Ren Faire


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Being a waitress in the Forks diner wasn't an aspiration for Bella. Bored and wanting to change her stars, Bella convinces Alice to work a season at the Seattle Renaissance Faire. When Edward's Family takes over his mother's family's faire, he is forced into working there with his brothers. But when he keeps seeing a petite woman around the faire, his attention (among other things) is peaked and he begins a quest to woo the allusive fair maiden!

"There has to be more to life than scrubbing old eggs and gravy from the booth cavities."

Bella Swan sat in the diner, her hands waterlogged with sanitizer from scrubbing each of the tables and booths. She was finally finished after waiting tables all night and was doing her closing chores while Alice danced around with the jukebox, filling the sugar caddies.

Alice scoffed. "Oh, I am sure there is… but alas, my darling, we are stuck here." She twirled around Bella as if she was a ballerina in Swan Lake.

"I'm serious, Alice. We are stuck in this small town. Oh, gross!" Bella sneered as she cleaned oozing black gook. She didn't even want to guess what it could be. She threw away the rag she was using and took a fresh one out of the bin, dipping into the sanitized water. "You know what Mrs. Cope said to me the other day?"

"Oh, I could probably imagine." Alice scoffed, shaking her head.

"She said, 'Bella, sweetheart,'" Bella sneered in a voice that mimicked the old crowing woman, "'Maybe if you wore makeup, you'd be a little more popular.'"

Alice laughed, "That woman is something else. The other day Lauren, Angela, Jess, and I were out and we ran into her at the old record store. The woman actually sought me out to tell me that I should get my breasts done and that men like woman with shapely –womanly- bodies and that it might help me find a husband. So, I told her, 'I don't want a husband' and the old bat had the nerve to pat my shoulder with this condescending look and say, 'sure you don't, sweetie.'"

Cupping her mouth, Bella laughed. Mrs. Cope was the type of woman you tried to avoid. She took it upon herself to correct the flaws of today's youth- her words.

Alice started shoving napkins in the holder a little more aggressively; no doubt reflecting on Mrs. Cope's words. "That's not so bad, I guess… she then told Lauren Mallory that she 'should try not sleeping with every man in Forks,' and that 'the only people that needs to see her vagina is her Gyno and her future husband.'"

Bella gasped. "No!"

Alice nodded, her eyes dancing with mirth. "What she told Angela was worse! She said something like, 'No young man is going to want to spend time with you if you keep up all this crying.'"

"The woman is unhinged!" Bella shook her head and raised her fists in dismay.

Alice nodded, "And Poor Jessica; Mrs. Cope came in and sat in her section, ran her ragged for hours before leaving her two bits to quote, 'This isn't the circus, honey, and take off all that clown makeup. I'm sure there's a pretty girl underneath there somewhere.'"

"See, that's my point! We need to get out of this town or we'll turn out just like old Mrs. Cope."

Nodding, Alice helped her friend by wiping down the counters. "Personally, I can't wait to be old enough to tell people off like that. Mrs. Cope would get away with murder, I'm sure. I am sure she has something on everyone."

"I try to avoid eye contact." Bella moved around the store gathering soiled rags before moving behind the counter. She walked into the back, dumped the rags in the wash and started it. She then dumped the dirty sanitizing water in the sink; avoid the splashes before she washed her hands.

"Alice, I mean it."

Alice twisted to Bella, flaring her arms with exasperation. "What do you want me to say, Bella? Yes, we need to leave Forks… then what? Where would we go? What would we do, huh?" Alice grabbed her jacket, putting in on as Bella mirrored the movement.

"I don't know. Just… ugh… something." Running her hand through her hair Bella sat with a frump, siphoning ketchups into other bottles.. "This town just feels so… blah… like a dead end. Like, where people get stuck, then they settle, procreate, watch their procreations procreate, and die."

Alice snorted with a scoff, "I know, Miss Melodramatic. Believe me, I know."

"So let's do something, like in that one movie… the one with Heath Ledger where he changed his stars!"

"Oh, the one where he's like a servant or something and pretends to be a knight?" Alice's eyes took on a faraway look as she mused over Bella's words.


Bella moved through the diner grabbed their jackets and purses from the back before meeting Alice at the front door.

"Oh! I can see it now… We can go to Seattle to the Renaissance Faire, and dress up as Princesses or Wenches or whatever and then *POOF* use our charms on the knights and princes!"

Bella gave Alice a withering glare. "Sarcasm doesn't look good on you but that's not such a bad idea."

Alice shook her head as she rolled her eyes. "Sure. Let's go, m'lady."