moaned out as her hips rocked gently against Emily's mouth.

Emily dipped her tongue into JJ's core moaning against her before running her tongue through her folds "God Jennifer" Emily moaned before her lips wrapped around JJ's clit, gently toying with her clit; Emily twists the nipple between her fingers causing JJ to moan out her name as her hips rock slightly faster.

Emily trails her finger gently through her folds before dipping one finger into her entrance as she continues to nip and suck hard against JJ's clit, Emily rocks harder adding another finger keeping a steady rhythm twisting against her walls, "Oh god yes" JJ almost cried out as Emily pulled away from her clit their eyes locking with each other, causing Emily to moan against her core as she added a third finger curling inside her as her fingers twist against her walls finding the rough part, but most pleasurable part inside her walls as her lips latch onto her clit again sucking and nipping against her.

"Fuck yes" JJ screamed out as her hips rocked uncontrollably, Emily smiled against her core before moving her lips but replacing her thumb against it as she continued to rock inside her picking up the pace, kissing her way back up her body paying attention to JJ's taut nipples.

"Yes babe, oh god yes" JJ chanted out as her walls started to pulsate against Emily's fingers, Emily wet core rub against JJ's thigh helping her thrust harder and fast inside JJ, as she continued to kiss her way back up her body leaving her beautiful breasts Emily brought one hand behind JJ's neck her fingers curling in her long blonde hair as she rocked hard inside her pulling her closer as her mouth found her pulse point, bringing JJ closer to the edge.

"Oh god Em, please baby" her voice was more of a whimper as she near the edge of her orgasm Emily moaned softly before claiming JJ's lips with her own, their tongues dancing together as she gently pushed JJ over the edge, her thumb still rubbing against her clit as her fingers still rocked inside her drawing out the aftershocks of her orgasm, Emily pulled back slightly as she looked into stormy blue orbs.

Emily gently stilled her movements inside as she whispered softly into JJ's ear "I love you Jennifer" JJ moaned again as Emily started to kiss her way back down her body her tongue running through her folds as she drank in all her juices, moaning against her as the sweet taste ran down her throat, before kissing her way back up her body placing herself on JJ's side so she could wrap her arms around her pulling her close, JJ's head rested against Emily's chest.

Placing a soft kiss on the skin that laid beneath her JJ whispered "I love you too Emily"